The Depths of Sorrows



As for the recent bombings, it is horrible and an ugly thing to comprehend. The unfortunate situation is that the Hamas and Jihad do not have a good since of International PR. Their timing sucks. As I have been sitting here watching the war between the two tribes, I do not know if there is a true definition for “terrorism”. Last week five Palestinian children were killed on school grounds from picking up a live motor shell and in other situations, Just today, 2 Palestinians were killed, one a 12 year old and 11 wounded four of them were children as well. So far in two days, 10 Palestinians were killed, 4 were children. Two West Bank cities were under military siege in Ramallah and Jenin for the last four days. Tanks roll in, and fire randomly to get everyone inside. The families are not allowed to leave their homes. One just hopes that there is food inside of the homes because you never know how long the siege will last. What is terrorism here? I really wonder. The stories that I hear and the things that I see would make ones hair rise while the media ignores the real situation that is involved. Israel is very good with the media and their usage of vocabulary. They understand the Western mentality and win many hearts to their side. I cannot think of any other country that could get away with the things that I know about.

The treatment towards the Palestinians has been going on for many years. This is why the Intifada started in the first place. If they were to stop now, then all of the casualties within the past year would have been for nothing. Both governments need to quit pointing fingers at one another and take responsibility for their own actions then sit at a table and start over. But that will never happen.

Jerusalem -The stones of Jerusalem cry out. The city is quiet and the blood pours thick inside the West Bank and Israel. Mothers’ souls cry out to their God for comfort for the loss or ripping away of their children.

Too many stories are to be told and not a soul has been left untouched by this “silent war”. The sound of bombs, shooting and sirens perpetrate Jerusalem’s air.

Many people are locked inside of their homes in Ramallah, Bethlehem and Gaza. No one dares to peek out of their windows and look into the gray skies full of sorrows. 100 tanks took siege upon the city of Ramallah last night and Bethlehem has been closed for days. 1000 Palestinian men and boys have been taken from Deheishe Camp in Bethlehem by the IDF for questioning while being blindfolded, hit and fainting from exhaustion after many hours of shooting with 40 deaths of their brothers, fathers and loved ones. The cries reach out and break through the air. The city is closed and there are no funerals to be held, that finality is not given to the ones that are left behind.

Last night at 2:00am in Qualkilyea 50 tanks rolled into the town accompanied by Apache Helicopters that fired into the electrical supply of the city. The IDF searched the homes for arms and explosives. In Gaza, 22 Palestinians were killed and 75 wounded in Jabalya while the IDF took siege upon the camp. Jabalya is the first Gazan refugee camp in 1948.

In the meantime, over 60,000 right winged protesters gathered in Tel Aviv wanting blood revenge upon the Palestinians. Demanding that the government take over all West Bank area and gain control. Polls are being taken asking if the Israeli-Arabs should be asked to leave the country or be “transferred”. 31 percent agree that there is no trust with the Israeli-Arabs and feel they should be transferred and 46 percent of Israeli Jews feel that the Palestinians should be “transferred”. The issue of where would they go was not addressed.

The length of the Intifada has taken its toll among the Palestinians the internal tension is high and one does not trust the other. This morning in Ramallah, Palestinians discovered a Palestinian conspirator with the IDF was killed and his body was put on a metal pole in the city center. Fighting is abrupt in the streets of East Jerusalem between the teenagers.

Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem. The city is silent the restaurants are quiet the streets stand still. People are staying in their homes while the tension rises all over the country. This news will be old news by the time you are finished reading this article, for as I write battle is now ensuing in Hebron. As I write I hear the F-16’s flying over my head wondering where they are headed.