The Church-State Alliance threatening the future of humanity

While the so-called mainstream media is promoting the world view of capitalist-colonial totalitarians, serious researchers in Europe and America are busy digging the roots of never ending global conflicts and ongoing turmoil. Some have revealed the vested interest of the corporate world and its individual pawns in the ongoing wars and occupations.

Others have exposed the neo-cons totalitarian designs to remake the world in their image with force. Yet others tell the world with undeniable evidence how Christian Zionists and other Christianists stand strongly behind the political front’s bloody adventures across the world. If we sum up the whole spectrum, we find that is the church and state alliance that has put the future of humanity at stake.

The so-called mainstream media and other corporate entities are doing their best to keep public away from knowing the truth.
For a clear understanding of what is really happening we have to go back in history. A society does not tell the truth about its own history. This is a history of the alliance of church and state destroying other cultures (e.g. as told by a historian educated in the remnants of Hellenic culture). It was this destruction of libraries and cultural institutions over a period of 350 years which dropped Western society into the several hundred years of the Dark Ages. [1]

Public’s ignorance of the reality is not something new. During the 350 years of suppression of all intellectual thought (chronology below) there would have been suppressions here and there throughout the empire but most would have lived out their lives in peace, not knowing, or ignoring what crimes were actually being committed. Only when the suppression took place in their region, or if they were a soldier of the empire, would the average citizen be affected by that violence.

Most citizens of empires of that 400- year-period lived their lives out in peace. Except for the occasional battle between empires, only those in a region being suppressed were imminently subject to violence.

And so it is today. Battles between empires seem to be over today, those in the centers of empire live their lives out in peace, while those on the periphery face both the violence of poverty and the violence of suppression. The mass-media is effectively keeping their public ignorant of the truth.

In collusion with the church-state alliance, the “mainstream” media is simply repeating the history. Library of Alexandria was burnt to the floor. In the Library of Alexandria was a functioning steam engine. A study of an artifact discovered in the Middle East concluded it could only have been a battery.

This, and the libraries and culture centers throughout the Roman Empire, proves the destruction of other cultures, so as to expand and protect the power of an already powerful culture. This delayed the Industrial Revolution for 1,200 to 1,500 years. [2]

Some of the non-Muslim researchers, who learnt how Christians destroyed the Library of Alexandria and killed every educated Egyptian, and who studied the history of Christian destruction of the Hellenic culture, have come to the conclusion that the Muslim religion was established as a defense against being forced into Christianity and that protection accounts for the rapid establishment of that religion. Although, not really so, it is undeniable to conclude that Islam put a halt to the totalitarian onslaught of Church-State alliance earlier in history. Islam is still considered the only formidable block in the way of continuing de facto colonization in the regions which remained under the direct colonial occupation. Therefore, all knowledge and analysis is acceptable to one or another degree. However, those sources are considered a threat which explains how the church-state alliance and their corporate backers are waging a war of ideology in the name of democracy to sustain de facto colonization of the Muslim world in particular.

This alliance of church and state, killing all who threatened either capitalist or Christian powerbrokers, has been in place for 1700 years. Until they came up against the old cultures of Asia, they enslaved the gentle societies they came across. The die off was genocidal, it was: become Christian and capitalist or die. Those who accepted Christianity and/or the legal structure of the capitalist order, they fared better but still were essentially slaves. The poor within capitalism are still essentially slaves.

The theft of the world’s wealth permitted the Christian/capitalism alliance to provide for their citizenry, which was supposed to be kept under control so that they don’t object to the illegitimate, bloody colonial adventures abroad. Thus, citizens have to display that they are good persons in order to qualify to the little fake freedoms and sham rights. Real and equal rights and the struggle for fairness and the right to self-determination is a serious threat to the Christian/capitalist alliance.

Any source of intellectual discussion, at home or abroad, which struggles for equality and real rights, is considered a serious threat. Thus there is the continual battle as capitalists suppress the rights of labor and the rights of oppressed, suffering under the never ending colonialism. Since, masses cannot be kept in darkness forever and capitalism cannot survive without continued expansion, one of these days it will crash and full rights can be attained.

