The Inevitable Denouement


There is no denying the fact that it has all along been the US commitment to safeguard the existence of Israel that has not only kept the latter’s morale high but has also resulted in its recalcitrance. In fact, Palestine was a territory under the Turkish Empire, which after the First World War, was placed by the “League of Nations” under the administration of Great Britain. The Jewish population in Palestine, formed roughly eight percent of Arab population.

Partly as a result of persecution in Europe and as a measure against assimilation of Jews into Western society, Jewish intellectuals came up with the idea of a Jewish state, although they did not form a majority anywhere in the world. A number of territories across eastern Europe were considered for a Jewish state. This idea was articulated by an Austrian Jewish Journalist, the Odore Herzl (1860-1904) in his book Der Judenstaat (The Jewish state), published in 1895. The settlement of Jews from across the world, in Palestine, was rejected by the Sultan of Ottoman Empire of Turkey in 1901. Palestine was then a part of the Ottoman Empire. Huge amount of wealth could not persuade the Sultan to sell Palestine to the Jews.

Herzl convened a conference – the first Zionist Congress at Barle in August 1897 to mobilise popular Jewish Rapport and began to negotiate with a number of European Colonial Powers, particularly Britain. At the same time, the Jewish Dunmeh Munafiqun, who professed Islam while retaining their old faith in secret, setout to dethrone Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey.

This kind of hypocrisy was seeded by CIA of the American Jews in Afghanistan, from 1980 onwards, which has flourished to the detriment of Islam and the followers of Islam. They are defacing Islam mercilessly, through unIslamic actions, which are worst than what existed before the dawn of Islam.

The first WW was conspired to be initiated by the Zionists. It provided them a good opportunity to extract favourable promises in return for providing financial and espionage services to the allied powers. Great Britain was virtually purchased by the largest ever amount seen by her in her colonies. They promised them to drag the US too, into the war on allied side. America was of course provided with undreamt of wealth. Allied side was pitted against Turkey and Germany. The First WW ended in Nov 1918. Let the people of India remember that US got involved in all wars in the South East Asia and ended them also in the South East Asia! This is to be kept in mind, at the very outset. But much before that, in November 1917, with no legal right over Palestine, the British government promised the Zionists “The Establishment in Palestine of a National Home for Jewish People”. The Foreign Minister of the Great Britain concluded the agreement. On December 9, 1917, the British forces entered Jerusalem. General Allenby (Jewish), took a stroll through the city and declared and declared that ‘Today the Crusades have come to an end’. How, could he be asked about it in retrospect?

One wonders how much wealth the distant India has got to become the natural ally of Israel? India was what it is today, population and size wise, since long. Her per capita income never exceeded 400 US dollars, until 1996/97. Her foreign exchange reserves were never so much famous for their enormity. How come it has suddenly become the envy of EU even?

The first WW ended in Nov 1918. The second WW started in 1938, when the allies of First WW refused to return the territories occupied by them during the WWI. Besides, the allies of the WWI, refused to stop asking for redemption imposed by the allies on Germany, after her defeat. Germans were to surrender without suffering undue casualties or losses. They were stabbed in the back by the Jews who had promised the Great Britain for doing so for them, in lieu of Palestine. The German Generals were marched-in to sign the treaty of Versailles most ignominiously. Even the Satan was given the opportunity to speak, writes Major General Fuller in ‘The Short History’ of WWII, but the Germans were made to do with lips tight.

After France’s surrender, by the beginning of the WW II, the Fuhrer went there to visit the troops. “The Fuhrer paused in the centre of the clearing, while his personal standard was run up on a pole. Then noticing a great granite block nearby, he strode over to take a look at it. The inscription in French was translated to him in German. It said: “Here on the Eleventh of November 1918, succumbed the criminal pride of the German Empire vanquished by the free peoples, which it tried to enslave”. “I looked at Hitler’s face. I had seen that face many times at great moments of his life. But today! It was afire with scorn, anger, hate, revenge, triumph”. (William L. Shirer – a superb Journalist of America). May God give us life enough to here the other side of the story from the Germans, one day! To arrive at a just conclusion, the judge must listen to both the sides. We want it atleast for historical process which was broken or disjointed up and till today, after the Germans were once again stabbed in the back. This will unravel a great mystery, about the Zionists wickedness.

