"Terrorism" as Opposition to Victimhood

Arabs are called terrorists, even when they have nothing to do with fascism. American environmentalists and animal rights activists are called terrorists, even when they have never injured a single human. Progressives are called "appeasers" of terrorism though they oppose violence and opposed despots such as Saddam Hussein even when the self-righteous Reagan Administration operatives, such as Donald Rumsfeld, decided they could work with him.

Terrorism is not about freedom and democracy or opposition to them by anyone. The very proponents of this philosophy, now holding power in the White House and the U.S. Federal Government, are themselves the greatest risks and proved thieves of peace, freedom and democracy that the U.S. public has ever faced or been victimized by.

And there is the key word that has totally eluded the public media — victimhood, which is more closely related to wealth transfer than to any other issue in this globalized, commercialized, corporatized world we live in today. The corporate elite, in seamless alliance with government and military institutions has set about a continuing effort over many years to transfer the world’s wealth into fewer and fewer hands.

This effort has required the largest possible worldwide economy, which does, indeed, (or has indeed) provided a trickle down effect down through the strata of society, especially in the developed nations, but even in the poorer nations of the world.

Thus, the despots in Nigeria and Saudi Arabia and Sudan and Louisiana who heaped wealth upon themselves and their heirs in poorer regions of the world did so at the expense of their people. Whereas, the U.S. had a much more layered society with an industrial and commercial base of enterprises that made it possible for a middle class to accumulate wealth for itself, though never at the levels of wealth accumulation by the elite. Yet, it was and has been a system of wealth transfer that mollified the increasingly indebted masses while siphoning off the financial "interest" from the entire society into the portfolios of the investor class. As the decades rolled by, corporate wages of the executive class grew exponentially as wealth transfer accelerated. WalMart showed that dumbed down under-motivated people at the bottom of the society would settle for pittance wages in exchange for lower consumer prices for their CDs and their Pampers, while the Walton family became multimillionaires.

But we appear to be reaching the end of the road for this sort of wealth transfer that allowed for a healthy, thriving middle class in America. The current situation is that real wages for average workers have decreased during the Bush Administration, even as corporate profits and executives salaries reached the stratosphere.

Wealth transfer has peaked and will ultimately only occur at maximum levels if the standard of living of the American people at the per capita level decreases.

Will the American people. so used to their consumer goods, tolerate this state of affairs, which is also accompanied by a staggering debt laid upon the population by politicians who could never say no to spending programs the same way they said no to taxation?

What happens when the average American decides that this history of wealth transfer was not a good thing, and wants to reverse course and oppose victimhood? They will be called "terrorists" if they oppose victimhood the way Arabs in Saudi Arabia and Iraq have opposed victimhood.

This will entail a process, not a single event. American citizens will petition their government for redress of their grievances. But the government will say nothing can be done; there is no funding available for social programs once the wealth transference program from bottom to top has been completed. There will be two essential layers of society — rich and privileged and poor and out of luck. There will be the moneyed class and the "terrorists" who will want to resist victimhood with all their might.

Americans are eventually going to learn what the rest of the world knows — and that is that "terrorists" are usually victims who want redress but are denied it. Americans have longed victimized other nations, whether tacitly understanding it or not. The American "way of life", which Dick Cheney said is non-negotiable, was formed by victimizing the people of other nations whose raw materials and labor forces we exploited for our own profit. The last step in the process is the final victimization of the victimizers, and that time is approaching, as our most recent economic statistics point out.