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Morocco: Addressing Shantytowns in an Emerging Democracy

What peaked in 2011 as a series of political protests sweeping the Middle East and North Africa is today, an opportunity to celebrate and...

His Master’s Voice – (Poem)

but as long as he is going to finish
his mater's dirty job of bombing.
He is ok because he is brown. He can stick around.

Muslim Children and Sex education

"Liberal totalitarianism is a growing phenomenon in Britain and the West in general but many people will be shocked that the school can override a parent's view of what's appropriate or inappropriate to teach their children."

Not even Tobacco is Safe

"For the time being, tobacco will continue to be increasingly marginalized, demonized and controlled, but not banned. I believe the powers that be prefer the tobacco industry and the taxes and subsidies and regulations to the prospect of banning tobacco. But years down the line, if the number of Americans who enjoy tobacco diminishes significantly, it’s not impossible anymore to imagine it being banned. This country did ban alcohol, after all, and it’s hard to be surprised any more by the modern American state’s pretenses of omnipotence."

Racism vs. Underachievement

"It is a crime against humanity to deprive a child of his mother tongue but in the name of integration every thing is fair."



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