The important point to note is the continued battle to overwhelm the Muslim world, which has prevented the evolution of rights within the Muslim community. The end of direct colonial occupations in the 20th century was merely a strategic withdrawal.

Since then, indirect colonization continues with the help of institutions such as the United Nations, World Bank, the IMF, through using various tactics, such as political interference, overthrow of popularly elected governments, support of repressive regimes, and above all the through the use of overwhelming military power.

The Qur’an and teaching of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) are filled with stress on equality of human beings and protection of equal rights for all irrespective of the position and power. Islam guarantees the most basic right of equal access to all resources and defense again exploitation, oppression and injustice. That’s why Muslims’ struggle for self-determination and self-rule according to the principles of Islam is one of the basic threats to the survival or present colonial order, the interest of the alliance of church and state and the survival of corporate entities such as the British Telecommunication.

Most importantly, what we observe today is that the alliance of church and states is using secularism as a weapon to separate Muslims from Islam so as to sustain de facto colonization in the interest of global capitalist order. As a result, Muslims’ final protection has withdrawn into fundamental beliefs. It is that or be overwhelmed. We witnessed it in Afghanistan before and we are witnessing it again these days. No matter how irreligious Afghans had become; no matter how much they were indulged in practices against the clear injunctions of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, but when the Soviet occupation became a matter of life and death for them. The same phenomenon is being replayed under the Western occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq today.

The church and state alliance thought that occupation of Iraq would be a cake walk but those egotists did not realize the power of the fundamentals of Islam. That’s probably what the colonizers refer to as fundamentalism. They are paying for that now. There is no way any army can control a society when all will give their life for their freedom from foreign occupation. If it were the matter of Islam alone, Iraqis lived under an un-Islamic, secular, Ba’athist regime for decades. However, when it comes to the struggle against the capitalist alliance of Church and State, they oppressed Muslims will go to any length to not let it succeed.

Already they have whipped the so-considered crusaders in Iraq. People living under occupation realize that and are organizing to push the occupiers further out of the Muslim lands.

The sensible of the power brokers in the West know this and are appalled at those at the forefront of church and state alliance, stepping right into their trap and enraging all Muslims and other weaker nations around the world. The fraud of their cover stories stand exposed and there simply is no cover story under which they can now hide. The oppressors don’t see any solution other than escalating wars and continuing oppression. We are living through the greatest world upheaval in history. Iraqis, Afghans and Palestinians are battling for the world’s freedom. And the “mainstream media” is engaged in an exercise in futility to keep the public ignorant.


[1]. The exact dates of the beginning and ending of the Dark Ages, is a relative thing.
The world could have had trains, cars, phones, and TV sets over 1,200 years ago. One or two Millennia ago China also had the foundation of an industrial society (a large iron industry, rotary drills, mechanical seeders, and a navy which plied the oceans) and it too declined into a feudal peasant economy.

[2]. We do not have the answers to all this but there are similarities between protection and expansion of power in these ancient histories which dropped the world into the several hundred years of the Dark Ages and today’s expansion and protection of power and wealth through military force

:: Facts from History ::

Following is the story of how the Hellenic race and culture was wiped off the map by the alliance of Church and State. The advent of Christianity meant the destruction of Hellas.

Followers of Hellenic religion were persecuted and their ancient temples destroyed. Just the way Islam is fast becoming an accusation today, the word Hellenas became an accusation. In the year 393, Emperor Theodosius outlawed the Olympic Games. The Library of Alexandria, a centre of Hellenistic civilization and learning, was burnt down with most of its books. Classical works of science and literature were hunted down and destroyed. The dark ages commenced with the demise of the Hellenic civilization.

Below was summarized from Vlasis Rassia’s Book: ‘Demolish Them’ (in Hellenic), Athens 1994, Diipetes Editions (emphasis added).

To study this further, Google keyword “libraries, burned, Christians.” Those of you who know the history of the collapse of the Chinese, or any other, proto-industrial society, please share that with us.

Year 314 CE (Christian Era)

Immediately after its full legalisation, the Christian Church attacks the Gentiles: The Council of Ancyra denounces the worship of the Goddess Artemis.

