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Nothing to stop it from disappearing

"Joined together, public opinion and the reality on the ground are creating conditions that preclude the two-state possibility. And, there is no reason to believe that these will be reversed in the foreseeable future. That is leaving many analysts to conclude that, if the two-state solution is not already impossible, it is only a matter of time before it is a thing of the past."

A radicalizing factor

"Most international agencies, especially those of the United Nations working in the occupied territories, have called upon Israel to end this blockade for both political and humanitarian reasons. The reconciliation agreement between Fateh and Hamas, which is supposed to produce a new technocrat government comprised of independent professionals affiliated with neither movement, is a golden opportunity for everybody, including Israel, to end this blockade and allow the new government to ensure the flow of products and passengers between the West Bank and Gaza, and from the occupied territories abroad."

Good news for peace

"Internal political dialogue over the course of the coming year until new elections are held should be used to attract Hamas to become part of the Palestinian political system rather than remaining outside it as a spoiler, capable of ruining any serious negotiations or a potential peace deal."

Keeping the Green Movement Alive in Iran

"True, the combination of motivational statements by Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, and Mohammad Khatami and occasional outbursts of public anger on the streets of Tehran and other major Iranian cities has done a good job, so far, of keeping the movement alive and moving it forward...This, however, cannot remain the case for long, since grassroots movements of a spontaneous nature have a tendency to lack continuity over time..."

Waiting expectantly

"The US administration will now face the inevitable contradiction between its refreshingly strong insistence that Israel stop all settlement expansion and the continuous construction underway in the settlements--nails driven in place and cement poured at the very moments that Obama was speaking. In other words, the credibility of the US president is on the line in the region--first and foremost over the issue of Israeli settlements."



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