The Gaddafi Syndrome and America’s Petro-Imperialism

“Rebellion against tyrants is obedience to God.”

— Benjamin Franklin

It’s time the Arab Tyrants know the Fear they inflicted on their people for decades.  Now it’s their turn to be afraid, be really afraid.  

Arabs are blessed with wealth, cursed by Tyrants whose rule supersedes the innocent lives of their people.  Tyrants from the Atlantic Ocean to the Persian Gulf possess huge arsenals of American weapons worth hundreds of billions of dollars whose only use thus far is to massacre the peaceful uprisings against them from masses who far too long have endured the brutal murderous will of one man, a Tyrant from hell, a Tyrant supported by America and Israel.   Their jails are filled with tortured men, women, and children.  The soils of the lands are pitted with the mass graves of the innocent who simply yearned for freedom from the deadly boot of the Tyrant and his bought henchmen. 

Oh, God, how many were expendable.  No one knows.   Every American weapon in the Tyrant’s arsenal can and has been used to tear and burn the flesh of their people.  From fighter jets, to missiles, rocket launchers, heavy artillery and machine guns, military ships; even banned chemical weapons, and nerve gas have been used so that they may retain their hated autocratic rule.

In an interview with TV France 24 Gaddafi’s insanity even extended to comparing his crackdown on his opposition protesters to Israel’s efforts to defend itself from extremism during its 2009 Gaza war against Hamas (Haaretz, 3/7/2011). 

Thus, revealing the lies and lip service he and his brother Arab tyrants have claimed for decades that they support the Palestinian cause. 

Every one of the long serving Arab Tyrants has been publicly exposed by the mass uprisings as suffering from severe mental illness.   At best they are psycho-blood thirsty sociopaths. 

Although, Gaddafi is the prime example of this mental disease all Arab Tyrants suffer from this terminal and incurable disease called the GADDAFI SYNDROME whose manifestations are as follows.

The Gaddafi Syndrome:

Greedy Arrogant
Disconnected from Reality
Fleecers of National Funds

How do you get rid of a madman like Gaddafi?   Only with massive force.   Imagine the unthinkable possibility of him winning this fight.   What will he do with the freedom fighters, their families, and properties?  What will he do with his military officers, diplomats, and friends who turned against him?   If that happens Libya’s desert will be covered with a river of blood and the world will remain silent for beneath that blood lays oil, its personal life blood.

Gaddafi can then only rule a population that hates him and has paid a heavy price for him to remain in power.  He would not trust his military so he would purchase an army from neighboring African nations, the very mercenaries he’s using to spill the brains and guts of his people today.  

Let’s not forget that the weapons he, Ali Abdullah Saleh of Yemen who now is killing his people with Nerve Gas made in the U.S.A., King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Sheikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Jabir Al Sabah of Kuwait, King Hamad Ibn Isa Alkhalifa of Bahrain, King Muhammad VI of Morocco, President Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria, and King Abdullah of Jordan, are mainly made in America.   

Despite the fact that the Arab masses are heavily armed in their tribal societies their uprisings are all peaceful willing to die then lift weapons against their brethren in the military or police force despite falling victims to their weapons.     The Arabs have demonstrated to the world their love of freedom, of democracy, of respect of human rights, and in their unity across different faiths, classes, age, and gender.   How extraordinary to see Arab women often leading the protests and joining them by the thousands. 

No longer can the West and Israel identify Arabs as incapable of understanding and demanding democracy, unable to fight for their freedoms, and as backward primitive tribes who only understand force.

Israel, you genocidal and racist nation, you never were a democracy and now only the Arabs are the true democrats in the region.  Your lie is over.  Now move over and see Arab democracies flourish.

It’s beautifully wonderful to see the West and Israel despite their wealth and military power squirm with fear from the Arab street blooming with the democratic youth of tomorrow.

These American Tyrants have spent hundreds of billions of dollars on military hardware that is invisible and only appears to squash their own populations.   These dictators would never raise a bullet against Israel, the thief of Palestine.

The region with the greatest expenditure on military weapons is the Middle East.

According to the internationally respected Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI: 2010 Year book) the Middle East in 2009 alone spent $103 Billion on military purchases, which constitutes 6.7% of the world’s entire military expenditure of $1,531 Billion.

Here is data from the CIA World Fact Book 2011 on Military vs. Education Expenditure as Percent of GDP in Selected Arab Nations.