Year 324 CE

Emperor Constantine declares Christianity the only official religion of the Roman Empire. At Dydima, Asia Minor, he sacks the Oracle of God Apollo and tortures its Pagan priests to death. He evicts the Gentiles from Mt. Athos and destroys all local Hellenic Temples.

Year 326 CE

Emperor Constantine, following the instructions of his mother Helen, destroys the Temple of the God Asclepius in Aigeai of Cilicia and many Temples of the Goddess Aphrodite in Jerusalem, Aphaca, Mambre, Phoenice, Baalbek, etc.

Year 330 CE

Constantine steals the treasures and statues of the Pagan Temples in Greece to decorate Nova Roma (Constantinople), the new capital of his Empire.

Year 335 CE

Constantine sacks many Pagan Temples of Asia Minor and Palestine and orders the execution by crucifixion of “all magicians and soothsayers". Martyrdom of the neoplatonist philosopher Sopatros.

Year 341 CE

Emperor Constas, son of Constantinus, persecutes "all the soothsayers and the Hellenists". Many Gentile Hellenes are either imprisoned or executed.

Year 346 CE

New large-scale persecutions of the Gentiles in Constantinople. Banishment of the famous orator Libanius, who is accused of being a "magician".

Year 353 CE

An edict of Constantius decrees the death penalty for all forms of worship involving sacrifice and "idols".

Year 354 CE

A new edict of Constantius orders the closing of all Pagan Temples. Some of them are profaned and turned into brothels or gambling rooms. Executions of Pagan priests. The first burning of libraries in various cities of the Empire. The first lime factories are built next to closed Pagan Temples. A large part of Sacred Gentile architecture is turned into lime.

Year 356 CE

A new edict of Constantius orders the destruction of the Pagan Temples and the execution of all "idolaters".

Year 357 CE

Constantius outlaws all methods of Divination (Astrology not excluded).

Year 359 CE

In Skythopolis, Syria, Christians organize the first death camps for the torture and execution of arrested Gentiles from all around the Empire.

Year 361 to 363 CE

Religious tolerance and restoration of Pagan cults declared in Constantinople (11th December 361) by the Pagan Emperor Flavius Claudius Julianus.

Year 363 CE

Assassination of Emperor Julianus (26th June).

Year 364 CE

Emperor Flavius Jovianus orders the burning of the Library of Antioch. An Imperial edict (11th September) orders the death penalty for all Gentiles that worship their ancestral Gods or practice Divination (“sileat omnibus perpetuo divinandi uriositas”). Three different edicts (4th February, 9th September, 23rd December) order the confiscation of all properties of Pagan Temples and the death penalty for participation in Pagan rituals, including private ones.

Year 365 CE

An Imperial edict (17th November) forbids Gentile officers of the army to command Christian soldiers.

Year 370 CE

Emperor Valens orders a tremendous persecution of Gentiles throughout the Eastern Empire. In Antioch, among many other Pagans, the ex-governor Fidustius and the priests Hilarius and Patricius are executed. Tons of books are burnt in the city-squares of the Eastern Empire. All friends of Julianus are persecuted (Orebasius, Sallustius, Pegasius etc.), the philosopher Simonides is burned alive and the philosopher Maximus is decapitated.

Year 372 CE

Emperor Valens orders the governor of Asia Minor to exterminate the Hellenes and destroy all writings of their wisdom.

Year 373 CE

New prohibition of all methods of Divination. The term "Pagan" (pagani, villagers) is introduced by the Christians to lessen the Gentiles.

Year 375 CE

The Temple of the God Asclepius in Epidaurus, Greece, is closed down.

Year 380 CE

On the 27th February, Christianity becomes the exclusive religion of the Roman Empire by an edict of Emperor Flavius Theodosius, requiring that "all the various nations, which are subject to our clemency and moderation should continue in the profession of that religion, which was delivered to the Romans by the divine Apostle Peter". Non-christians are called "loathsome, heretics, stupid and blind". In another edict Theodosius calls "insane" those that do not believe in the christian god and outlaws all disagreements with Church dogma. Ambrosius, bishop of Milan, starts destroying all the Pagan Temples of his area. Christian priests lead the mob against the Temple of the Goddess Demeter in Eleusis and try to lynch the hierophants Nestorius and Priskus. The 95 year-old hierophant Nestorius, ends the Eleusinian Mysteries and announces the predominance of mental darkness over the human race.

