Terror Hit Home. Why?

It was September 11, 2001, when American blood was shed on the American soil. Pray to Allah that Americans should realize that when American leadership kills millions all over the world, the victim feels the same agony as they are felling for their brother and sisters – for their sons and daughters today. Pray to Allah that they should realize how the victim nations feel when they are bombed by the U.S. leadership day and night under one slogan or other. Pray to Allah that they should realize that so-called “sanctions” are an other way of genocide. If Americans have any doubt how the destroyed and murdered nations feels, they should ask Koreans, Vietnamese, and Iraqis to mention the few. Those who lost their brothers and sisters and sons and daughters will tell you that wounds do not heel after years and decades. Americans should know that to keep the “American Century” afloat, about 125 human beings are murdered in the Cold War. Out of these 125 millions, more than 80 percent are civilians.

It is a time that American should ask their leadership that why Pan Am Flight 103 over Lokerbie went into flames in 1988. It is time that Americans should ask their leadership that why World Trade Center was bombed in 1993. They should ask their leadership that why the bombing of the Khaboor Towers took place in Saudi Arabia in 1996. They should ask their that why U.S. embassies in Africa were bombed in 1998. They should ask their leadership that why US Cole in Yemen was rocked in Yemen last year.


These are legitimate questions which an informed nation should ask to its leadership and force it to answer. Americans should ask straight question and demand straight answer – no ifs and buts from their leadership.

It is unfortunate that if shedding of American blood on the American soil was an awakening call, it appears American leadership did turn a deaf ear to this event. Instead of finding the reasons for the bloody event, they are rattling for revenge. They were wrong in the past by retaliating and they will be proved wrong in the future if they continued to stick to their failed policy of the past.

The fact of the matter is that U.S. possesses the biggest stick in the world. It was President Clinton who told the world about this reality. It is fine. It is O.K.

But the tragedy is that this biggest stick in the world is in the hands of the Jewish leadership who is using it to murder Muslims. It is the Jewish leadership that orders the American leadership to turn the Muslim world into a “parking lot” and it gets it what it wants. Note the U.S. administration naked aggressions against the Muslim countries after grafting the Jewish state in the heart of the Muslim World in 1948. It is the Jewish leadership that appreciated the Clinton administration’s bombing of Sudan and Afghanistan in retaliation of the destruction of U.S. embassies in Africa. But it clamored for more blood. It said that Clinton administration used the “hammer,” it should had used ‘sledge hammer”. Now it is demanding that U.S. administration should adopt a policy of pre-emptive strikes. It is also demanding that those nations who harbor “terrorist” should also be held responsible and punished.

What these demands mean in practical terms? They mean more Muslim blood on the Americans hands. And as a result, more hatred for the Americans in the Muslim world.

If the Jewish policy is adopted by the American leadership, it will definitely serve the Jewish interests on the expanse of the American interests.

What the Muslims in America should do? One most important thing they can do is to educate the Americans about the occupation of Palestine by the European Jews. Americans should be told that there is no territorial dispute between the Muslim countries and the Americans. Americans should be told that in the First World War the Muslim leadership of the Middle East stood with the Americans against its own brother country, Turkey. And what it got in response to this friendship? It was the occupation of their countries by Great Britain and France – U.S. allies of the WW1. In addition they were “rewarded” in an other way. They got “Balfor Declaration”, establishment of a Jewish state in the heart of the Muslim World.

In the Second World War, they again stood with the U.S. and its allies Great Britain and France. Again what they got in return? They got Jewish state on their dead bodies with the helping hand of the United States. Since the establishment of the Jewish state, called Israel, every aggression committed by the U.S. administrations against the Muslim countries have been to further the interests of the Jewish state. Every aggression committed by the Jewish state itself against the Muslims has the full blessing the U.S. successive administrations.

The Jewish states in fact is the 51 first state of the United States. Senator Jesse Helms calls it the U.S. air craft carrier of the U.S. in the Middle East.

Americans should be told again and again that American leaders are responsible for every Palestinian displaced from his home by the Jews or is under the direct occupation of Jews. Without the support of the American leadership, Jews can not stop a nation of 8 million people to have their legitimate rights in their own land.

Education of the Americans is also important for an other reason. And the reason is that the Jewish propaganda machine with the help of its henchmen is hiding the facts from the American people. “The acrid and inexpugnable odor of terrorism, which has hung over Israel for many years, is now a fact of American life. Tuesday morning Americans were drawn into the world that Israelis live in every day.

“Americans are slow to anger but mighty when angry, and their proper anger now should be alloyed with pride. They are targets because of their virtues – principally democracy, and loyalty to those nations which, like Israel, are embattled salient of our virtues in a still-dangerous world.” The Paradox of Terrorism, Washington Post, September 11. Wrong. Americans have to pay the price for the pro-Jewish stands in the Middle East. And Israel is also paying the price for occupying a nation and for its genocidal policies. Again the Jewish media machine and its henchmen are misleading the American people that Muslims are against the Americans.

“In the first sickening and shocking moments of a day of terror unlike any the United States has ever known, the initial anonymity of those who carried out the attacks added a special horror to the carnage. All we could see in that blinding flash of multiple explosions was their suicidal, immortal hatred for America’s government, financial system and people.” A Shadow War, Washington Post, September 11, 2001.And then comes the President George Bush. He speaks the same language as his predecessors when the Jewish state is involved. Mr. President no body is in any doubt that the long arms of American imperialism has the strength to hunt down any body it likes. Sir, you are right when you declares that “Make no mistake: The United States will hunt down and punish those responsible for these cowardly acts.

“The resolve of our great nation is being tested. But make no mistake: We will show the world that we will pass this test. God bless.” Remarks by the President Upon Arrival at Barksdale Air force, September 11. But Mr. President! this big stick policy did not work in the past and it will not work in the future. Peace can not be fed with bombs. Bombs can only bring subjugation – acquiescence. They can not bring peace. Muslim Middle East is the clear proof of this failed policy. Anti-occupation governments were destroyed or incorporated to bring so -called peace. It did not come. Anti-occupation Organizations took the place of the anti-occupation governments. They are proving more lethal and more resilient. Now the targets are these anti- occupation organizations. Destroy them and see the results. Individuals will take the place of these organizations. Ask any expert on war of this development. He will tell you that no body can win a war against the people. One will die, other will take his place. And see who is shedding tear for the blood of Americans. Aerial Sharoon, the butcher of Sabria and Shatila. American should demand for the blood money from the Israeli leadership for the loss of American lives. The reason is obvious. The occupation of Muslim Palestine is the reason for anti-Americans acts.

“Transport Minister Ephraim Sneh declared Israeli air-space off-limits Tuesday to all incoming and outgoing non-Israeli aircraft in the wake of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington. The ban will be in effect until midnight of Wednedsday. In addition, security in Ben Gurion International Airport has been beefed up. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon announced Tuesday night that Israel would observe a national day of mourning on Wednesday as a sign of identification with the American people. All flags on state buildings, including schools, are to be lowered to half-mast. Sharon termed the attack a “turning point” in the battle against international terror, which he said wanted to “destroy our liberty and way of life.” Ha’aretz, September 12.And what about the condemnation of the acts like the September 11. How many Jews have condemned the massacre of the Muslims Palestinians by the Jews. Muslim leadership, if you do not have the guts to stand with your brothers and sisters who are fighting against the occupiers and its supporters, at least you can avoid condemning them.

This is the least you can give to your mortar brothers. Do not label them as terrorists. Every freedom fighter is labeled as a terrorist by an occupier but not by his own brother.