The Individual Intifada

It doesn’t take much for people to understand that what Israel is doing in Palestine is criminal, wrong and immoral. Only a very few people or governments feel satisfied that what Israel is doing is right, or good. Rest assured, that if what is happening to the Palestinians were happening to these same people, they would agree with the rest of the world, that it is wrong, illegal and immoral behavior. There are no abstract moral concepts that would cause any normal person to feel morally conflicted, or confused about the right or wrong of an illegal occupation that has served as the backdrop for the world’s longest systematic genocide carried out against an entire nation of people for nearly sixty years, under the aegis of modern Zionist colonialists and crusaders of Europe, and the United States, and their satellites and supporters throughout the world.

Looking back to the beginning of Israel’s founding, it seems obvious now that those who plotted this evil enterprise were fully aware of what it would cost in human life, and the amount of private property that would be destroyed, and the treasure and moral degradation that would be required to achieve their goals. They had to know the amount of brutality, and mass murdering, along with the total disregard for the law of either God or man, that would be required and undertaken. These people had to know that to accomplish the elimination of an ancient society and people, and their replacement with a group of modern day wanderers, vagabonds and religious fanatics from various parts of Europe and the US, would be a monumental task that would require the cooperation of major corporations, media, universities, governments, religious institutions, the UN and a cadre of supporters that like veins, form a complete circulatory system that stretches around the world, and that serves to sustain and nourish the Zionist enterprise with propaganda, intimidation, sabotage, political undermining, espionage, terrorism and murder if needed, all to protect and sustain the project. Organizations like ZOA, and its auxiliaries like the JDL have fingers in every aspect of our lives and they use their jobs, positions, connections and influence to hurt and/or to destroy anyone they feel is a threat or enemy of the enterprise.

We should not be fooled. Israel is not really a homeland for Jews. The Jewish people are merely a prop, whose holocaust experience was exploited to serve as a cause to create Israel that few could dispute, which is why the creation of the term anti-Semitism and the anti-Semitism charge, are central to the strategy to protect the enterprise from scrutiny, and from critics, and why certain people in the EU and the US are willing to undermine their own Constitutions and civil liberties to create legal cover for the persecution and imprisonment of people who challenge the many inconsistencies in the holocaust story, or who criticize Israel, or Jews. Israel is a political, economic and military enterprise of secular Zionism, whose primary goal is to establish a heavily armed political entity in the heart of the Muslim world to serve as an outpost for, and representative of the colonialist supremacism and racism of Europe, keeping in mind that Zionism is a European phenomenon. Its origin is not Middle Eastern, and its Jews are not Sephardim, and its book is not Torah, and Israel is not Zion. This is why the black Jewish people of Africa, have not been welcomed in Israel, and when they come to resettle in Israel, they are forced to denounce the Torah and accept the Talmud as their book. The US State Department, in an anemic attempt to fulfill its legal obligation to report Israel’s human rights abuses to the US Congress, rather than report on Israel’s human rights abuses against the Palestinians, issued a report that documented Israel’s human rights abuses against religious, and mostly Torah observant Jews. These abuses included discrimination, and other treatment not consistent with the character of a “Jewish” state, and that might be more suited to a secular Zionist state, which is what Israel is.

Zionist Israel is a wrongheaded secular idea that has become the curse of modern man, and the greatest threat to world peace and stability ever known. As I have written so often before, and reiterate here, the people who brought us project Israel are the same people who brought us the African slave trade, and who wiped out the Native Americans and pinned their descendants in reservations in the US. They are the same people who colonized, impoverished and raped parts of Asia and the Latin countries, and who have imposed their idea of self-righteous supremacism, underpinned by Darwin’s survival of the fittest theory, upon all of the world’s so-called darker races, non-Christians, and poor whites, the next best example being South Africa and the apartheid regime. Unjust international trade schemes and other efforts to achieve the success of the so-called supreme race and its elites are at the core of our world’s troubled history, and are the reasons for the historic impoverishment, illiteracy, and poor health of other peoples around the globe, who cannot find, or afford nutritious foods, and health care, and who suffer from illiteracy, and political oppression. These people’s only crime is that they are not white; Judeo/Christian, or they are not included among the best of that race deemed supreme above all, because they are poor, or bi-racial, or suffer from congenital diseases, and disabilities. Understanding this helps us to understand that our challenge is not new, or unique, and that our opposition and resistance is in fact a struggle against the same force that contributed to the fall of our father Adam, and our mother Eve, the first renegade and racist, Satan.

