The expulsionists at the Washington Post



    The expulsionists at the Washington Post are foaming at the mouth over the prospect of visiting additional cruelty on the Palestinians. Whether it is the summer heat or a failure to keep up with their anti-psychotic medication, the racist segregationists who run the show at the Post are executing what appears to be a concerted strategy to defame the Palestinians.  The vilification has gotten to new lows over the last week, as the Israel Firsters despair over the violent strategy of their idol, Ariel Sharon, the butcher of Sabra and Shatila and Qibya. Their advice to this vicious criminal is to add more portions of violence to his recipe for disaster.

    Charles Krauthammer wrote a column bemoaning Sharon’s ineffective strategy and calling for a massive campaign to ‘strike and expel’ Palestinians (POST, 8/16/2001).  A day earlier, Michael Kelley urges Israel to ‘go right ahead and escalate the violence’ .

    In addition to recommending an intense military assault against the Palestinians, George Will, goes a step further to advise the Israeli occupation army to ‘destroy other physical infrastructure useful to the Palestinian Authority, including all newspaper and broadcasting facilities.’  (Post, 8/17/2001) Burning newspapers. What a concept! This from the publisher who endlessly beats his chest about his late mama’s courage in publishing the Pentagon papers.  Of course, That was three decades ago. This is the new and vastly diminished Washington Post; a safe haven for every warmongering bigot Yiddish supremacist who wants to take a swipe at the long suffering Palestinian people. Just another round of obnoxious Israeli public relations campaign to demonize the Palestinians.

    The 11 month Palestinian uprising against the land thieving Israeli occupation army has obviously not captured the imagination of the low life segregationist elitists at the Washington Post.  Instead of “segregation now, segregation forever’;  they want to up the ante to ‘expulsion now, exile forever’. When they do bring up the fact that the Israelis have slaughtered over 500 Palestinians, they start going bezerk about ‘moral equivalence’.

    How many Israeli assassin soldiers, with a Bull Conner smile on their face, pulled the trigger on a bullet that wasted a Palestinian kid? Kelly, Krauthammer and Will couldn’t give a damn.  No doubt, they would like to personally waste a few Palestinians.  To these moral morons, they weren’t kids, they were Palestinians.   The simple reason is that they are the kind of men who probably own more than a linen closet full of white sheets, for those special occasions.

    The Genoa police managed to inflict one solitary fatality at the G-8 meeting. And they are being duly investigated for it.  In Montreal, there were no fatalities. When Jews demonstrate , the Israeli police never think of using rubber bullets, much less tank fire.  Israeli cowards,  wearing IDF uniforms, well shielded behind massive concrete barriers, have murdered Palestinian children  throwing stones that can’t even reach their target. They were killed for their brave defiance.   The uprising in the West Bank and Gaza are historically an old show. It is the same show that played out in the streets of Budapest in 1956 and Prague in 1968. It is the show that just last year was applauded when it was performed in East Timor.  A year earlier, Kosovo was liberated from genocidal Serbian  thugs.  This is the same performance that made us crazy when it was booked in Tianamen square.  It is always interesting to note that the pursuit of liberty and dignity is denied to the Palestinians, based on their ‘national character’ and ‘behavior’.   The only way to market Israel’s brutal annexationist  policies is to constantly denigrate the Palestinians. And the racist pond scum at the Washington Post are always ready to join the Greek chorus of vilification.  Ethnic bigotry is no vice at the Washington Post.  They obviously encourage their journalists to stir up the masses with vindictive and hateful incitement to violence against an innocent people.

    The Washington Post is a willing enabler of Ariel Sharon and his war crimes, past,  present and future. It is no longer a newspaper. Just another jingoistic Yiddish supremacist organization out to assist the Israelis in inflicting additional pain and mayhem on the Palestinian people.  It is political pornography that should be sold in brown bags to deviant adults who have an insatiable appetite for innocent Palestinian blood.

    Let the word go out, that this monstrosity of a racist rag deserves to be boycotted by all decent Americans. As part owner of the Herald Tribune, it should be quite possible to take legal actions against the Post in French courts for inciting racial hatred and violence against an ethnic group. Being polite to these bastards, only encourages them. It is time to take off the glove and expose the racist supremacists who run the show at the Washington Post and make them pay through the nose for advocating the murder of Palestinians.   Washington DC is a perfect place to start urging Arab-Americans, Asian-Americans and African-Americans to take a brutal blow against this filthy municipal paper, which also owns Newsweek.

    Mr. Ahmed Amr is Editor of in Seattle and a regular contributor to Media Monitors Network (MMN).