Year 381 CE

On May the 2nd, Theodosius deprives Christians that return to the Pagan Religion of all their rights. Throughout the Eastern Empire, Pagan Temples and Libraries are looted or burned down. On 21st December, Theodosius outlaws even simple visits to the Temples of the Hellenes. In Constantinople, the Temple of the Goddess Aphrodite is turned into a brothel and the Temples of Sun and Artemis into stables.

Year 382 CE

"Hellelu-jah" (Glory to Yahweh) is imposed in the Christian mass.

Year 384 CE

Emperor Theodosius orders the Praetorian Prefect, Maternus Cynegius (a dedicated Christian), to cooperate with the local bishops and destroy the Temples of the Gentiles in Northern Greece and Asia Minor.

Year 385 to 388 CE

Maternus Cynegius, encouraged by his fanatic wife, and his bishop "Saint" Marcellus, scour the countryside with their gangs, sack and destroy hundreds of Hellenic Temples, shrines and altars. Amongst others they destroy the Temple of Edessa, the Cabeireion of Imbros, the Temple of Zeus in Apamea, the Temple of Apollo in Dydima and all the Temples of Palmyra. Thousands of innocent Gentiles from all sides of the Empire suffer martyrdom in the notorious death camps of Skythopolis.

Year 386 CE

Emperor Theodosius outlaws (16th June) the care of sacked Pagan Temples.

Year 388 CE

Public talks on religious subjects are also outlawed by Theodosius. The old orator Libanius sends his famous Epistle "Pro Templis" to Theodosius, with a hope that the few remaining Hellenic Temples will be respected and spared.

Year 389 to 390 CE

All non-Christian calenders are outlawed. Hordes of fanatic hermits from the desert flood into Middle Eastern and Egyptian cities, destroying statues, altars, Libraries and Pagan Temples, whilst Gentiles are lynched. Theophilus, Patriarch of Alexandria, starts heavy persecutions against the Gentiles, turns the Temple of Dionysos into a church, burns down the Mithraeum of the city, destroys the Temple of Zeus and burlesques the Pagan priests before they are killed by stoning. The Christian mob profanes the cult images.

Year 391 CE

On 24th February, a new edict of Theodosius prohibits not only visits to Pagan Temples but also looking at vandalised statues. New heavy persecutions all around the Empire. In Alexandria, Egypt, the Gentiles, led by the philosopher Olympius, revolt and after some street fights, finally lock themselves inside the fortified Temple of the God Serapis (The Serapeion). After a violent siege, the Christians occupy the building, demolish it, burn its famous Library and profane the cult images.

Year 392 CE

On 8th November, the Emperor Theodosius outlaws all non-Christian rituals and names them "superstitions of the Gentiles"

(“gentilicia superstitio”). New full scale persecutions against the Gentiles. The Mysteries of Samothrace are ended and priests slaughtered. In Cyprus the local bishop, "Saints" Epiphanius and Tychon destroy almost all the Temples of the island and exterminate thousands of Gentiles. The local Mysteries of Goddess Aphrodite are ended. Theodosius’ edict declares: "the ones that won’t obey pater Epiphanius have no right to keep living on the island". The Gentiles revolt against the Emperor and the Church in Petra, Aeropolis, Rafia, Gaza, Baalbek and other cities of the Middle East.

Year 393 CE

The Pythian, Aktia and Olympic Games are outlawed as part of the Hellenic "idolatry". Christians sack the Temples of Olympia.

