The Blitzkrieg Blaze

Whereas, Premier AB Vajpayee accentuated an atypical perception-“the need of looking at innovative ideas by India and Pakistan-“to resolve their reciprocal issues, setting-aside the podium of mystifications, the historic tape (s), containing an infinite record on Kashmiris’ struggle for freedom in Kashmir was set ablaze by Indian troops, in a hideous onslaught on an Info hub-“defiant to the axiom of liberty-“in Srinagar-“the same day.

The burnt-to-ashes stuff also included the categorical commitments, which were put onto record in the silhouette of audio-cassettes. This catalog was composed, back in 1948 with an out-and-out pledge given to the people of the Himalayan State by the first Prime Minister of India, Pundit Jawahar Lal Nehru wherein he had pledged to ‘honor’ the Kashmiris’ wishes-“even if the verdict doesn’t suit India-“with their aspire to join Pakistan.

Camouflaged by heightened and tight security to the supercilious magnitude of almost round-the-clock ‘red alert’ in the charismatic Valley, this episode-“if analyzed with pragmatism-“shall, by all prudence be deemed, nothing except a deceitful n’ devious act. If its’ a limb of the ‘innovative ideas’, as has been phrased with savor by Mr. Vajpayee-“then what a joke?

Familiar with mayhem and upheavals, overtly pin-pointed by historians, such gambits can in way prove fertile and eventually would place a scar on the political visage of the rulers, who would be facing an all-time discomfiture-“both at home n’ overseas. Veracity stands a looker-on that any-one can inter a tape or tome, but certainly not its’ corporeal essence n’ spirit-“which becomes an ingredient-“roving in the spheres.

Nonetheless, the course set off in Srinagar is just paradoxical-“with no impact, even an elfin-one vis-à-vis the Kashmir cause, which is already folioed by the United Nations-“as a dynamic n’ hard-wearing chapter-“till the solution of the issue, which is and has always been posing perils to the global peace, for over five-and-a-half decades.

At the moment, we can just censure this naughty n’ nasty course, which overtly turns into a negation of India’s newest love n’ adore for peace n’ amity in South Asia-“an awaited delusion of every affable, genial n’ jovial soul n’ spirit-“irrespective one’s cute gender.

It, however, appears that some bizarre colleagues of Mr. Vajpayee are bent upon aggravating the scenario-“which the Indian PM, prima facie ‘desires’ to see-“other-way-round, an exquisite one. Culpable ploy like the fresh-one, only ray a singular approach; ‘an shot to hoodwink the world’ -” neglecting the reality that India stands fully exposed before the realistic nations who have been-“via their emissaries-“making frenzied n’ frantic shuttles to this region ‘just to ensure that a lasting peace is established not only in the best interest of this region but also for the security of the mankind, living beyond oceanic’.

With a misdemeanor loom, Vajpayee [our projected friend] has-“till recent past-“been sadistically overlooking what his country is pursuing as a State policy ever since the partition of the subcontinent.

Frank historians stand witness to the authenticity that India has-“in effect-“seized economic and political autonomy of its wee neighbors like Bhutan and Nepal shaped all brands of quandary in Sri Lanka and Maldives and above all flattened sovereignty of Sikkim. Its’ vile job in dismemberment of Pakistan is-“equally-“known to all. At the same time the free world is fully acquainted with New Delhi’s acts of antagonism towards the freedom movement of Sikhs just for echoing their voice for an autonomous homeland-“Khalistan.

This chivalrous set has lost thousands of precious lives at the hands of the pitiless armed-men only because they are convinced that their bona fide rights cannot be protected under Brahmin rule. It’s now crystal clear-“all around-“that India has martyred about one hundred thousand Kashmiris just to perpetuate its illicit and illegal occupation of Jammu and Kashmir.