It is against that wicked entity and his human worshippers, and agents against which we stand. God has identified him as Satan, as his followers as cursed rejecters of God’s laws, and open enemies to the children of Adam. Their goal, as was Satan’s stated goal, is to humiliate, and destroy the children of Adam with disease, ignorance, suffering, strife, and moral degradation, and to remove us from the worldly garden, which is symbolic of the prosperity and good life of this world promised to the righteous, and also from that heavenly Garden, which is the place of our origin, and to which we struggle to return upon transcending this life. This humiliation and dispossession of the rightful heirs is brought about through our enslavement to our own lusts and wrong or obsessive desires, which weaken our resolve to be righteous and our belief in what we cannot see, or feel, or imagine. It is enslavement to five senses that vie with the hidden potential of man for primacy, and that win because we are thrown out of balance when inundated with images and ideas that strengthen our desire for material and carnal things and that make the ephemeral glimpses of heaven, smells of paradise and breath of God in man, seem like mere daydreams, whimsical ideas, hallucinations and unattainable aspirations. Obsession with desire make the animal like lusts of the human being appear like insatiable kings who drive their servants to toil at the tip of the whip, day and night, working to appease the unquenchable wrong desire and false pleasure whose pursuit culminates in self inflicted punishment and destruction.

Is it any wonder that many believe, and there is plenty of evidence to support the strong likelihood that even the war on terrorism is just another installment of the incremental assault on the so-called inferior races, and non Judeo-Christian religions that has been the racists of Europe’s preoccupation for centuries? There is no way to escape the patterns of behavior acted out by the colonialists, and also the similarities between the ideologies, and ideological rhetoric used to advance their myriad of racist projects carried out throughout the world’s history. Israel is only the most recent of these projects, and its focus, unlike the previous campaigns against the tribal and so-called heathen non Judeo-Christian native religions of Africa, Asia and Latin America, is the elimination or domination of Arabs, Muslims, and Islam. Israel is also a prototype for world domination by stealth that uses illegal immigration to break down legal borders, and pose legal challenges to the idea of sovereign borders, and the authority and legitimacy of national, and international laws that once eroded, open the door for overthrows of sovereign governments and dispossession of indigenous peoples by immigrants who claim false rights and territory in lands that are not their own, which is why we must secure our national borders, and reform US immigration policies as a protection, not only of the US interest, but also as protection for the immigrants who are being fooled and who will be exploited, just as the Zionist settlers who were lured to Israel have been exploited and their dreams broken. We must always remember that one of the most successful tactics of Zionism is its ability to co-opt and control minorities and minority issues that pit people against one another in competition for power and wealth, and against legitimate and sovereign authorities. Unlike true revolutionary movements, these Zionist movements never really aim at accomplishing anything, and especially not the empowerment of other groups of brown, black or poor peoples. Zionists create social, economic and political movements that they can fund and control, hoping to accomplish their aims, which are usually to advance political and economic agendas that serve their cause. Once they have achieved the control and economic rewards they seek, they become the status quo and begin to disenfranchise, and disassemble the exploited minority groups who they previously lured into action against the legitimate authority with big and false promises, and in the pursuit of now unattainable dreams.

The Solution

Muslims of the world, regardless of our races, nationalities, etc., must overcome the very strong effort by our enemies to divide us and conquer us with our own hands through sectarian violence, civil wars, internecine conflicts of all kinds including gender conflicts, political conflicts, family conflicts, tribal conflicts, etc. We must overcome pride, and all thoughts of self, and as a matter of self-preservation and protection of our families, faith, and future, we must become one strong wall of unrelenting resistance. We must turn to the Holy Scriptures for guidance and follow God’s commands, which include the command to stand against and oppose all injustice, making this struggle against racist Zionism our priority because, racist Zionism has made us its priority, and it doesn’t only threaten Islam, but every religion, culture and people who are not Zionists, or Talmudic Jews. Among many Jewish people, it is believed that the first blood to be spilled fighting the occupation of Palestine and Zionism, was the blood of Jewish rabbis who followed the Torah, and who opposed Zionism. Knowing this helps us to understand that our struggle is not against Jews, and it is not against the Jewish faith. This struggle against racism and supremacism is primarily the Muslim struggle not only because Islam is Zionism’s primary target, or because Muslim life and culture has been the victim of a historic century long campaign of genocidal terror carried out by Zionists, but it is also our struggle because God has called upon the Abrahamic ummah of Muhammad to struggle for the rights of all mankind, and especially those who are weak and oppressed, and who have no voice, and no apparent hope.

