The End of Fêted Soul!


The poignant lift-off to eternity of the matchless symbol of Kashmiris’ gallant struggle-Sardar Muhammad Ibrahim Khan-a vital era-of the freedom movement-comes to an end. He was not only a unique icon of acumen but-simultaneously-a source of inspiration and strength for the people of the fascinating Himalayan State, affianced in heroic resist to get evaporated the tyrannical rule-unleashed by New Delhi warlords in Indian Held Kashmir, at-once.

The late dazzling soul was as steadfast as a pragmatic jingoist who would remain resolute vis-�-vis his fabulous perceptions like a sturdy rock. It is eye-catching from the day-one, when the late Sardar Ibrahim beamed to the world the truthful aspirations of Kashmiris from the podium of the United Nations-decades ago with an eventual vote in favour of his people-with one voice.

As a breathtaking advocate he also won splendid allures of all the members of the UN Security Council-who zestfully assented to the call for holding of a free, fair and impartial plebiscite under the aegis of the world body-paving vistas for Kashmiris to establish their destiny-on their own.

Through his exceptional persuasive style, the late Kashmiri leader-who also authored voluminous books on the Kashmir Issue with its historic perspective-made India bow before the popular will-a facet which is crystal-clear from the reality that he [the late Sardar Ibrahim] even made the then Indian Prime Minister Pundit JL Nehru to proclaim categorical commitments-for plebiscite-in Jammu n’ Kashmir.

Though India ferociously got engaged into diverse ploys-to back-out of its words, the magnificent departed soul-always aired his sanguinity that Kashmiris will ultimately-become victorious come-what-may. His love for Pakistan is manifested from the actuality that the first n’ foremost verdict for the States’ accession with the sanctified soil of Pakistan was rayed by a representative assemblage, which took place-on the invitation of the chivalrous soul, setting aside the reign of Dogra rulers’ hideous terror plus Pandora’s Box set off by the callous Indians who intruded onto the marvellous realm with full might n’ that to without any legitimate raison d’�tre-at the Srinagar abode of Sardar Ibrahim-in lovely A’abi Guzar vicinity.

The historic resolution-adopted on the occasion-subsequently proved as a lead to the passage of the UN resolutions on Kashmir-for more than a dozen times, and that too-unanimously. Though he served his people as a legislator-even in the pre-1947 epoch-n’ subsequently as the President of Azad Kashmir for more than four times, the late Kashmir leader always treated the liberated area [composed of Azad Kashmir]-as the base-camp for Kashmiris’ final triumph.

Alas! He could not see the dawn of liberty, which is not very far-off. Yet the vibrant n’ f�ted sprit of the beacon-light of the Kashmiris chivalrous shove must be gazing at this fact. Late Sardar Ibrahim Khan-an erudite by all perceptions-was, no doubt-a vivacious verve for Kashmiris, yet who-so-ever comes to the corporeal globe, has to get back to the eternal abode. Yet the sweet n’ dynamic memoirs-left behind by the Ghazi-e-Millat shall continue to give impetus to the Kashmir Cause. Every patriotic n’ believer of pragmatism hopes that the people-sitting at the helms of affairs in Azad Kashmir-shall not confine the bereavement of the feisty n’ spirited soul-just to a 2-day State mourning and would instantaneously declare the ill-starred July-31 as an annual public holiday to pay optimal respects n’ homage to the sparkling star of the history of struggle for freedom in Jammu n’ Kashmir-who vanished-in a jiffy, of-course as a natural phenomenon n’ a bona fide c! ourse. No doubt Late Sardar Ibrahim was an apex pioneer of All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference and worked hand-in-gloves with Quaid-e-Millat Ch Ghulam Abbas — being a true follower and devotee of the Founder of the Nation Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who always lauded the services of the departed soul in fabolous words.

July-31, the sad day of his demise is ought to be observed as ‘Ghazi-e-Millat Day’-every year all-over Jammu n’ Kashmir-with an accurate acumen. While expressing our heartfelt condolence with the kin of the late Kashmir leader-in meticulous n’ the people of the Jammu n’ Kashmir-in general, we pray to Almighty Allah, The Most Gracious n’ The Most Merciful to rest the departed soul in eternal peace in the Heavens.

The author is a noted journalist, political analyst and ex-Director News Pakistan TV. He is a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).