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The Media Is a Curable Disease

"A public body would still have to determine what outlets or articles/audios/videos qualified. Libel, war propaganda, pornography and other illegal materials would have to be excluded. Internet access would have to be made available to all. And Ackerman's idea is probably too susceptible to fraud. I think Baker may be onto the most encouraging angle, one that allows equal weight to those who spend all day online and those who don't, and one fairly easily monitored. The trick would be to restrict qualified outlets to those that produce serious reporting and to restrict the use of public funds to serious reporting. Clearly, one way or another, we could deny Rupert Murdoch the power to decide what each nation gets to see. All we need is a functioning government."

Dialogue fosters moderation

"This reconciliation agreement with Hamas is a positive development and an indication of moderation. It should be supported in order to strengthen the moderates within the movement."

When the Leaders Lead, the People Have Sorrow

"Washington’s policies are taking their toll from Afghanistan to Main Street to the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why so many people are more determined than ever to lead from the grassroots by sending genuine progressives to Congress."

Bailing out Corporations but not Pensioners is Immoral

"Bailing out pensioners would help both workers and the economy. The money that workers and their families would receive from the government would be spent on creating jobs, or at least slowing down the rising unemployment rate."

Give us an option

"...the reality is that the gradual radicalization of Palestinian public opinion that led to victory for the opposition to the peace process is a direct result of systematic Israeli policies and practices that aimed at preventing any prospect for a politically negotiated solution on the basis of international legality. These also led to economic deterioration and unmanageable levels of unemployment and poverty."



Now What..?

Shattered Dreams


Don’t Believe a Word

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