We must build alliances with others who also recognize the threat that is facing our world, and who are willing to be part of a global intifada of individual souls, that is non-violent, while never yielding the divine right to self defense. Just as our enemies use their influence, money, positions and voices to advance Zionism, and to protect Zionist operatives, organizations, etc., we must do the same. Just as the governments in the West assist and facilitate the Zionist movement, we must teach our Muslim, and other governments how and why they must do the same in respect to this intifada, and we must work cooperatively with them, or replace them. We must use our political rights, our votes, and our voices to say no to Zionism, and racism, and to demand an end to the illegal occupation of Palestine, and a speedy end to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur and Somalia, the attacks on South Lebanon, and threats to Syria and Iran. We must demand an end to the Zionist attacks on other non Muslim countries and peoples who are falling victim to Zionist expansion through the Zionist opening of new battlefields and expansion of their influence through chaos, and terror and false flag operations in other parts of the world. In whatever area of expertise or field of operation we operate, and dwell, we must use all of our energy, individually and collectively to resist and to oppose, and to defeat all threats. We must utilize the courts, local, state, federal and also the international courts, to challenge laws and programs that feed Zionism, or that advance its ideology into our schools, and other institutions, and we must disrupt its economic pursuits, which includes siphoning money from national treasuries in foreign and military aide. We must oppose its attempts to control academia, and to limit free speech, to pit law enforcement against the people and vice versa, to weaken and undermine our governments, and to obliterate other religions and cultures and public symbols of God and faith. We must create alternative media and utilize it effectively to spread our message of rule by law, human equality, human rights, and justice for all of mankind, which includes the rights to adequate food and shelter and literacy for all human beings, and we must develop methods of communication by which we can share ideas with one another, and the world. We must support and protect one another, and one another’s good efforts, and we must take back the US media and airwaves, and return them to the people.

What Zionism has torn down and destroyed, we must restore. The fear and hatred and sectarianism, fear, distrust and chaos it has created, we must heal with trust and faith, and hope and replace the lies with the self evident truths, love of God, self and neighbors, and we must promote virtuous man as a model, over the self defeated man, destroyed by lusts and ill-gotten gains, revenge and violence. We must promote cooperation over competition, and turn the waste of resources, and uses such as war and destruction of the human soul and our material world, to the eradication of diseases, poverty, and preservation and conservation of our natural resources and environments, and exploration, new discoveries and new technologies. We must also learn how to use our resources for the empowerment and progress of the human soul, so that we can unlock the hidden potential of the human being, which is the breath of God in man, and be guided to its fulfillment and manifestation.

The individual intifada is a struggle that rises out of repulsion to evil of all kinds, and violence, and lawlessness. It is a long overdue uprising of the individual and collective soul of man against injustice, poverty, and corruption, whether corporate, government, or our own. How do we begin? Simply by repenting from past sins, and apathy and adoption of a firm personal resolve, that from this day on, we will use our every ounce of energy, our resources and our influences to defeat racism and supremacism, and to restore balance and justice to the world. We are limited only by our imaginations, and faith. Let us imagine that we are the victors in this struggle, and that we will not be guided by fear and hatred, but rather by faith, and promise, since God has promised that those who struggle in His way will be victorious. Rejoice in the bargain made, and begin anew, understanding that each day is a resurrection, and we choose by our intent and actions, whether to ascend, or to descend.

Oh you who believe, shall I lead you to a bargain that will save you from a grievous penalty? That you believe in God, and His prophet, and that you strive in the cause of God, with your property and your persons; that will be best for you if you but knew. He (God) will forgive you your sins, and admit you to gardens beneath which rivers flow, and to beautiful mansions and gardens of eternity. That is indeed the supreme achievement. And another favor will He (God) bestow, which you do love. Help from God and a speedy victory. So give glad tidings to the believers. Oh you who believe, Be ye helpers of God, as said Jesus the son of Mary to the disciples, “Who will be my helpers to (the work of God)? Said the disciples, “We are God’s helpers!” Then a portion of the tribes disbelieved, and a portion believed. We gave power to those who believe against their enemies, and they became the ones who prevailed” (Holy Qur’an, “Saff” verses 10-14).