The Jihadi Tanzeems

Too much stress is being laid in the West as well as India about the activities of jihadi organisations in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan. Jihad is an integral part of Islamic faith and no law can be effective to take away this facet of the Muslim character. So let us examine what is jihad, jihad is only a struggle against forces of evil. It is a fight against his own vicious desires as well, Musalman carries on jihad against the forces of evil inside him also.

India is the second greatest beneficiary of President George Bush’s war against terrorism, George Bush himself being the first beneficiary and trying to make American’s believe that the war for the freedom of Kashmir by the Kashmiris is also an act of terrorism, because they allege that the freedom fighters are not the Kashmiris but they are the infiltrators trained by Pakistan and pushed into Kashmir across the line of control. This is an easier assumption for American politicians and Indian armed might stationed in Kashmir. It does not augur well for the Indian army of seven hundred thousand of whom are responsible to protect their geographical frontiers in occupied Kashmir and they are not able to check a handful of infiltrators alleged to be entering into their territories every now and then.

Wars are not fought with guns and mortars only, it is backed by the will of the people, which a Musalman calls jihad and this spirit is missing in an Indian soldier who is fighting a purposeless war against innocent people, we wish to assure American President George Bush that there are no jihadi tanzeems in Pakistan, there is of course the wound inflicted by government of India in the hearts of the Musalmans in 1948. If that is jihadi tanzeem or spirit alive in every Kashmiri and Pakistani, no government in Pakistan or from outside can root it out.

So far as the terrorist organisations are concerned, it has been proved now that there are terrorist organisations all over the world including the United States, and FBI had informed President Bush about the September 11 incident, thanks to the complacency of the American President the terrorist had a field day on September 11. It would be in the fitness of things that before directing our President to liquidate the so-called terrorist organisations in Azad Kashmir the American President is also asked to liquidate the terrorists living in America. There are reports that further terrorist attacks are expected in America. President George Bush should be advised to take his strongest ally President Musharraf into confidence.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee the Prime Minister of India is also advised to liquidate the terrorist in India, who are participating in the state terrorism for India. It is a matter of record that an Indian terrorist girl killed Indian Prime Minister Mr. Rajiv Ghandhi. Has India liquidated the entire terrorist in their territory or this privilege has only been conferred on Pakistan and the Musalmans. The state terrorism of Israel perpetrated in Palestine must seize now.

Dubbing the freedom fighters of Kashmir as Pakistani terrorists in Kashmir suits India squarely, so far as mujahideens in Pakistan are concerned, let the three contenders – India, Pakistan and America sit around a table to thrash out this problem. The Security Council of the United Nation of which USA is a very important and much powerful member, believes in talks rather than action. If America can sit round the table with the Soviet Russia to reduce the nuclear armament, why can’t the warring nations on terrorism sir round a table to make a halt to terrorism entirely by resolving the age old bone of contention between the two neighbouring countries of South Asia. Terrorism is born only out of hatred, reduce hatred and there will be no terrorist.

The inhuman treatment to the so-called prisoners of war from Afghanistan into jail in Cuba is not going to reduce terrorism. Be fair and honest, deliver justice and reduce hatred irrespective of cast, colour and creed, terrorism will be a thing of the past, otherwise the more tyrant you become more sense and spirit of jihad you will meet in days to come. Americans are plying in the hands of their Mafia’s. Who want to establish the Kingdom of Solomon under the garb of globalization through WTO and IMF. They should take a serious notice of it and avoid falling into the trap.

Pakistan has to take a serious note of the fact that they were greatest ally of United States during the Russo-Afghan war and when the Russians finally quit Afghanistan, Pakistan was left high and dry by its staunchest ally. A discerning mind sees a similar situation emerging again and Pakistan may be left high and dry through the proposed offer for talks between India and Pakistan again by the Americans after their purpose is served in the so-called war against terrorism in Afghanistan, wars are not fought against unknown enemies and Pakistan has to read between the lines, vested interest involved in this gimmick, which Mr. Blackwill, the US Ambassador in India is on record to have said in November 2001 that US war on terrorism would deal with resistance fighters in Kashmir in its next stage and American Secretary of State Mr. Colin Powel also having signed an agreement with India for future cooperation on these lines. God will save only those, who will act on the teaching of Allah and remain steadfast in their hour of trial and tribulation.