Despite all this India still has the audacity to declare others [Kashmiris] as terrorists or ‘icons’ of terrorism. If struggle against an alien rule and that too for the birth right of self-determination is to be interpreted as ‘terrorism’ then in what type the names like Gandhi and Nehru would fit in? Indian allusions against Pakistan are nothing new. In fact, these are medley of the post- Nine/Eleven flippant strategy to blot Pakistan for its justifiable support to the lawful cause of Kashmiris.

Pakistan’s role in the war against terrorism plus its desire to find peaceful resolution of the conflicts stands fully vindicated. With this perception on withdrawal of Indian forces was-“of course-“a moral victory for Pakistan and we-“still hope Indians would adopt a logical policy-“as they are close in entering into a composite dialogue to resolve all the disputes, including the root cause of the tension between the two nuke states instead of resorting to tricks like making evaporated the indexed and listed record.

New Delhi fully knows that the valiant people of Jammu and Kashmir have lashed out such tactics-“terming as a hoax -” and are fully determined to persist even in times ahead as this is not a sensible course to solve the Kashmir issue in line with the commitments made to the people of this dazzling Himalayan state by the comity of nations for well over a dozen time.

It is a unanimous resolve of Kashmiris that no ploy in any style can become a substitute to the UN commitments for the right of self-determination -“explicitly-“in the light of the guarantees given emphatically by UN reps. like Gen MacNaughton, Sir Oven Dixon and Gunner Jarring and the proclamation of the UN security council, which had unequivocally resolved twice in 1951 and 1957 that “Srinagar ‘Assembly’ has no authority to decide about the future status of the whole or part of the State (of Jammu & Kashmir) and any decision to this effect will be ineffective and void.”

As a matter of fact, the latest occurrence in IHK, by all norms of ethics n’ fairplay is a flagrant violation of the UN resolutions on Kashmir and it is obligatory on the World Body -” specifically the United States -” to take instant cognizance of such an atrocious impend ‘to save the global peace from awful perils’.

To refresh the chaotic memory of the India-backed belligerents in the held-State, let me quote here a few resolutions of the United Nations -” which may serve as an eye-opener -” to persuade India to accept the ground realities -” at least for its own billion-plus populace, the majority of which is eagerly looking for a loaf of bread to survive instead of dens of arsenals being collected hysterically by their rulers.

Isn’t it a fact, that on 17 January 1948-“through its resolution on 38 -” the Security Council -” during its 229th meeting -” while acknowledging with anxiety had unanimously stressed the need ‘for immediate measures to improve the situation, and to refrain from making any statements and from doing or causing to be done or permitting any acts which might aggravate the situation’?

Again on 20 January 1948 -” at the 230th meeting, it had constituted a 3-member commission ‘for the maintenance of international peace and security (facing risks due to the Kashmir dispute). Now have a look on Resolution no.47, adopted on 21 April 1948 at the 286th meeting of the Security Council, wherein it was observed ‘being strongly of opinion that the early restoration of peace and order in Jammu and Kashmir is essential-“and noting with-“satisfaction that both India and Pakistan desire that the question of the accession of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan should be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite — considering that the continuation of the dispute is likely to endanger international peace and security, reaffirms its resolution 38 (1948) of 17 January 1948 and instructs the Commission to proceed at once-“with a view to facilitating the taking of the necessary measures, both with respect to the restoration of peace and order and to the holding of a plebiscite —- to make known to all concerned that the measures provide full freedom to all subjects of the State, regardless of creed, caste, or party, to express their views and to vote on the question of the accession of the State.’

The resolutions had -” not only listed the responsibilities of the Plebiscite Administrator but had simultaneously asked India ‘to give full support to the Administrator and his staff and prevent any threat, coercion or intimidation, bribery or other undue influence on the voters in the plebiscite — as an international obligation binding’.

It also urged India ‘declare and make known that all subjects of the State of Jammu and Kashmir, regardless of creed, caste or party, will be safe and free in expressing their views and in voting on the question of the accession of the State and that there will be freedom of the Press, speech and assembly and freedom of travel in the State, including freedom of lawful entry and exit.’

