The broken mirror

It is late, I must sleep, I lay restless
I am suffocating with the images, images of war
People taking each other’s lives.
War is like a broken mirror
Sharp enough to draw blood
A piece out of place, impossible to put back.
Has any one ever felt like a broken mirror?
I am so tired watching them bleed.
But I can’t do any thing, I can’t think of any thing.
I found myself getting early in the morning
Getting ready for work
Making bed and breakfast
Walking through my school
Facing the challenges of the life with the kids.
Balancing on a thin line of concrete
I crossed a bridge.
The river lay below me; it kind of carried me.
Let my thought ripple through, the uneven shadows.
Gave up to my never- ending pursuit.
Gave up to my hopeless wants.
Gave up to my mind’s incessant wandering.
The river blended my ideas.
Until all I saw was water.