The American Fox and the Iraqi (Arab) Rabbit: To the Arab Masses and Decrypt Regimes

Once upon a time there was a Fox and a Rabbit who shared a stream of water. Having his eye on the Juicy Rabbit for Lunch, the Fox wanted to find away to eat the Rabbit. So, one day the Fox complained to the Jungle Council about the Rabbit muddying the stream when it drinks from the stream which ruined the Fox’s drink as he has a delicate stomach. The Fox cleverly suggested that may be the Rabbit should be de-clawed to reduce its claws friction with the mud on the shore of the stream and hence reduce muddying the water. So the Jungle Council agreed and the Rabbit was de-clawed. The Fox was not satisfied so he complained again to the Jungle Council about the Rabbit muddying the Water even with claws. He cleverly suggested that may be if most of the rabbit Teeth ,which he claimed were not really need any way, could be removed so that they do not disturb the water too much and muddy it. Again the Jungle Council agreed and most the Rabbit teeth were removed. Still not satisfied, the Fox again complained to the UN (ops I mean the JC) about the Rabbit muddying the water. So the Jungle Council came up with a solution and ordered that the Rabbit drink from down stream and the Fox from upstream. This way the Rabbit could never disturb the Fox’s drink and extra sensitive stomach. So the poor Rabbit started drinking from down stream. But the Fox was determined and had his dubious intentions. Soon enough and with empty stomach, the Fox came to drink from the stream and found the Rabbit drinking and accused it of muddying the stream again. To which the Rabbit responded But, But, But… how can I possibly muddy your drink when I am drinking from down stream and you are drinking from Upsrteeeeem….. To the which the Fox responded by jumping on the Rabbit and having her for lunch without even suffering a scratch.

In case any one misses the moral of the story, the Rabbit lived a very tortured and humiliated time and eventually it ended up the Fox’s lunch any way. There was no way to satisfy the Fox’s complaints unless it offered herself as lunch.

To the Iraqi regime:

The American Fox is at your stream and it is there for lunch regardless of what weapons you have or destroy. You are being de-clawed and de-toothed to make you an easy prey. So stop this humiliated charade and if you must die, die standing up and not kneeling before the American Fox. Yes France and Germany are making noise, but can they stop the American and the Zionists! NO. But, they do serve an excellent role of making the fight seem as if it is not against Arabs and Muslims, which in fact it is. Also, they are using their current leverage with Iraq to have it further disarmed and de-clawed so that it becomes an easier prey for the American Fox. I have been living in the west for 25 years. I trust the people but not their governments and power elite including France and Germany and not mention Russia.

To the Arab regimes (and their apologists):

How much more humiliation do we have to suffer!!! What planets do you live in or come from!!! what kind of men are you. Have you lost all your pride, integrity and any pretence of manhood. Are your chairs really worth so much humiliation to yourself, “your” people, your children, their future, your civilization, your history, your forefathers, your religion, your integrity, your pride, your humanity. When will you stop!!! or do you have to be stopped if not by your masters, for your seeming irrelevance, then by the masses. In time the American Fox will be coming to your streams and you will too suffer the same fate.

To the Palestinian Authority I ask:

Are you that mindless or do you enjoy acting the role. How many times have the American promised to resolve the “Palestinian issue”. Have you not noticed that every time things heat up in the Middle East, the West or America promise to resolve the “Palestinians problem”. There has been more than two dozen plans that surface and then quickly disappear as soon as their undeclared western (or Arab regimes) objective are achieved. Only since the peace theatrics of Oslo (1993) there has been several unfulfilled promises, visions, plans and accords. First it Was George W. Bush (sr.) and Madrid track, then Clinton came and made few useless promises and accords that were perfectly timed with the 2nd major bombing of Iraq in 1998 and culminating in the fiasco of Camp David II, then George Bush (Jr.) came and there was Michelle Plan, then the Tenet plan (the CIA master) and last the Promise of the Road Map. Do you know what a road map means. It is a road map that do not have to go anywhere. Can anyone or thing be so mindless. I think NOT. It is the old defeated, decayed, corrupted and empty heads clamoring to the seat of the PA “Power” that do very little beside championing whatever comes out of Washington and complying with Sharon and Zionist wishes. The latest of these orders are to quit the Intifada while the Americans are doing their dirty deed on Iraq. Once done things will be back to where they were before. Then whose says that Iraq’s destruction and occupation is an acceptable price for a decrypt Palestinian state with shameless and collaborating leadership on top. Is this what we have been fighting for over the last 85 years.

To the Arab masses who will ultimately count most at the end:

To the so called financially poor of the Arab and Muslim world, I ask does clothing your children and putting food on their table ends your responsibility, fulfill your role as a parent? I think NOT. What are you doing to provide your children with pride of who they are, equality and the right to live free from fear and humiliation in their own country by their own regime and the dictates of foreign powers. What will you answer Allah (Subahnau Wa Talla) on Judgment day when you are asked what have you done to protect them?

To the middle class of the Arab and Muslim world, if any left, I ask you, is catching up with the rich class and racing after luxury and pretence is your mission in life? I think NOT. The vast majority of people on this earth live without luxury but with some integrity. What are you doing to provide values, integrity and pride to your children. Do you think that on your death bed that you will be regretting that you have not left them a newer or classier car, bigger TV or more money to spend in night clubs. I think NOT. So do not wait till that moment and stand up and be counted.

To those rich and “powerful” in the Arab and Muslim world including those clinging to the agent regimes, I ask you, does providing the latest luxury or another Million or Billion will make you or your children more respectable. I think NOT. You and them will still be under the boot of a little American or Zionists officer. Not much of a power or respect, or is it.

Mr. Salah Musa is a Palestinian activist and IT strategist.