The Genie is Out of the Lamp

Anyone acquainted with Sharons “loaded” past would “sure-as-shooting” marvel at his electoral post-victory speech; musical phrases adorned with words sparing the secret of peaceful present days and rosy celebrated times to come. A speech befitting to voters who gave him their support and wretched to those who managed to “pull through.”

We all are well-aware of how hapless political leaders sell their souls for a few votes, Hillary Clinton and her political fellows have all proven it doubtless, but whom is Sharon trying to fool? Lately, almost all articles or editorials have cared to dwell into his “worth-mentioning” history, shedding the light on conscious preceding mass murders the “bulldozer” had directly and “indirectly” effected, divulging his butcherly criminal record, and attempting to foretell the aftermaths of his coming to power on the Middle East at large and Palestine in particular. Being a Likudian and a “patriotic” disbeliever in the Oslo accord or any other accord that would warrant the return of rights to their true possessors, the Palestinians, Syrians, and Lebanese, the Sharonian effects on the precarious peace process are radically detectable. His philosophy to perpetuate a designed segregation on racist lines and carve out a “pure” mono-ethnic Jewish state with Arab Jerusalem as its eternal “undivided” capital does not need much analytic thinking or depth psychology to decipher it either, does it? His supporters who rejoiced his unprecedented victory, and who most likely danced in circles and gave away sweets (favoring to drag no Palestinian Martyr on Palestinian streets this time) need no political forecaster to reassert that they are no different from him, ruling out any future peace arrangement unless it nurtures the roots of occupation and violence, decriminalizes Israels unrelenting law-breakings, judaizes the heart of the Arab Holy Land and the Arab world, Jerusalem, and glorifies the detrimental to humanitys very core, zionism (uncapitalised by choice).

It is noticeable that the world is alarmed vis–vis Sharons latest official grip on the Israeli political arena; even the Israeli “inside” is quivering! Fanaticism is surely bad news! The Ku Klux Klan, the Taliban, and Adolf Hitler all spring to mind under duress with the mentioning of the word, for never had racism, violence, and chauvinism been well-matched to goodwill and “peace.” What strike me for the most part are the contradictions in the Israeli society that in fact voted for “religious” fanaticism, challenging by that the so-called democratic and liberal practices of Israel. Sharons dominance and “power of lunacy” threaten not only Israels neighboring states, but also the very existence of Israel as an entity that has been remorselessly trying to prove its legitimate “supremacy.” Israel, ever since its illicit inception, has concealed itself behind the faade of Judaism; such is a reality evident to those who had not been infected with die-hard myopia. Although it has been unashamedly using Jewish symbols to legitimize its dissipated expansionary “vocation”, exploiting the Holocaust to launder its “dirty” comings and goings, using it as an Armour to defend its own vindictive policies by deceptively smearing all logical “unfavorable” judgments as “anti-Semitic” plans of attack, and by falsifying historical facts to prove its claims lawful and “rightful”, Israel, still, never succeeded at leading minds of reason and long-term memories astray; extremism is not a condensed dosage of faith or cause, but a state of mind bred on prejudice and bigotry promoting violence and malice against any challenger hampering its “natural” program.

The very military man who sponsors Israel’s illegal settlements and who has sworn not to “dismantle” Israels imposed expansion; the very man who orchestrated the find-a-way-around malevolent tactics and apartheid-style occupations and invasions, is now formally delegated, by the Israeli crushing majority, to “talk terms” with (or perhaps carry out his own on) Palestinians, Jordanians, Syrians, Lebanese, and Egyptians. The very man who erected his individual “hamlet” in the Muslim quarter of the old city of Arab Jerusalem, on top of which his Israeli bloodstained flag and Jewish Menorah fly uninhibited, is the same man Israelis today push forward to “finish off” Palestinians, whom Barak and generals before him have kept alive and, as luck would have it, segregated from their ethnic cleansing lines of business! The very commanding officer who masterminded the 1982 invasion of Lebanon and who carpet-bombed Beirut tearing down everything that lied in his way, staging the homicide of tens of thousands of civilians, and overpoweringly wrecking Lebanons infrastructure, rendering by that “Paris of the East” a dust-covered necropolis, is the same man nominated today to campaign for “peace!” The same Nazi-like criminal whose light projectors illumined Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps for a Christian Lebanese drunk and drugged fascist Phalange militia, in the same year, to “accomplish” the “wholesale” bloodbath and racial extermination of some 2,700 Palestinian men, women and children whose indiscriminate slaying was sadistically audienced by Israeli binoculars, is the same man in “undivided” charge of Israel today!

The Israeli majority has most certainly disclosed its real “desires” by voting for zionism’s spiritual prophet! The genie of race murders and fanaticism is out of the lamp; hooray Israel and Israeli “crushing” majority!

What “premeditated” doom is awaiting Palestinians and the Middle East? War? Is it coming? A new technologically advanced “Sabra and Shatilla?” Is it building up and on the threshold of breaking loose? Is it a stone’s throw away?

Is there anything else to wait for from a “hellish” bloodthirsty “turned on” war criminal?

Eric Hoffer, a late American social philosopher who found in self-hatred, self-doubt, and insecurity the roots of fanaticism and self-righteousness, and who believed that “passionate” obsession with other human beings lives is plainly a cowardly attempt to compensate for a lack of meaning in one’s own life, also wrote that “whoever originated the clich that money is the root of all evil knew hardly anything about the nature of evil and very little about human beings.”

A revelatory implied prophecy?

You tell me.

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