That Event like Pearl Harbor Helped American Dream Come True

Just about two weeks before George Bush unilaterally labelled the UN as "irrelevant" and invaded Iraq, a documentary was being televised in many peaceful countries of the world. It also got wide exposures through video-cassettes and VCD’s, sent to various overseas locations and my source is a Video-cassette, recorded directly from the TV broadcast.

The documentary, focused on Paul Wolfowitz, the architect of the American foreign policy of Bush Administration, who crafted September 11 as a "stepping tone" towards realizing his goals through demonizing Islam. The documentary owes its credence to a team of seasoned journalists, including Neil Macdonald, the renowned reporter of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Enriched with his in-depth knowledge on the Middle-East and the US, Neil Macdonald made a continuity of the Foreign Policy of the US that was looking forward to welcoming the 9/11 incident.

The documentary is an eye-opener for those who were brainwashed by the US government and the news-media during the 9/11 incidents. It helped redirect the viewer’s suspicion from Islamic terrorists to a Sharonists group inside the Bush administration, influenced by Paul Wolfowitz. He is the US’ Deputy Secretary for the Department of Defence. Neil Macdonald used a segment of the white-paper for US foreign Policy and said: "it is a blue print for the American domination of the future which was one of the good reasons to keep it in wrap, but the details leaked out to limited diplomatic circles. Its sheer audacity is stunning."

The new US Foreign Policy is a charter of the project for a new American centurion neo-conservative think tank in Washington. The founding members include Paul Wolfowitz – now the Deputy Secretary of the Defence Department; Richard Pearle – the former head of the Defence Advisory Board; Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Chenny, Lewis Libby – Chenny’s chief of staff, John Bolton – the Secretary of States for Arms Control, and a few others.

In fact, the original document was written by Paul Wolfowitz himself during the administration of senior George Bush. He was then serving as under-secretary for defence policy in the Pentagon, headed by Dick Cheney. Unfortunate for him, he could not sell his plan for “World Domination” to senior Bush. Dick Cheney had a look at it and advised Wolfowitz to forget it.

After the thundering hooves have passed and dusts have settled in the presidential election of 1992 and Clinton took over the power of the White house, Wolfowitz, still hopeful of implementing his hawkish dreams, gave Clinton a copy of his thesis. Bill Clinton, apparently, threw it in the waste-paper basket for the shredders. Wolfowitz, disgruntled by Clinton’s rejection, placed his treasure at the bottom of his drawer and had been waiting for the right moment to come.

The right moment actually came on February 5, 2001. President George Bush announced his intention to nominate Paul Wolfowitz as the Deputy Secretary of Defence. The Sharonists, vigorously lobbying for the Senator’s approval, had no problem in having Wolfowitz confirmed. With a Ph.D in International Relations, Wolfowitz knew that George Bush junior’s IQ is degrading enough as to grasp his trick in hijacking the US administration for the cause of the Zionists. In reality, the last presidential election gave Sharon the “Aladdin’s Magic Lamp”, that the Sharonists badly needed for implementing all of their ‘Wish Lists’ through the US. Obviously, all that Sharon had to do is to tell Paul Wolfowitz to rub the “Magic Lamp” and in no time George Bush turns into a Jinni and to obey his master.

Most of the content of the documentary that was televised during the last Iraq war, closely describes the following: Long before George Bush was elected and long before September 11, a small influential group of neo-conservatives, here in Washington, had wanted to see the United States transform into a mighty ruler, unchallenged in its march over the world. They sat down and wrote down a manifesto, and used it as a pivotal column for the American Foreign Policy, designed vastly for crippling and depleting the Islamic countries and in turn serving Israeli interests. This manifesto, in essence, says that because of the unchallenged military power, propelled by the high-tech, and the collapse of the Soviet Union, the US has to grasp the opportunity to enforce its dominance around the world. A part of the document reads: "Even if it meant the pre-emptive use of force against anyone, perceived to be a threat……and even if it meant going alone in defiance of America’s friends and allies". It had emphatically given a warning to the rest of the world that the new American policy is loaded with "earth shaking significance for the future."

Many of the events that these hawks wanted, have actually come true. They wanted the US as a global constabulary, totally unburdened by the UN or world opinion, preventing any challenge to US dominance. That too has been demonstrated in Iraq. But the Most incriminating fact is that their "Wish List" was written a year before the September 11. The exact wordings of the document concerning an all-out war, tacitly against Islam, include a “launching ground” and read: "Such aspirations are unlikely to be realized without a catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour."

The viewers of the documentary were not left wandering what “Pearl Harbour” has to do today with the US Foreign Policy. As soon as the commentator finished the words “Pearl Harbour”, the mystery immediately flashed on the TV screen and it was the scene of the Twin Towers – burning and collapsing. The hitting scene of the two jet planes kept on repeating over and over again. The producer left no loose-ends for the viewers to realize what Paul Wolfowitz and his cohorts had in mind what they called “catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour." Just about this scene, the TV documentary shifted for the expert’s commentary.

