The Last Crusade?

I had been disinclined to believe all the talk on neo-con American radio talk-shows that that Islam was at war with the West because they hated our prosperity and way of life, to paraphrase George Bush. Endless diatribes on these shows are delivered by authors telling Americans that Islam truly is a fiendish religion, and, the show hosts point out, disloyal as well, in light of recent arrests of Moslems in the military. They’re beginning to convince me, finally, that this war really is about religion.

Roger Hitchcock, standing in on the Rush Limbaugh show on Sept. 24th, 2003 stated that the U.S. needed, as part of the war effort in the Middle East, to create a new "21st Century Islam, one that protected women’s rights and other freedoms".

What form would this 21st Century Islam take? Well, we know that interest-free banking would have to go. Usury is a vital part of modern life, helpful in destroying families, social cohesion, and morals through systematic impoverishment. Women’s rights–what does that mean? In the West, it means abortion and the right of a woman to behave and work in defiance of the wishes of her husband, free love of unmarried women, and virtually unlimited opportunity for divorce…all of which combine to promote social instability and impoverishment. So, 21st Century Islam would have to become "gender neutral".

While the current Islamic respect for private property is legendary, and commendable, some changes are still necessary for it to rise to the modern levels we have in America, where many people are afraid to walk the streets, particularly at night, and theft is often rampant. There are not enough prisons in Islamic countries, and thieves and other criminals often do not repeat crimes, meaning less employment as police, lawyers, judges and corrections officers. (Never mind that these are nonproductive jobs that further serve to impoverish the population at large.) So, 21st Century Islam would probably have to adopt the maxim adopted in the past 50 years by "Judeo-Christianity" namely: "Hate the sin and love the sinner."

Finally, and most importantly, 21st Century Islam would have to adopt the same Zionist tenets accepted by 21st Century Judeo-Christians, even though Yashua (Jesus) never said one word about retaking the Holy Land. That would go a long way to resolving tension with the Israelis.

Yes, I’m beginning to think that the war is indeed a "Last Crusade" with the modern Templars seeking to once again re-conquer the Holy Land and impose a new world order on believers and unbelievers alike. The ease of this process may depend on how willing believers are to abandon religious principles for (as Roger Hitchcock put it relative to our "success" in Iraq) GM cars…Pepsis and Cokes…