The Great American nation

It was in late 18th century that General George Washington became the first president of United States of America and he set the laudable example of democratic principle by inserting a clause in the American constitution that no one could be the president of America for more then two terms of 4 year each. Since then America has been working on the lines of government of the people, for the people and by the people. The opportunities to enter into the flagellation of power and colonization did not attract them, they worked and worked for America, for Americans and have acted relentlessly on this principle. Thus ended the 19th century, while Great Britain was struggling to extend its Empire beyond the shores of British Isles and have colonies and more and more colonies under their control in order to provide more and more jobs for Englishmen and create a market for the mills of Lankashire. Thus they landed on the shores of India; their resistance from the local rulers was stiff. Hyder Ali the Muslim ruler of Mysore, which later on was handed over to a Hindu ruler by the British, declared that I can drive them on land but my power fails on sea. He was ably succeeded by his son Tipu Sultan. The treachery of the Muslim rulers failed Tipu Sultan. Subsidiary alliance entered into by the British was the last nail in the coffin of Muslims ruler of India. It was during this time that Lord Clive, then Mr. Robert Clive of East India Company tried to commit suicide because of hardship he was facing. The trigger of his revolver did not go and then he said prophetically am I reserved for some thing great and later on he became the first Governor General of India after the banishment of the last mogul Emperor Bhadur Shah Zafar to Rangoon. Later on the British expanded their tentacles to Burma and Far East. So the British Empire was in its full bloom where sun never sets.

History records 20th century saw two world wars é 1914-18 and 1939-45. In the first Great War 1914-18 the peace loving Americans under Woodrow Wilson did not participate and continued to build their economy by selling arms to the warring world. In the second Great War 1939-45 the economic and financial managers of United States struck up a new device to boost up their economy instead of landing in turmoil of war. America under President Roosevelt struck up a deal with Prime Minister Winston Churchill, the fighting leader of a nation at war under the famous lend lease agreement. The American did not participate in the 2nd World war until the Japanese bombed the American fleet in the Pearl Harbour. In this melee of the war President Roosevelt could manage to amend the American constitution and become the American President for the third term. Later on this amendment was annulled by the great American nation themselves.

The 2nd world war in Japan ended after two atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and five star General of United States Army General Douglas Macarther commanding the US Army in the Far East, rode to victory on the white stallion of His Majesty Emperor Hiro Hitto and received the surrender of Japan.

The 20th century also saw the war between Iran and Iraq both of them reciting the same Kalima having faith in One God, one Quran and one Prophet. The economic wizards of America bounced upon the chance of making hey while the sun of war between Iran and Iraq shones, they supplied arms to both. Let the faithfuls kill each other unfaithfully. This is the plight of the Musalmans today. The Islamic history is full of treachery from the faithful themselves acting unfaithfully, this is how Andulusia became Spain, when faithfuls offered the Islamic country on a platter to Ferdinand Isabelle. This Islamic bloc has to realize its requirements.

All this time America kept on consolidating themselves and providing economic base to the American nation and even today the result of American presidential election depends on the economic policy of the President. President George Bush, the father of the present President George W. Bush lost his second term because of his failure on the economic front. Expansion, military superiority and so on and so forth is not the American cup of tea. They want to live in peace, and they want to have enough to eat and drink and economical well being and not territorial expansion. It is because of the economic policy of United States of America that Hawaii Island approached the United States of America to include them as the 50th State. Military victory of George Bush in the last Gulf War did not stand him in good stead to bring him back to White House.

George W. Bush the present President of the United States has taken a lesson from the history of his father and the September 11, 2001 holocaust has given him an ample opportunity to establish himself for the second term in White House. He has declared a war on an unknown enemy. Terrorism which exist anywhere and everywhere, where there is dissatisfaction against the government in power and this is the essence of democracy minus terrorism.

There is a very thin line to differentiate between a freedom fighter and a terrorist; the demand of American nation as such should be that America should root out the causes of terrorism instead of destroying American men and material in pursuit of an unknown enemy. George W. Bush inspite of being the super power has not been able to either locate or capture his target Mullah Omar and Osama bin Laden. The rumour afoot is that Osama bin Laden is a creation of United States of America and he is back in the safe heaven of America to be used at a later stage, he was used earlier in Russo-Afghan war in 1990’s. This is neither in the interest of the peaceful citizens of United States of America nor the American wanted. This unnecessary and uncalled for war against terrorism is to keep George W. Bush in power, which has thrown half a million American out of job. The idea of providing economic security to the Americans has been thrown to the winds for just one man. The Americans have to realize the hard and tuff road to the victory in the war against an un-known enemy, which appears to be an imaginary foe in colonization of Asian economic and natural resources for achieving their one world government agenda.

Israel has started fishing in the troubled waters and taking full advantage of the war psychology at their back and waging a practical war against Palestinians in order to capture more and more territory from the Arabs, who are supposed to be their traditional enemy. Little do they realize that friends and foes have to live together. India has also taken the clue and has started killing the Muslims not only in Kashmir but all over India after the Sabarmati Express train incident at Godhra, master minded by the ruling elite, power and power at any cost is the motto of any nation and the peace loving nation of America has also succumb to it under the dictates of World Jewry, who actually controls America. This so-called war on against terrorism has actually been thrust upon the Americans themselves, who have not so far felt the pangs of un-employment and hunger. America has to return to its policy of economic strength in order to rule the world and not depend on nuclear, cluster and thermo bombs.