UN General Assembly recommended partition on Nov 29, 1947, and Palestine was partitioned most dishonestly. The Jewish, who constituted a third of the population, got around sixty percent of the land, including the most fertile areas, leaving the poorer and smaller portions of the country to the Arab territory.

The Zionists then turned their terror on the Arabs to drive as many as possible from the Zionist state. An organised programme of terror code-name ‘Operation Dalet’ was unleashed in April, 1948, while the British were still ruling. After eating wealth, the British ceased to remain the rulers. What will General Allenbuy of Great Britain in retrospect be thinking about his remark today; has the Crusade ended?

In a secret understanding with the Jews and the US, the British withdrew from Palestine on May 14, 1948, for the first time in their colonial history, failing to transfer power to any administration.

The Supreme command of the Arab armies was placed on the shoulders of King Abdullah of Jordan, who himself wanted to annex Arab part of Palestine to his Kingdom. His commander was a British officer, General Glubb, who became the commander of the Arab Armies, fighting in Palestine. King Abdullah and General Glubb decided that they would not enter areas occupied by Israel while the Zionists were free to enter the areas allocated to Arabs rather they could occupy the Arab areas thus entered, into. The game was understood and the result was a foregone conclusion from the very start. What could Jamal Abdul Nasser do, from 1954 to 1967?

From 1947 todate, everybody knows full well, about what all has been happening. Israeli Zionists have now also involved, as usual, the India of Vajpai, after paying mountains of wealth, and providing those means to India which even US would hardly be knowing about. Thus, this region of neighbouring nuclear powers with major differences, has been pulled in by Israel – the past master of creating divisions, misunderstandings, tensions, conflicts and wars. All wars were started by the Zionists. Leave aside what happened and due to whom it happened from the earliest days to the days of Moses. Just see how the Annas and the Caiphas, the high priest, denounced Jesus of Nazareth and pronounced the sentence of his death. What all happened later on, throughout history, what all destruction and bloodshed took place, was due to the Zionists. Recently, the Soviet rulers (a long list, excluding Stalin being a doubtful case; shows that they were all Zionists), commanders and directors were all Zionists, fighting war of finances with their brethren Zionists of the US, in Afghanistan. The Zionists of Israel control the whole world through their purse. Using others lives for achieving own ends with wealth/money.

In the USA Presidents are killed or made victims of scandals to be blackmailed. After Clinton’s affair with Monica Levinsky a ‘Liqueur – Case’/Scandal, involving present President Bush’s two daughters is brewing up. Reagan was shot and caused a fatal wound, Nixon was almost impeached out of office, Kennedys were killed and the list goes on and on. “It is instructive though very fundamental, to look at the US Constitution, because the Congress at large does play a role. The power of the purse is a controlling factor, in executing any national policy. The ultimate act of foreign policy, the declaration of war, is not an executive act.” (Charles Mc C. Mathias, Jr- A view from the Congress).

Palestinians must exercise the right of self-determination, said president Bush in 1991, while welcoming H.M. the Moroccan King in Washington. He said US supported UN General Assembly’s resolution No. ES-7/2 dated July 29, 1980.

President Putin of Russia has just ended Cis and Russia’s old paraphernalia’s conference in Belo-Russia. India has been drawn in the future war – the WWIII , as usual by the Zionists. Time is fast running out. The Security Council, as it does in the case of West/US initiated UNSC’s resolutions, must pass resolutions to send UN Peace Keeping Forces to both the regions – West Asia and Indo-Pak Sub-continent. Are the people of India sleeping? Do they accept it as an inevitable denouement?