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To Gaza with Dignity

"That the Dignité chose Kastellorizo‭, ‬in the far east of the Greek archipelago near the Turkish mainland‭, ‬as its launch pad to break the siege is no coincidence‭. ‬Many Kastellorizans fled the Nazis during WWII‭, ‬finding refuge in Gaza‭. ‬The present mayor of the island‭, ‬Paul Panigiris‭, ‬was born in Gaza‭, ‬and he and his fellow islanders are staunch supporters of their besieged brothers‭. ‬Their support for the Dignité was no doubt an important factor in‭ ‬“convincing”‭ ‬the Greek official to let it proceed‭.‬"

The myth of the Jews make the desert bloom

  In 1891, a Zionist of the first hour, Asher Ginzberg (under the pseudonym Ahad Ha'am, "one of the people"), wrote after a visit to...