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This election, cast a vote against tyranny

"If Harper ever had a chance to lead his party to a majority it was in 2006 when the Liberals were at their most vulnerable; however, most Canadians, especially in Ontario, don’t trust Harper, and as a result. the electorate wanted to vote the Liberals out without voting the Harperites in....Like the 2006 Liberals, Harper has nowhere to go but down. That’s all the good news voters need to know."

My Green Imagination – (Poem)

"I unsheathe my sword
Slashing frantically at the chains
Encircling the latch.
A link in the chain breaks;
The door springs open.
A flood of words pours in
And I realize that
They were there all the time
Just waiting to be captured
In the rhapsody of my essay."

An open letter to all who supports Shalit’s family

"Israel is not different from the apartheid regime that existed in South Africa. The Palestinians are the blacks of Palestine and the Israelis the Afrikaners of Palestine. The Jews suffered in Europe, but the Palestinians are suffering in this country that was stolen from them. You live on their lands and in their houses or on the ruins of their houses. As long as you will not see this you will be the prisoners of the Israeli state and the imperialist states that support Israel. They will use you as mercenaries fighting for profits and the political control of the region by the big corporations."

Tragedy Magnified – Media Silence on Marwa’s Totschlag

"This tragedy highlights the critical role of news and opinion media can play, not only by drawing attention to events, but also by ignoring them. It also challenges the principle of Multiculturalism in every country. Objectivity and respect for diversity are not empty slogans to be inserted into speeches; they are essential principles that should be fully integrated into every national education system and codes of practice. That is the only way to protect us all against the build-up of destructive hate against any group in our society."

Bailing out Corporations but not Pensioners is Immoral

"Bailing out pensioners would help both workers and the economy. The money that workers and their families would receive from the government would be spent on creating jobs, or at least slowing down the rising unemployment rate."



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