M .E.  % of GDP

Educ. Rank

Education % of G.D.P.















Saudi Arabia



























































United Arab Emirates




CIA World Fact Book: M.E.:  Military Expenditure as Percent of GDP

7 out of the 10 top Nations in Military Expenditure are Arab Nations

The Tyrants buy the Guns BUT not the Books or Butter for their people.

The Usual American Hypocrisy: Today it’s the NO FLY ZONE on Libya

The U.S. and Europe are still deliberating on whether or not to establish a No Fly Zone over Libya to prevent Gaddafi’s air force from slaughtering innocent Libyans.  They claim they need international backing, legitimacy, and a request from the Arab League before proceeding.   Miraculously the Arab League did officially request a No Fly Zone over Libya.   That wasn’t enough for the ever waffling spineless Obama who’s caught between the Arab League’s decision and NATO’s willingness to implement a No Fly Zone and the collaborative opposition of Israel and the Arab Oil Rich states who support the stability of dictatorships and fear that a No Fly Zone will set a precedent that may give support for rebellions against the Oil Tyrants.

But the U.S. has attacked Libya and imposed year’s worth of a No Fly Zone on Iraq without either a UNSC Resolution authorizing such or having the support of the Arab League.

When Israel demands and Oil beckons the West has no need for any international backing or permission from anyone to impose its will.   So why not in Libya?   

On behalf of the Arab tyrants Gaddafi has pushed the sensitive button of the Western fear psyche–”the rise of the “Islamist” bogeyman throughout the region and the potential loss of oil flow that fuels the military machines of the West and Israel in continuing their hegemony, occupation, genocide and empire upon the Arab world.

The Hypocrisy and Double Standards

“O Liberty, O Liberty.  What crimes are committed in your name.” — Madame Roland, 1703 prior to her execution

On April 15, 1986 Reagan unilaterally bombed Libya without international authorization.

From 1992 –” 2003, the U.S. England, and France established No Fly Zones over southern and northern Iraq at different times without any United Nations authorization.  In fact in an interview with John Pilger, the Secretary General of the U.N., Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghal cited below called the No Fly Zones “illegal”.

Dr. Boutros Boutros-Ghali…"The issue of no fly zones was not raised and therefore not debated: not a word," he said. "They offer no legitimacy to countries sending their aircraft to attack Iraq." "Does that mean they are illegal?" I asked. "They are illegal," he replied. (ZNET:  February 23, 2003)

The war criminals Bush and Blair needed no UNSC Resolution or an Arab League cover to invade and annihilate Iraq, a nation that is still suffering and dying after an eight year “democratic” occupation.    They killed over one million Iraqis to create a new democratic Iraq and Middle East.

Bush invaded Afghanistan without any UNSC authorization.

Israel invades and commits genocide at will against Palestinians and Arabs and not only is there no UNSC authorization, on the contrary, the entire world condemns its action but as long as the international law abiding U.S. gives it cover the genocides continue.

To the oil hungry West and East when Oil is weighed against the sanctity of human life, Oil always wins.  

“We in the rich world live in comparative comfort only because of the inordinate power our governments wield and the inordinate wealth which flows from that power–Global democracy means ensuring that the world is run for our benefit”‘ — George Orwell, 1932

Thus, the U.S. commits genocide and establishes No Fly Zones at will but when it comes to protecting the Libyan population who are pleading for a No Fly Zone, America seeks “International legitimacy” and a U.N.S.C. Resolution before it acts.   Indeed, America is an independent nation, a land of the free and home of the brave, except when it comes to Israel and Oil.   High oil prices have brought previous Presidents down.  Obama the ambitious Zionist pleaser wants to avoid that fate.


That’s what the Arab masses understand and that’s a major part of their rebellion against these Tyrant Western poodles.

America, you and Israel are right to be afraid of the future.  Your interests and hegemony will join the domino falling Arab Tyrants.  Sooner or later justice will prevail.   Bring it On.

The U.S., E.U., and the Arab Tyrants all claim that at the core of their policies is the improvement of the lives of the Arab population.

But God in the Qur’an has described them and their evil intentions.

“And when they are told, "Do not spread corruption on earth," they answer, "We are but improving things!"  Oh, verily, it is they, they who are spreading corruption – but they perceive it not?”  (Qur’an:  2: 11 12). Allah Akbar


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