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Harper; Heading for a majority? Don’t jump to conclusions yet

"...there is a ray of hope that could rescue Canada even from another Conservative minority government; and that is for the Liberals and NDP to form a coalition. In the last Parliament, the seats held by both opposition parties totaled far more than those held by the Conservatives."

The absurdity of Condi Rice’s claims about torture flights

"Why the maintenance of so many secret prisons? Why not just have a central prison for detainees of the so-called "War on Terror" in the U.S. and operate it like any other prison?"

"Judge Shopping" at the Supreme Court Level

"The reality is that the Supreme Court's glory in the history of the U.S. is when it has overruled bad precedents and increased freedom through novel interpretations of the Constitution."

Could John Roberts be the Hannibal Lecter of the Court —...

"If John Roberts is confirmed as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, it will be a further contribution of George W. Bush to the weakening of the Republic that will go on for decades after Bush leaves office."

Obfuscation / Inaction Results in Consolidation

"America continues to use obfuscation and inaction to propel consolidation of the control of the Iraqi people and their resources, with the goal to repeating the effort wherever considered necessary to benefit the American economy."



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