Was the re-creation of Pearl Harbour trick necessary for the US policy makers? Surely it may not have been in the imagination of the Jesus-loving policy makers, but the agenda of the Zionists often precedes the interest of the US for the good of Israel. As far as one can see, the conspired incidents of September 11 effectively fulfilled the “Wish List” of the Zionists in the in the Bush administration. The “launching ground”, so thoughtfully crafted in the policy document, automatically put the US on the driver’s seat to rationalize its attack on Afghanistan and Iraq for the elimination of "international terrorism” – a pretext the Zionists badly needed to hide the US terrorism against the Muslim countries. Realizing that no US President has ever been turned into a puppet by the Israeli-influenced "war party" within the Bush administration’s senior ranks, one prominent Democrat of New Hampshire, openly identified Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doug Feith, David Wurmser and tagged them as the "Netanyahu-Sharon Likud moles inside the Pentagon and State Department".

The Foreign Policy document, authored by Paul Wolfowitz, is not a flimsy paper in a criminal’s pocket. It is, rather a written confession of a criminal intent from a high ranking US administrator and his conspirators. Amazing it may sound, a document that contains the US Administration’s declared "aspiration" in welcoming a “catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour" got total immunity from the US Attorney General’s forensic experts. Here President Bush, the defender of the so-called American justice, is bent on muzzling anyone attempting to say anything about any investigation what-so-ever. With all intents and purposes, the whole 9/11 incidents have been turned into another "Magic Bullet Theory" that suppressed the truth behind J.F. Kennedy’s assassination.

No doubt, the incidents of 9/11 were terrorists’ attack, but who was the terrorist that is the question. Were they the unskilled Islamic fanatics or the highly sophisticated Zionists of the US administration who were looking forward to welcoming a catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbour? Who was the architect of the US Foreign Policy? Was it Paul Wolfowitz or Osama Bin Laden?

To derail Clinton’s tireless efforts in mending Arab-Israeli conflict, Wolfowitz worked against Clinton despite occupying a senior rank in the Pentagon. In a written report, he advised former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamein Netanyahu in July 1996, and emphasized the need for eliminating Saddam Hussein as the first step towards overthrowing or destabilising the governments of Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Iran. Obviously, legitimate question arises: whom does Paul Wolfowitz work for – the US or Israel? What could be more treason for a trusted and high ranking US administrator to conspire and turn the US image as an object of hatred throughout the world? Wasn’t it for the sake of Israeli interest?

Unfortunately, the US democratic mechanism, controlled by the Zionist media and money, cannot but accommodate the Zionists apparatus within the administration’s senior ranks. These people are often involved in treasonous activities against the US – the land they live in. Wolfowitz is not the first one.

During 1951, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were convicted of treason who sold the technical know-how of making Atom Bomb to the Soviet Union. In recent times, the FBI arrested Jonathan Pollard in 1985 on charges of selling classified material to Israel. Pollard was a US. Navy intelligence analyst and was subsequently sentenced to life imprisonment. Despite all these documented records behind their back, it is not the Zionists but the Muslims who are now the target of suspicion in the eye of the Bush administration. No wonder why some people say "not Bush but Sharon who holds the power in the White House."

Today’s Israel, under the insane Sharon regime, is the only nation on Earth that genuinely fits the profile of a “rogue state”. Israel is armed to the teeth with Weapons of Mass Destruction. It has the third largest nuclear weapons arsenal on Earth. Its submarine, missile, and bomber delivery systems are capable of obliterating the entire Persian Gulf. In 1991, it was the threat of an Israeli nuclear attack on Iraq that blackmailed the senior Bush into launching the first Iraq war – Operation Desert Storm. After all, Sharon knew it well that repetition of blackmailing has limitation. Besides, having Pentagon’s mighty Wolfowitz in his pocket, what could be more conducive to Israel’s perpetual interest than to re-create a Pearl Harbour and put the blame on Islam? Naturally, the time was right for Sharon to act and he took full advantage of it at the cost of US tax-payers.

Those who remember the condolences that poured on the bereaved families of 9/11, cannot, conceivably, forget Ariel Sharon. Presumably, out of his exuberance, he identified Saddam as the main culprit. But Sharon was not quick enough before the Bush administration declared Osama Bin Laden as the primary suspect. Had it not been so, Sharon could have had the whole world ganged against Iraq and could have helped Bush and Blair avoided the Weapon of Mass Destruction (WMD) pretext to attack Iraq. The WMD syndrome is still haunting both Bush and Blair, with unprecedented embarrassment.

The successful launching of the second Pearl Harbour on the Twin Tower, helped fulfilled multiple ‘wish-list’ of Sharon and his Zionist Americans in the White House and they are:

– It paved the way to eliminating Iraq at the cost of US and British tax-payers.

– It, practically, annihilated the formidable obstruction towards annexation of the West Bank.

– It tacitly helped take a revenge on the Christian for the Holocaust in Europe.

– It helped tag the Muslims in the US as potential terrorists.

– It helped curtail future Muslim immigrants in any part of the US.

– Most importantly, it helped create a penetrating view towards perpetually demonizing Islam throughout the world.