Year 395 CE

Two new edicts (22nd July and 7th August) lead to new persecutions against the Gentiles. Rufinus, the eunuch Prime Minister of Emperor Flavius Arcadius directs the hordes of the baptised Goths (led by Alaric) to the country of the Hellenes. Encouraged by Christian monks, the barbarians sack and burn many cities (Dion, Delphi, Megara, Corinth, Pheneos, Argos, Nemea, Lycosoura, Sparta, Messene, Phigaleia, Olympia, etc.), slaughter or enslave innumerable Hellenes and burn the Temples. Among others, they burn down the Eleusinian Sanctuary and burn alive all of its priests (including the hierophant of Mithras Hilarius).

Year 396 CE

On 7th December, a new edict by Emperor Arcadius orders that Paganism be treated as high treason. Imprisonment of the few remaining Pagan priests and hierophants.

Year 397 CE

"Demolish them!" Emperor Flavius Arcadius orders all the still erect Pagan Temples demolished.

Year 398 CE

The Fourth Church Council of Carthage prohibits to all, including its bishops, the study of Gentile books. Porphyrius, bishop of Gaza, demolishes almost all the Pagan Temples of his city (except nine of them that remain active).

Year 399 CE

With a new edict (13th July) Emperor Flavius Arcadius orders all remaining Temples, mainly in the countryside, to be immediately demolished: «Si qua in agris templa sunt, sine turba ac tumultu diruantur. His enim deiectis atque sublatis omnis superstitioni materia consumetur.

Year 400 CE

Bishop Nicetas destroys the Oracle of God Dionysus in Vesai and baptises all the Gentiles of this area.

Year 401 CE

The Christian mob of Carthage lynches Gentiles and destroys Temples and "idols". In Gaza too, the local bishop, also a..,"Saint", Porphyrius sends his followers to lynch Gentiles and demolish the remaining nine still active Temples of the city. The 15th Council of Chalkedon orders all Christians that still keep good relations with their gentile relatives to be excommunicated (even after their death).

Year 405 CE

John Chrysostom sends his hordes of gray-clad monks armed with clubs and iron bars to destroy the "idols" in all the cities of Palestine.

Year 406 CE

John Chrysostom collects funds from rich Christian women to financially support the demolition of the Hellenic Temples. In Ephessus, he orders the destruction of the famous Temple of Goddess Artemis. In Salamis, Cyprus, "Saints" Epiphanius and Eutychius continue persecutions of the Gentiles and the total destruction of their Temples and sanctuaries.

Year 407 CE

A new edict outlaws once more all non-Christian acts of worship.

Year 408 CE

The Emperor of the Western Empire Honorius and the Emperor of the Eastern Empire Arcadius, order together that all sculptures of the Pagan Temples be either destroyed or confiscated. Private ownership of Pagan sculpture is also outlawed. The local bishops lead new heavy persecutions against Gentiles and new book burning. Judges showing pity for Gentiles are also persecuted.

Year 409 CE

Once again, an edict orders Astrology and all methods of Divination to be punishable by death.

Year 415 CE

In Alexandria, Egypt, the mob urged by the bishop Cyrillus, attacks a few days before the judaeo-christian Pascha (Pesach-Easter) and hacks to pieces the famous and beautiful philosopher Hypatia. Pieces of her body are paraded by the Christian mob through the streets of Alexandria, and are finally burned together with her books in a place called Cynaron. On 30th August, new persecutions start against all the Pagan priests of North Africa, who end their lives either crucified or burned alive.

Year 416 CE

The inquisitor Hypatius, alias "The Sword of God", exterminates the last Gentiles of Bithynia. In Constantinople (7th December), all non-Christian army officers, public employees and judges are dismissed.

Year 423 CE

Emperor Theodosius II, declares (8th June) that the Religion of the Gentiles is nothing more than "demon worship" and orders all those who persist in practicing it to be punished by imprisonment and tortured.

Year 429 CE

The Temple of Goddess Athena (Parthenon) on the Acropolis of Athens is sacked. Athenian Pagans are persecuted.

Year 435 CE

On 14th November, a new edict by Theodosius II orders the death penalty for all "heretics" and “pagans” of the Empire. Only Judaism is considered a legal non-Christian Religion.

Year 438 CE

Theodosius II issues an new edict (31st January) against the Gentiles, incriminating their "idolatry" as the reason for a recent plague!

