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Empty gestures destroy credibility

"Making gestures is not illegitimate. But there is great danger in making gestures that have no impact on peoples' lives. Such gestures simply serve to erode the credibility and the public standing of those involved in negotiations on the Palestinian side. At the same time they make life easy for groups like Hamas who stand ready to exploit empty words that only serve to prove their arguments."

Trial Date for AIPAC Defendants "Definitively" Fixed

"Following its policy of never presenting Israel in an unflattering light, The Washington Post carries virtually no information about the looming AIPAC trial--no dates, no discussion about how open or closed the trial will be, and no discussion of the legal dilemma over which high government officials can be called to testify."

Meltdown at the US State Department

"Lack of morale in the department is nothing compared to the more important issue that plagues the State Department - dead bodies - seventeen dead Iraqi civilians that we know about, and an unknown number of other victims."

The Midwife

"From the path of destruction going through Lebanon, Iraq, and what is left of Palestine, we can deduce at least two objectives of this NME: total US hegemony and giving Israel a free hand in taking over what is left of Palestine. There is no room in this NME for any resistance to either objective."

Addressing the Real Cause of the Crisis: Israel’s Occupation

"Unless Rice's interpretation of the status quo shifts to not allowing the continued Israeli occupation rather than discontinuing the ability to resist occupation, her trip will fail and violence will continue."



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