The game is up

The Zionist dream of an exclusive Jewish state will not ever be realized.

54 years of brutal occupation and dispossession has failed to secure Israel, and the sooner the current architects of this horror experiment realize that the game is up the better. This resounding message is evident in the determination and courageous commitment of the besieged Palestinians to continue resisting Israeli occupation. It also emanated from South Africa’s recent conference on Palestine held in Johannesburg.

Articulating this profound desire by the Palestinians to continue sacrificing their lives to attain liberation of all of historic Palestine from Zionist colonizers was British Labour MP George Galloway. He accused the Sharon regime of perpetrating war crimes against the Palestinians and called on South Africans not to abandon the freedom struggle in Palestine.

Sharing the podium with senior ANC MP’s and cabinet ministers, including Aziz Pahad, Dullah Omar and Ronnie Kasrils, Galloway disclosed that he no longer regards the Oslo Accords as a viable option, instead he agrees with the “young fighters” that “ethnic states” such as Israel have no legitimacy and that only a single independent Palestinian state will secure both peace and justice for all it’s inhabitants.

In a direct call to Pahad as Deputy Foreign Minister, Galloway challenged him to shut down the Israeli Embassy in South Africa. Using the analogy of a hammer and anvil, he called on South Africans to assist the intifadah (hammer) through solidarity campaigns (anvil).

The myth of a “land without people for people without land” has been shattered beyond repair, as so is the much vaunted “peace talks” from the era of Camp David in 1978 to the Oslo Accords. All that is left is for the war criminal Sharon and his cohorts to realize that the game is up!

Many commentators are now alluding to the fact that although the Zionist movement succeeded in proclaiming the establishment of their Jewish state in Palestine after the Second World War; it never managed to resolve its most distressing problem – the presence of the Palestinian people.

Their continued existence and determination to oppose the occupation has always been a veritable barrier between the Zionists and the attainment of their apartheid state.

Moral and political bankruptcy in Israel has become more glaring and obvious. This is reflected in the despair and uncertainty by Sharon’s paid apologists. Speaking at the first Sydney Hamburger memorial lecture in Manchester, England, last month. Israel’s ambassador to the United Kingdom. Zvi Shtauber, admitted that his government has no solution to the Middle East conflict. He said, “this is a very difficult time for us and nobody knows what to do”.

What he failed to disclose is that his government has not abandoned the “Iron Wall” doctrine advocated by Vladimir Jabotinsky, the founder of the Zionist revisionist movement. Since Sharon is an ardent follower of this school of thought, it is impossible for him to reconcile with the hopes and aspirations of the Palestinians. It also explains the calculated ruthlessness of his Operation Defensive Shield, which is an attempt to implement the “Iron Wall”.

Most of occupied Palestine – the West bank and Gaza – has been occupied and subject to cruel curfews and mass detentions. Leaders of the intifadah are regularly executed by means of US sponsored Apache gunships. And to demonstrate their disdain for world opinion and defiance of international conventions, the criminal regime led by the butcher of Beirut, has resorted to dropping missiles upon densely populated blocks of apartments, fired from F-16 fighter jets – again courtesy of America.

Despite its awesome military might, Israel must realize that the game is up. Sooner or later it will be overrun. All indications are there that it is on the verge of imploding. Israel population is declining rapidly with increased emigrations and less people desirous of going there despite lucrative offers to lure them. Russian Jews are heading straight for America as soon as their Israeli citizenship is established. Tourism is in ruins and, the economy, but for US aid, is facing massive disaster. Unemployment is an all time high. And worse is the fact that hundreds of military personnel have refused to serve the IDF’s “war on terror”.


(Mr. Iqbal Jasarat is Chairman of the Media Review Network, which is an advocacy group based in Pretoria, South Africa.)