The Fear Americans NEED is Fear of U.S. Government Totalitarianism

The signs are clear and they are all around us. Miami cops are shooting citizens on the street who dare voice their protestations to policies benefiting corporations and harming U.S. citizens. John Ashcroft is rolling back constitutional protections in order to "protect" U.S. citizens from "terrorism". General Tommy Franks just stated publicly that one single successful attack using weapons of mass destruction against the U.S. could result in abandonment of the U.S. constitution and installation of a military state in the U.S. itself.

Consider some pertinent facts: ALL terrorism at its basic root is a struggle for world resources between the world-wide multinational corporate elite and those who are harmed by the concentration of wealth and power by the corporate elite. The fact is that that same corporate elite sees very clearly that the day is coming when their wealth and power grabbing will place them at direct odds with the American public. Earth’s resources are finite, and the power elite want infinite control over the liquidation and exploitation of the increasingly scarce resources that provide them with wealth and power. The day is inevitable when the typical U.S. citizen will understand that his/her prospect for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is controlled, and then thwarted by the ruling elite. By then, it may be too late, because freedom will be a thing of the past. We may very well see a totalitarian state in America, with the U.S. military and police forces spying on American citizens, using lethal violence against them, and brutally crushing opposition to government policies just like Saddam Hussein, Josef Stalin, the Shah of Iran, and other dictators have done.

There will be a day when the Miami police department will use lethal force against protestors. There may be a day when martial law will be declared and the U.S. military will be called to intimidate, and then kill American citizens at the behest and bequest of the American government. The path to that end is very clear even today.

A famous American patriot once said: "Those who are willing to sacrifice freedom for security will end up with neither." Americans have been manipulated by fear to voluntarily give up precious freedoms. But the fears used to justify these deprivations have been based on incomplete information, grounded in lies. The U.S. government clearly knew that the September 11, 2001 attacks were being planned and could have stopped the attacks or prevented them altogether. But clearly, the U.S. administration wanted a "Pearl Harbor-type attack" to use for its own political purposes. We now know that even the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941 was fully known in advance to the U.S. government, which was secretly monitoring even the most secret Japanese communications between Japanese warships, military, and government. The U.S. knew all the details of the Pearl Harbor attack, and indeed goaded the Japanese into making the attack in order to provoke the U.S. into a war that the U.S. government leadership wanted but which the U.S. public had resisted.

Clearly, the U.S. government allowed 9/11 to occur in order to provide public support for a "war on terrorism", and then exploited the attacks with a whole series of lies, misinformation, dis-information, and deceit in order to prosecute a hidden agenda. That hidden agenda is clearly against the interests of the American people, and against democracy and freedom for Americans and for Iraqis and for all people.

And the American people are so fearful, so panicky, so dumbed down, so caught up in the web created for them by their own materialistic desires and lifestyles that the web is continually being drawn tighter and tighter.

It is particularly sad and disgusting that the very liars who speak continually of freedom and democracy are the ones who are trying to suppress it and strip it away from the American people, even as they have already stripped freedom from the Iraqi people. The Iraqis have had a "democracy" installed for their benefit. They did not even get to participate in their own democracy — even to the point that expatriate Iraqis with no connection to the nation itself are now helping to rule the nation. It is just a matter of time before America has democracy installed with no meaningful participation by the American people. The pseudo-election of George W. Bush is proof that this can happen, even in America. The fragility of American democracy is evidenced that Al Gore would not even protest the stealing of the election at the time; he participated in the precedent-setting distortion of American democracy.

America’ troubles in this world are just beginning. Freedom-loving peoples around the world now see the U.S. as their biggest threat. More and more Americans are waking up to see their biggest threat is not outside America’s borders, but within the boards of directors of our corporations and within the halls of government; there is an incestuous relationship between these two classes that is strangling democracy and will one day pose a direct threat to American freedoms in a way that Osama bin Laden plus Saddam Hussein plus any terrorist organization in the history of the world could never do, even if they did obtain weapons of mass destruction. Americans have weapons of mass destruction and have used them. America has massive numbers of weapons of less destruction and have used them in massive amounts, and Japan and Iraq and Afghanistan still exist. Yet, the fear of weapons of mass destruction is putting a highly leveraged risk against American democracy by the American government itself.

We know who the TRUE threats are!