The Fox Network as News/Entertainment Nexxus


The Fox Entertainment Network rose to prominence over the past twenty years with programming largely developed to serve the prurient interests of young folk.

Sex (and lustful teen romance) was used to sell programming and the network grew as it pushed back the boundaries of acceptable programming on television. Fox entertainment continues on this path to this day.

Meanwhile, Fox News has attracted the conservative crowd. This is the bunch that crows for "family values", while celebrating lust and the amoral lifestyle in their entertainment hours.

This is quite a nexxus, wouldn’t you say! First Fox inflames lustful thinking, and then brings the audience the sense of outrage that lust is omnipresent in the society.

It wouldn’t be a big surprise to see ex-President Bill Clinton on a reality television show on Fox working with interns, and then lambasted on the Brit Hume show for his bad behavior.

Some people call this sort of thing hypocrisy. Others call it capitalism. Whatever you call it, Fox sells it to a lot of viewers.