The Bloody Paths to Crawford, Texas

It’s fair to assume that George W. Bush and Israel’s Ariel Sharon will be up to no good when they meet at Crawford, Texas, on April 11th. Sharon, and his Neocon cronies, helped to push Bush into the Iraqi conflict. Israel now wants the U.S. to put Iran and Syria in its crosshairs. Both men have something in common that they don’t want the public to ever see: the blood of the innocents! Bush may be suffering, too, from a Napoleon Complex!

On Monday, April 11, 2005, Israel’s P.M., Ariel Sharon, will drop in for a two-day visit at President George W. Bush’s ranch, at Crawford, located in Central Texas. Bush prides himself as being another “good old cowboy.” Sharon sees himself as just a simple “sheep farmer.” Well, is that who they really are? For sure, it will be a cozy political get together. Bush and Sharon, however, have a lot in common that they don’t want the public to ever see or understand, like: the blood of untold innocents!

You can be certain, too, that the growing U.S. military casualty toll in the Iraqi War won’t be raised at Crawford, (1) nor the numbers of the civilian Iraqi dead, nor the rising costs of this war to U.S. taxpayers. (2) You can also expect the arrogant Sharon, not to repeat his boast, reportedly made on April 3, 2001, in Jerusalem, that the Israelis “control America.” (3)

Sharon is no idiot! He won’t bring up publicly with Bush how his regime pushed for the Iraqi War and how it is now looking to put Syria and Iran in the crosshairs of the U.S., (4) nor why the Christian presence in the Holy Land has continued to radically decline. (5) Neither will either man put on the record exactly how much foreign aid the Zionist regime has extracted from the American taxpayers. Try over $100 billion, since 1948! (6) The desperate fate of the Palestinian village of Jayyous, a victim of Sharon’s “Apartheid Wall,” won’t be on their agenda either, (6) nor will the fact that Israel has become a haven for those sinister Oligarchs from Russia. (7)

Rachel Corrie, a murdered peace and justice activist and a native of Olympia, WA, also won’t come up in their conversations. She was run over, (not once, but twice), and killed by an Israeli Army bulldozer, while protesting a home demolition in Israeli Occupied Palestine, on March 16, 2003. Corrie’s parents are demanding justice from the Israelis for their daughter’s death, and getting no assistance from the Bush-Cheney Gang. (8)

You can count, however, on the meeting of the duo being a PR extravaganza with plenty of photo ops and softball questions from the controlled media. Sharon will be praised by Bush for his recent “deal” with the new Palestinian chairman, even though some Middle East experts have accused his government of deception about the agreement. (9)

The fate of the “U.S. Liberty” and the persistent quest for justice on behalf of its surviving crew members will also be off limits at the confab. The “Liberty” is yet another glaring example of Zionist wrongdoing that has been allowed to escape down the Orwellian “Memory Hole.” Thirty-four brave Americans, including one of Baltimore City’s finest sons, CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, Jr., died on that vessel. It was deliberately attacked by Israeli forces on June 8, 1967, in international waters. One hundred and seventy–two Americans were also injured in the vicious attack. (10) When will the mostly cowardly Congress, pallbearers of our Republic, hold a public inquiry on the “Liberty” matter and stand up to the Israeli Lobby? When?

What you won’t see, too, is the bloodstained paths that Bush’s and Sharon’s careers have taken to get to Crawford. The torture of Islamic POWs at Gitmo Bay, Iraq and Afghanistan and other hell holes by U.S. forces during Bush’s presidency won’t be on the table for discussion, (11) or Bush’s deep contempt for the U.S. Constitution. (12) The truth is that Bush is the Caligula of U.S. politics! He may be the most demented president ever. Is he suffering from a Napoleon Complex or some other defect? Who knows? (13) Unfortunately, Bush has more than three years to add to his disasterous record in office. At press time, it was predicted that even America’s once-impregnable automobile industry is headed for a “train wreck.” (14)

Sharon, on the other hand, represents Zionist expansionism run amuck. The evil of his past deeds at Qibya, Beirut, Sabra, Shatila, Nablus and Jenin, among other places, and the ghosts of his many victims, will forever follow him. (15) Just as the immoral destruction of Iraq, and its ancient cities, like Baghdad, Mosul and Fallujah, should forever haunt Bush’s memory. Meanwhile, London’s gutsy Mayor, Ken Livingston, considers Sharon “a war criminal.” (16)

Sharon is running for reelection and his appearance at the ranch will probably boost his popularity back in his Likud Party-infested homeland. After he leaves Texas, the Israeli big shot will head out to L.A. to schmooze with his Hollywood-based, fat cat cronies. Bush is settling in for his second term in office. He has almost single-handedly, thanks to his dog-like obedience to the “First Strike” ideology of the Neocons and to the rabid Free Trader advocates, isolated America and also devastated our national economy. (17) Instead of being punished, Neocons, like Paul Wolfowitz, a Deputy Secretary of Defense, who lied us into the Iraqi conflict, are being rewarded with cushy jobs. He’s headed for the top spot at the World Bank.

There will also be no expounding by either Bush or Sharon, on why no Israeli troop has ever fought with, been wounded or died by America’s side, in any of our wars, declared or otherwise – ever! Nor, will there be any rational explanation given for the treachery of the repulsive Zionist traitor, Jonathan Pollard; the bizarre Israeli art students/spying episode; or the strange antics of those five mean-spirited Israelis, over in New Jersey, the day of the fatal attack on the WTC, Sept. 11, 2001. (18)

In conclusion, a lot of silly nonsense will be raised at the Crawford conclave about how Israel is allegedly our most valuable “strategic ally” in the Middle East. Don’t believe it! The truth is that our one-sided relationship with Israel has only created more enemies for us in the Islamic World and more opportunities for terrorist attacks on our interests.












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In a column, entitled, “Dying in Iraq: It’s Not for the Offspring of the War Hawks,” I mistakenly claimed that 21 cited individuals didn’t have any offspring serving in Iraq. Well, I was wrong! G. Gordon Liddy’s son, Raymond J. Liddy, did serve in Iraq with the U.S. Marines. I regret the error.