The Global Catastrophe at Jerusalem


Human beings make their own history even if, they do so, under the circumstances influenced by the past. On 5th October 1918, the German Government addressed a note to President Wilson of the USA, accepting his fourteen points and asking for the peace negotiations. On 5th November 1918, the President transmitted the agreement of the Allies, accordingly, for peace negotiations.

Mr. Winston Churchill, however, had something completely baffling to reveal. He said, “We are holding all our means of coercion in full operation or in immediate readiness for the use. Germany shows great privations which the German people are suffering and the danger of the entire German social and material life structure under the pressure of malnutrition is about to collapse. Now is, therefore, the moment to settle. “England seemed set on world’s hegemony, conveniently throwing away the much valued policy of “equilibrium of forces among European states.” Sinor Nitti, the Italian Prime Minister at the time of  the signing of the treaty says in his book Peaceless Europe:-

“It will remain forever a terrible precedence in modern history that against all pledges, all precedents and all traditions, the representatives of Germany were never even heard; nothing was left to them but to sign it. In the old law of Church it was laid down that everyone must have a hearing, even the devil has the right to be heard.” But the Allies did not obey the precepts of even the Dark Middle Ages, held sacred, on behalf of the accused. The treaty was concluded at pistol point. Germany was left utterly helpless, frustrated and starving in bewilderness. France occupied the Ruhr and greater part of Rhine, Poland was given the city port of Danzig which was most German to Germany.

On 21st March 1939 Hitler asked for the restoration of 1914 Frontiers. It was a reasonable demand but Mr. Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister, unwisely gave assurance to Poland guaranteeing Britain’s all out support against aggression.

Writing on the 1914-1918 War, Hitler had Written, “with the colonial, economic and commercial destruction of Germany, England’s war aims were attained. Whatever went beyond these aims were obstacles to the furtherance for British interest. Only the enemies of England could profit by the disappearance of Germany as a great Continental Power”. (Mein Kamf P. 502). They say Hitler precipitated the War of 1939-1945; but who precipitated Hitler? It was Clemenceau, the uncontrolled and all controlling chairman of the Peace Conference and his brainchild – the treaty of Versailles.

Thus it came about that, at dawn on first September 1939, once again the thunder of Guns was heard: This time to celebrate the burial of the inhuman treaty of Versailles and the birth of the Second World War. The League of Nations had evaporated in thin air. For Great Britain only a Pvriac Victory was waiting in the distant year of 1945. Yes, only the enemies of England would benefit. The USSR emerged as a super power. The beneficiary of Balfour Declaration of 1917 would rule both the super powers, henceforth.

The old lion (Richard The Lion- Hearted) would be licking wounds that will not heal as far as eye could see. Ireland, Mad Cow and Edward VIII like problems would be threatening the very fabric of the United Kingdom’s foundations. The new lion, the son of the old King would rule from the USA at the behest of the gainer of the Balfour Declaration. The Brain, the purse strings of the USA, the World Bank and the IMF would most obediently serve the cause of the captain of the Capitalism, for his Peace, Prosperity, Progress and Ambitions, as indeed they alone are the chosens of God. This is achieved, inter alia, through ingenious methods of spreading environmental pollution, demographic explosion, the communication and financial revolution, the Multi-National Corporations, the human rights bogey, the injustice to Women through the NGOs and UN Organization by helping the obedient nations. In Afghanistan the human problems and rights ceased to exist as soon as the former USSR collapsed at the end of Eighties, Bosnia had never such problems and Kashmir will never have these as long as Brother India wishes it to be so. In Palestine all problems have been created by the Muslims of the Arab countries. Iran has yet to learn the lesson from the treatment meted out to Iraq. The life of the chosen with Nuclear Weapons at Dimona boasting to be the sixth big Nuclear Power and having captured valuable portions of the Arab neighbour’s territories is always in danger! What a pity! Iran must, therefore,  have like Iraq, a pre-emptive air strike for the destruction of its so-called nuclear installations. The Muslim neighbours are too uncouth; they should never have even the semblance of the nuclear technology. CIA is quite competent, with the help of its vast number of hounds, planted in the beloved states, to make a horrible example of anyone who dares break the love bond. The US Presidential elections take place very frequently or even the deputy President becomes the President before the completion of the normal cycle of the period, if need be. Who cares for UN Security Council Resolutions? Scores of them are not worth the paper they are written at. Only the UN resolutions pertaining to Iraq and the Balfour Declaration are good and honourable. The new king realizes the real truth fully well.

It is futile to try to implore the Super Power of the new world to change its policies by continued efforts of the Arab kings, monarchs, dictators and chieftains, on the plea of justice or on the reminders of favours by them for allowing the NATO forces to stay on their soil. Reminders of services rendered in the past are of no avail. Neither cringings nor pschophancy, neither sentiments nor arguments carry weight in dealing with the Bacha Jamoora, of the great tamer.

From Mid-Thirties Nazi Fascism had to be the cause of conflict, from Mid-Fifties to Mid-Sixties, the USA and USSR were locked in their intense cold war. During this period increasing antagonism was seen between the USA and China.  From Mid-Seventies, vanishing of the USSR and the dissipation and occupation of the oil resources of the Arab world. The Mother of Battles continue to crucify the peace of mind of the abettor of the horrors. The intense pride of race and culture have been over developed into his violent xenophobia. All the hatred and fear associated with this notion will invoke the urge for the world domination (which will remain ever elusive) even if it results in the Planetwide destruction. Yet more Balfour Declarations will be demanded in the name of secure borders even if a cataclysm had to end the civilization.

Like Hitler, Arabs too are only asking for the restoration of the original Frontiers, if peace is indeed the goal. No amount of Rushdies and Salmans can tarnish the fair name of Islam. Have regards for other’s beliefs and values, if you are really an honourable and peace loving people. Mutual tolerance and rationalism is essential to live and let live. Peace can not be founded on the basis of injustice to any of the parties concerned. The world is full of abnormal and subnormal relationship. Territories forcibly occupied by Israel and India might precipitate the end of the planet. Most ancient Prophecies, Zchariah 14 (I will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle……).

Ezekiel chapters 36, 37, 38; Deniel 11, 12; Joel 2-3 and Isahih 23-24 as interpreted by many Biblical students as a direct reference to the final battle of Armageddon when Jerusalem will be attacked by many nations and the next millennium will be at hand, if linked with the prophesied return of the Jews to Israel, seem to be corroborating the events by the Daily Press. It is written in the Holy Quran:-

“And we shall give the joys of victory to those who are oppressed and who struggle to up-hold justice and freedom on the face of earth; it is they whom we shall raise to be leaders and it is they who shall be heirs who shall build up and who shall develop the equal well being of God.”

Instead of becoming the tomb-stone due to military and economic squeeze by the New King, we should strive to save our world. Although the UNO charter was drawn up principally by the victors of the conflagration in 1945, when it had only fifty member states, compared to One Hundred Eighty Six as of today, despite dismal performance on many counts, it alone holds still, the only reasonable promise for the World Peace. However, it must be restructured fast enough, to pre-empt the fast emerging catastrophic scenario. The USA threatens to stop financing various institutions immediately if the UN Security Council’s resolutions fail to rubber stamp her global interests.