The Kashmir Issue


The newborn states of Pakistan and India are fighting an endless war in Kashmir claiming their right to rule over the princely state. These fighters claiming peace as their bye word never realize the fact that the right to rule belongs to the sons of the soil. It was this right that led India to fight for self-determination, which culminated in the state of Bharat in 1947. The Muslamans organized themselves into a nation, nation needs a state and that is Pakistan. This is how the two countries emerged on the map of the world.

The British Viceroy Lord Mountbaten in the form of Kashmir imbroglio gave the parting kick at the time of partition of India, by dividing Punjab and Bengal for the benefit of Hindu India. The Muslim League leadership in their frenzy to achieve Pakistan hastily accepted the division of Punjab, which provided India land route to Kashmir. Punjab earned its name because of the five rivers é Jhelum, Chinab, Ravi, Sutluj and Bias out of which two vital waterways were handed over to India. This is how the Muslims were black mailed by Lord Mountbaten on this issue, who threatened the Muslim League leadership to hand over power to Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, if division of Punjab as proposed by another Britisher Sir Cyril Redcliff was not accepted. The achievement of Pakistan would have been delayed as a result, the Muslim struggle would have continued as a period of seven years for achievement of gold in life of a nation is much small a time. So, this was a hatched conspiracy in order to keep the two infant states India & Pakistan at war, for the benefit of the Anglo-American alliance, which later thrust the dagger of Israel in the hearts of Arabs in the Middle East. History records that they have also been instrumental in promoting Iran-Iraq war and providing lethal arms to both, so that the Muslim bloc may fight to the finish and be wiped out of the map of the world. As a result of which the alliance earned the profit, the same is now being played in Kashmir.

The United Nation is an impotent body, which only acts where the Anglo-American alliance interest is involved; there is no difference between the two situations of East Timor in Indonesia and Kashmir. While East Timor attains independence and about Kashmir the President of United States of America who is practically the boss of UN has a cheek to say that the two situations are not identical. This being the ground reality, how long are we going to keep fighting and waste our resources in an endless war for the benefit of the Anglo-American alliance. Are we going to repeat the European history of fighting a hundred years of war?

The Koreans unite, the Germans unite, Hongkong, Macao unites with China, and Taiwan is on the verge of getting into the folds of Peoples Republic of China. So, why can’t the Kashmiri’s? ” The moon beams kiss the seas, the mountains kiss the high heavens. What are all these Kissing’s worth, if we the Kashmiri’s do not kiss each other.” Is it simply because their unity is not in the interest of the Anglo-American alliance. Let the two countries of India and Pakistan get out of the surveillance of Anglo-American alliance and stand on our own two feet. While deciding their own fate, the Kashmiris would be well advised not to forget their brethren in Jammu, Kargil and Laddakh. Their fates are entwined with Kashmir and are an integral part thereof.

This No War pact with India will ensure an era of peace and progress not only in the sub-continent but also in the entire region. There is no threat from Iran, there is no threat from Afghanistan, there is no threat from China and there is no threat from our Islamic brotherhood and then Pakistan can go ahead with its peaceful programme of development and enter into the new millennium with a pride of power and progress. But this job can only be done by a statesman and not by limping politicians hankering for a Ministerial slot. This may not be possible for a so-called democratic government who does not have their roots in the masses and they come into power with the support of foreign establishments. This is the last chance as we have already said. Let the people in power grab it, to rid the nation of wasteful expenditure and tension of a nuclear holocaust.

To achieve all this Indians should also stop heavy-footed trampling of human rights in Kashmir and stop blaming Pakistan for their failure and fundamentalist frenzy over Kashmir. India should be realistic in its approach, the confused policy will land India into trouble because no body is a permanent friend, so, and they should work out a realistic approach vis-é-vis Kashmir. India should not be happy over its policy of dividing the freedom fighters in Kashmir. Now is the culminating point of Kashmir struggle, the earlier the better it will be, not only for Pakistan but also for the Hindu Fundamentalist who are bent upon destroying the Indian Union and also the peace in the region.

India and Pakistan should withdraw their control from their respective Kashmir; hand over Kashmir to the sons of the soil to decide their fate and sign a No War Pact.This should be the modus operandi for the benefit of the two warring neighbors.

Mr. Ali Ashraf Khan is a Pakistani Businessman and Ex-Politician who bid good bye to politics in order to concentrate on more useful service benefit of the political intrigues prevalent in the National Political life of Pakistan. He frequently writes for English and Urdu newspapers in Pakistan.