The Last Crusade or Ron Paul

Let there be no doubt about the intents of the public document, "Naval Aviation Vision 2012", an interesting look at our present capabilities and plans for the future. [1] For all to see, friends and enemies alike, it shows that we are well prepared for endless global conflicts with clear published threats of might and fury. A warm soft-sell for the peaceful use of force, the article also shows the Navy stands ready to perform socially-acceptable rescue missions.

Humanitarian mission capabilities aside, this means is that we are being assured that the Veterans Administration, their burn-centers and rehab facilities will be alive and well for many decades to come. That is, unless the whole business implodes. Oh, you say, that couldn’t happen?

We might be well on the way; what the neoconservative protagonists group "Project for the New American Century" [2] pushed for long and hard is now in full bloom, a crusade. They didn’t come right out and say, a crusade against other religions, but is that what they meant all along? True to form, now 15 years later after PNAC started pushing for the use of U.S. military force in 1997, we are well entrenched in the melee and obviously planning for a protracted encounter. PNAC has changed their name but their war remains and is about to be expanded. As the targets keep getting deeper and deeper, the bombs keep getting bigger and bigger. At some point military strategists might want to unleash another Fat Boy.

Totally ignoring the warnings of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Dwight Eisenhower about the dangers of getting involved in foreign entanglements our latest generation of political leaders could not wait to jump into the trap set by the AIPAC (American Israel Political Affairs Committee).

On Sept 19th 2001, the Christian Science Monitor ran an article by Peter Ford where President Bush calls war against Iraq a "Crusade". [3] He spoke to us and what did we do? We scrambled like crazed teenagers going after concert tickets to join the absurd crusade. The AIPAC crowd was enthusiastic with his choice of words.

Now in 2012, new adherents of a crusade policy were seen speaking at the AIPAC 2012 Policy Conference. [4] The list of speakers also included the American president and all the Republican candidates except one, Ron Paul. That about sums up American foreign policy and how it is influenced by organizations that openly represent a foreign government. We are not only friends of Israel, but we have joined the crusade against their religious enemies. Crusades usually never end but we are approaching the point where it is possible. If the unspeakable happens, the only sound left will be that of the wind. The AIPAC is apparently still enthusiastic since they keep inviting the crusaders to speak at their conventions.

It is reminiscent of the Spanish Armada in 1588 under King Philip II setting sail for England to conquer her but having not a clue as to why. But alas, maybe there was; Philip II had a penchant for going after religious enemies, The Christian Moors of Spain, the protestants of the Netherlands and it was he who introduced inquisition to the New World (South America). In 1587, he obtained the blessing of Pope Sixtus V for his planned invasion of England. The plan was deemed a Catholic Crusade. [5]

Fast forward 425 years; both major American political parties and all their candidates except the one lone holdout, have pledged their support to a crusade of global imperialism, and religious domination as the Spanish too envisioned. Before the missiles fly and the bombs drop, it might be a good time to review the peaceful options available, as well as the military consequences in store for us should the favorable winds of war suddenly turn sour. Over-confidence and self-righteousness reign supreme. How could we lose? How could the Spanish Armada have lost? They were the most powerful nation in the world at that time.

Citizens take note; this crusade is different. Does God know that his children are flaunting nuclear weapons around like toy swords and cap-pistols? It might well be that we will see the last crusade but we do have a choice for a short time, slim that it is. We are standing on the edge of a cliff like lemmings ready to take the suicidal plunge and one man stands ready to turn the tide in favor of humanity.

Ron Paul offers perhaps the best chance for the nation to demonstrate the values it so proudly claims as its most important attributes; equality, justice and freedom for all. Paul’s platform of government reform (not gun-barrel diplomacy), as it might enlighten other nations, could even cause global peace to break out.

Global peace? What a ridicules thought.

Good luck Dr. Paul.





[4] (Note: 2012 Policy Conference speaker schedule)

[5] The Voyage of the Armada: The Spanish Story, by David Howarth, 1981.