This resolution added, ‘the Government of India should use and should ensure that the Government of the State also use their best endeavor to effect the withdrawal from the State of all Indian nationals other than those who are normally resident therein or who on or since 15th August 1947 have entered it for a lawful purpose.’

‘The Commission of the Security Council should at the end of the plebiscite certify to the Council whether the plebiscite has or has not been really free and impartial’, the resolution said by adding; ‘The Security Council Commission should carry out the tasks assigned to it.’ This too was a unanimous adoption -” Okayed– with one voice even by the USA, UK, China, Canada, France, Argentina and Syria. This was re-affirmed through Resolution 51 -” approved on 3 June 1948 at the 312th meting of the Security Council again on 13 August 1948 by the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan, which re-iterated the resolve that ‘the future status of the State of Jammu and Kashmir shall be determined in accordance with the will of the people’ (of the State).

Next came the resolution of 5th January 1949, which said ‘The question of the accession of the State of Jammu and Kashmir to India or Pakistan will be decided through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite;’ Similar commitments were given by the United Nations on 10 November 1951 and at the 765th meeting of the Security Council 24 January 1957 which re-affirmed that ‘the final disposition of the State of Jammu and Kashmir will be made in accordance with the will of the people expressed through the democratic method of a free and impartial plebiscite conducted under the auspices of the United Nations.’

It also stressed the need ‘to refrain from any action which may aggravate the situation in the sub-continent or endanger international peace; With all these facts -” narrated very briefly, how can any maneuver-“can deceive the world by ignoring the reality-reality and reality that Kashmir shall continue to remain an international issue until it is resolved in line with the UN pledges -” reflecting the aspirations of the people of the Jammu and Kashmir State?

The grand n’ striking day of Kashmiris’ matchless valor resets again with a dynamic tenacity to rupture the despotic fetters of tyranny-“in the same style-“they kicked off a crusade against the wild n’ wicked Dogra regime. It was July-“the 13th in 1931, the take-off point by the chivalrous sons of the charismatic n’ fabulous Himalayan State to bring a malevolent regime of the ferocious Hari Singh to a lasting end.

Ever since the inking of the 10-point nasty Amritsar Treaty on March 16 in 1846 [17 Rabi-ul-Awwal 1262]-“inked between the British rulers of the Indo-Pakistan sub-continent and their spiteful sycophant, Gulab Singh, literally a Pandora’s Box was set off for the people-“explicitly-“the pre-dominant Muslim populous of the state, phrased as Paradise on Earth, yet turned into a terrain of horror. Gulab Singh-“an average specie-“and a turncoat of his own credo, in fact fully exploited the fall of Sikhs, marked by the economic collapse at the hands of the British masters n’ was eventually ‘crowned’ as a top slayer ruler of the Jammu n’ Kashmir State with a petite total-sum of just 75 lakh rupees [7.5 million]-“Sikka Nanak Shahi, an icon of the circulating currency-“far slighter than the worth of an actual rupee.

The vile deal also set aside a proviso that the elfin amount-“the cost of a alluring realm with its populous-“shall be paid by the nasty Singh in installments, in whatever fashion he [Gulab Singh] deem apposite. He was given a receipt of the minuscule rate of ‘buy’ by the East India Company on March 29 in 1850-“despite the act the ‘callous punter’ botched even the ‘fixed sum’. The felon toady acknowledged the ‘gift’ with the words: ‘The British Empire has literally bought me, as their permanent shoe-licking slave till time without end.’ A sharp n’ spontaneous reaction erupted in the state-“like swelling volcanic emission. Yet it was mashed with full clout-“but the inmost emotions of the bravura Kashmiris engorged with the advent of every dawn.

The year 1931 surfaced with a perilous course for Gulab Singh’s heirs, who had made peoples’ life wretched. Not only that the masses-“irrespective of gender-“were subjected to shameful atrocities [intricate to be narrated in words] they were-“simultaneously-“shackled in multiple levies like taxes on cooking stoves, windows, in-door gates, and even on wives. The notorious schema behind this sadistic mindset was to mash the folks’ monetary flipside so that no one could even lift eye-brows on the enormity of the reign of terror-“a typical reckless emblem of the so-called civilized west, like the British n’ their lackeys.

