The Greatest Hoax of the 20th Century

The 20th century hundreds of years from now will go down as the century of liberation from colonization and a dynamic restructuring of what for several centuries was a world dominated by the expansion of Western European civilization.  The United States stood tall as the sole survivor from the destruction and social disarray which decimated what was the most financially and politically influential continent on the planet.  The erection of Israel as a state in what was formerly Palestine marked this transition, as the United States took the political and diplomatic lead in this conquest.  This single event has opened a Pandora’s Box of epic proportions for the United States.  In the best interest of Israel we have for decades been a facilitator of some of the most abhorrent acts of cruelty towards innocent civilians that man has ever witnessed.  We have invested billions of dollars into a government that blatantly states, in the Knesset, its racist and prejudiced apartheid regime.  Of course, administration past and present consider Israel to be a model democracy.  Sure, as long as your a Jew and not a member of another ethnicity, especially Palestinian. 

The notion that Israel is a democracy is absurd and its constitution validates this position.  The most fundamental idea of democracy is the principle that the majority rules and the minority is entitled to specific rights.  How can Israel when it was erected be considered a democracy when Palestinian Arabs were the majority?  Another may tenet of a democracy directly relates to equality for all individuals within a nation.  Jews enjoy the spoils of being supra citizenship status where as Palestinians are second-class citizens in their indigenous land.  The IDF, with the go ahead from the United States government, consistently slaughtered and mutilated thousands of civilian settlers during this usurpation.  The tactics used by the zealots of the Zionist movement to steal this territory were nothing short of War Crimes.

The fundamental principle of the Zionist’s claim to this land solely rest on a Jewish myth that was written thousands of years ago.  How can we as an advanced and intellectually adept society use a Semitic fable as a real estate manual?  It appalls me that the level of ignorance and benightedness has been so widely accepted by the masses of American people for so long.  The religious contradictions are so obvious that one would have to purposely ignore them in order to believe this claim is valid.  In the Bible, it states that a Messiah will bring back the Jews to the Promised Land and restore the state of Israel.  How ironic that the majority of the members of the Zionist’s movement were atheist. Yet they were astute enough to realize that by naming this state Israel that the masses would think that prophecy was being fulfilled.  However, in the Talmud the notion is that a morally reconstituted people would again migrate to the sacred land to establish this great kingdom on earth.  So we have to conflicting viewpoints, yet a common denominator which constituted as the erection of Israel as a state.

This is in my opinion the greatest and the most tragic hoax of the 20th century.  There is little doubt in my mind that if our leaders had years ago taken a more rational, less hard line approach to the usurpation of what was once Palestine, the tragic events of 9/11 would have never happened.

Mr. Girard Newkirk contributed above article to Media Monitors Network (MMN) from North Carolina, USA. He writes on most of the issues regarding the Middle East, religion and its tremendous impact on the world as a Political Theorist.