Year 440 to 450 CE

The Christians demolish all the monuments, altars and Temples of Athens, Olympia, and other Greek cities.

Year 448 CE

Theodosius II orders all non-Christian books burned.

Year 450 CE

All the Temples of Aphrodisias (City of Goddess Aphrodite) are demolished and its Libraries burned down. The city is renamed Stauroupolis (City of the Cross).

Year 451

A new edict by Theodosius II (4th November) emphasizes that "idolatry" is to be punished by death.

457 to 491 CE

Sporadic persecutions against Gentiles of the Eastern Empire. Among others, the physician Jacobus and the philosopher Gessius are executed. Severianus, Herestios, Zosimus, Isidorus and others are tortured and imprisoned. The proselytiser Conon and his followers exterminate the last Gentiles of the island of Imbros, in the northeast Aegean. The last worshippers of Lavranius Zeus are exterminated in Cyprus.

Year 482 to 488 CE

The majority of the Gentiles of Asia Minor are exterminated, after a desperate revolt against the Emperor and the Church.

Year 486 CE

More "underground" Pagan priests are discovered, arrested, burlesqued, tortured and executed in Alexandria, Egypt.

Year 515 CE

Baptism becomes obligatory, even for those that already say they are Christian. The Emperor of Constantinople, Anastasius orders the massacre of the Gentiles in the Arabian city Zoara and the demolition of the Temple of local God Theandrites.

Year 528 CE

Emperor Jutprada (Justinianus) outlaws the "alternative" Olympian Games of Antioch. He also orders the execution (by fire, crucifixion, tearing to pieces by wild beasts, or cutting by iron nails) of all who practice "sorcery, divination, magic or idolatry" and prohibits all teachings by the Gentiles ("..the ones suffering from the blasphemous insanity of the Hellenes").

Year 529 CE

Emperor Justinianus outlaws the Athenian Philosophical Academy, which has its property confiscated.

Year 532 CE

The inquisitor Ioannis Asiacus, a fanatical monk, leads a crusade against the Gentiles of Asia Minor.

Year 542 CE

Emperor Justinianus allows the inquisitor Ioannis Asiacus to convert the Gentiles of Phrygia, Caria and Lydia in Asia Minor. Within 35 years of this crusade, 99 churches and 12 monasteries are built on the sites of demolished Pagan Temples.

Year 546 CE

Hundreds of Gentiles are put to death in Constantinople by the inquisitor Ioannis Asiacus.

Year 556 CE

Justinianus orders the notorious inquisitor Amantius to go to Antioch, to find, arrest, torture and exterminate the last Gentiles of the city and burn all the private libraries down.

Year 562 CE

Mass arrests, burlesquing, tortures, imprisonments and executions of Gentile Hellenes in Athens, Antioch, Palmyra and Constantinople.

Year 578 to 582 CE

Christians torture and crucify Gentile Hellenes all around the Eastern Empire, and exterminate the last Gentiles of Heliopolis (Baalbek).

Year 580 CE

Christian inquisitors attack a secret Temple of Zeus in Antioch. The priest commits suicide, but the other Gentiles are arrested. All the prisoners, the Vice Governor Anatolius included, are tortured and sent to Constantinople to face trial. Sentenced to death they are thrown to the lions. The wild animals are unwilling to tear them to pieces and they end up crucified. Their corpses are dragged through the streets by the Christian mob and afterwards thrown unburied in the city dump.

Year 583 CE

New persecutions against the Gentile Hellenes by the Emperor Mauricius.

Year 590 CE

Throughout the Eastern Empire, Christian accusers "discover" Pagan conspiracies. A new wave of torture and executions erupts.

Year 692 CE

The "Penthekte" Council of Constantinople prohibits the remains of Calends, Brumalia, Anthesteria, and other Pagan / Dionysian festivals.

Year 804 CE

The Gentile Hellenes of Laconia, Greece, resist successfully the attempt of Tarasius, Patriarch of Constantinople, to convert them to Christianity.

Year 950 to 988 CE

Violent conversion of the last Gentile Hellenes of Laconia by the Armenian "Saint" Nikon.