Going by the leafs of the history, the factuality that comes in light is that July the 13th 1931 was the virtual podium of the current aboriginal struggle of Kashmiris, which was set off as a ‘decisive step’ to make the aliens, evaporate in a jiffy-“as they had stepped onto the sanctified soil of Jammu n’ Kashmir-“in the post-Hari Singh epoch-and that too, against the aspirations of the de facto dwellers of the State. All this manifests the actuality that-“by putting to ashes-“JL Nehru’s commitments on Kashmir-“the aficionado(s) of New Delhi-“in a way-“have added fuel to the fire, for which the entire orb is making best possible efforts to extinguish it-“once for all.

Pakistan’s amiable overtures are as clear-“as crystal. Despite bestowed with a stated vision on the dilemma, Pakistan has, of-late even beamed an proffer, hallmarked by an indicator of ‘flexibility’-“with two provisos; India responds in the same fashion and, two, whatever the final upshot it should have mutual respect, dignity and honor with equilibrium-“as its’ pedestal and above-all, the verdict is ought to go in conformity with the aspirations of the people of the State-“in any style-“they deem apposite. We fixedly hope that India would make sure-“that all such deeds shall stand ceased instantaneously to pave sincere vistas of friendship and harmony-“in the best interest of the two nations, zestfully gazing at a dawn of affluence to pop in a fabulous style.

The adore and esteem by a vast majority of the people of Pakistan-“with traditional hospitality-“has already been gazed by the world-“ever since the arrival of Indian Cricket team onto the sacrosanct soils of Pakistan. Let these emotions-“on both sides-“remain in one piece, of-course getting rid of all the irritants, which have been contaminating the horizons of this region-“for the past manifold decades. We wish the magnificent and marvelous Cricket team-“which has come from India after a pause of almost 15 years-“a very happy and pleasant stay in Pakistan. As is envisioned from the credible emotions of, the team is ought to feel playing on the pitch of a friendly country-“and certainly not on ‘alien land.’

We feel optimistic that after the resumption of diverse types of links-“like, rail, rood, air plus bilateral voyage of delegates from all segments of the populous-“from trade wizards to the fascinating lustrous stars of Bollywood to Lollywood and vice versa-“amid a ray of hope for still more identical follow-ups, the interaction on other multiple arenas, all sorts of misgivings n’ misunderstandings shall stand averted and in place the dream of lovely ties-“shall get translated into a reality, at a swift pace.

Yet to clutch, this momentous cherished goal-“which remained obstructed by a lot of complexities-“for years, of-course, can conveniently be gauged as ‘a life-time’, India shall expectantly, depict a truthful sincerity for the solution of all the disputes-“exclusively the one on Kashmir-“with a judicious approach, lest the current hefty exercise turns into a ‘short-lived love’-“to the skepticism of the populous-“as such a mindset could not ever find a place, not even an eerie room, if one evaluates such a milieu by keeping in mind the traditions, customs n’ rituals of the South Asian region.

It’s indeed an apposite time to act in an apt way, for which synchronization in perceptions is-“all the more vital, the raison d’être is; the Confidence Building Measures [CBMs]-“is not an easy task. And now, when they have been set in motion-“let there be no ruse or pretext for their adjournment-“sine die-“explicitly when a smiling, cheerful n’ jovial future seems imminent-“leading towards an excellent pinnacle.

To achieve such a perceptible goal, India must bring the reign of tyranny in the held-part of the Jammu n’ Kashmir at-once n’ without any reservations-“rather with a vow, that New Delhi would go by the words of its ancestors-“even if the record with JL Nehru’ pledge has been obscured beneath the oblique billows of the guttural blaze-“as the Kashmir cause stands as vibrant at every fora-“with the UN atop-“as ever.