The moment of truth for America


Unlike individuals, when nations commit suicide, they do not pass away immediately. However, like individuals the last moments before death is the time when nations are able to see the truth but are hardly able to reverse the trend and undo consequences of their living in denial for so long.

The United States is an example before our eyes. Its enemies within cut its juggler vein on September 11, 2001 without any intention of a collective suicide. Unfortunately, when a majority refused to look at the bleeding vein and listen to the voice of their conscience -” the people who pointed to the enemies within -” September 11 gradually became a collective suicide for the American nation.

Then came November 02, 2004, when ignorance of the past 38 months effectively hanged this nation from its neck with Bush and his teams’ reelection to the power. The nation will still not pass away that easily. Its body has to shake violently to its core. It has to twist and turn and shiver before getting cold.

This will take a while. Until America joins other empires of the past in their grave, the passing painful time is a moment of truth for this nation to face.

Unfortunately, unlike individuals when nations die, they do not die alone. Many would suffer like Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. However, it is enough for consolation that at last, America is all set to reap fruits of injustice, hate and crimes it has been committing against humanity around the world.

Finally, finally, finally the stage is set for America to taste what it has been doing to others all along.[1]

Unlike Germans, a majority of Americans have not done it to themselves. The hands that cut this nation’s jugular vein on September 11; the hands that terrorized the world for so long have started applying the same tactics at home. The forces, which used foreign policy as an instrument to perpetuate mini-tyrants abroad, have finally found a mega-tyrant at home.

As a result, they had no option but to do the same to Americans what they have been doing to others. The American people in general committed two major mistakes: a). they kept silent at Washington’s installing puppets, butchering innocents and not shying away even from carrying out genocide’s for its malicious objectives, and b). they ignored the truth tellers and conscience-keepers at home.

There was no power around the world to do to the United States what it has been doing to others. It has been helping authoritarian monsters to overthrow their elected governments. No one could do the same to the US. By the laws of nature, it was, thus, supposed to do it to itself. And it has done so, very successfully because of the same laws of nature against which it has been contesting all along.

American advisors were there to guide predators like Musharraf on how to prolong their rule through mock referendums and rigged elections. No one from outside could do that to the US except the same advisors and planners who had perfected their skills. When it came to the home front, these advisors applied their skills to ensure keeping the last Pharaoh of human history in power.

Myopic onlookers blame Americans for electing a dictator, endorsing war, war crimes and war criminals. But that is not so. If there were ever a time to sympathize with Americans, it is now. They have been enslaved and cheated as no other people in human history before them. They are in a deep mess and a horrible, horrible future awaits them.

Americans are as much the victim of an unprecedented tyrannical empire as the Iraqis, or Afghans or Palestinians. The only difference is the time. Iraqi blood is flowing today. Chaos reigns in Iraq and other places under the US direct and indirect occupations today. Much worse of the same awaits to happen in the US tomorrow.

Again, there would be no outside power able to terrorize, subjugate, torture and kill millions of Americans. It will be the same tyrants among them, giving them the same treatment that they are giving to Afghans in Bagram, Iraqis in Abu Ghraib and others at Guantanamo and elsewhere around the world.

The Patriot Act and Homeland Security, etc., are not there to protect Americans from outside terrorists. These draconian measures are there to effectively silence the Americans who will soon start feeling desperation just like any other nation under American occupation.

When this desperation grows, they will react just the way other nations are reacting. This reaction is inevitable. And then, they will get the same labels “home-grown terrorists,” “nihilists,” “enemies of freedom,” those who “love death and despise life.” and “insurgents” against “decent government” in America.

It might sound too hypothetical, but the process is already underway. Can any American now challenge results of the just concluded elections? No way. Don’t they look as helpless as the Egyptians and Pakistanis when their respective dictators secure more than 96 per cent of votes?

Is there any difference in Afghanistan and the United State of America? Apparently there was the difference of ballot boxes moved around on donkeys in Afghanistan and computerized voting machines in the US. However, there is hardly any difference in the level of rigging and results. In both cases, the mainstream media has accepted occurrence of rigging but only “of a few thousands votes” and “to some extent.” In both places, majority, however, believes to the contrary: that the problem is widespread and more serious.

This is just the first taste of helplessness before tyrants. That is what the US has been doing to others and that is exactly of what Americans remained oblivious for decades. Americans hardly care if millions upon millions were suffering under the draconian laws and oppressive state agencies in the puppet regimes, fully supported and sponsored by Washington.

The American public had adopted a “we don’t care” or “foreign policy is not our business” attitude. They would not afford to sit silent when the tyranny comes home to roost. Like everyone around the Muslim world in particular, Americans are left with very few choices. They either have to go neck deep into the innocent blood of fellow Americans and others or stand up to the tyranny.

The moment they exercise the later option, they would hardly be treated any different than those who oppose the US backed tyrannies abroad.

The people who gathered in Afghanistan under the Taliban were none but the victims of oppressive regimes fully recognized and assisted by Washington: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Jordan, Azerbaijan, and keep counting. They become the supreme terrorists because they wanted to undo repressive regimes in their respective lands.

Those among Americans, who would dare to challenge the regime in Washington, will taste what Muslims living under the US sponsored tyrannies have been tasting for far too long. That will be the time when they will realize the reality or terror, terrorism and terrorists as defined by the tyrants in Washington and their allies elsewhere.

The war of idea within America was needed during the first presidential term of George Bush. Now its time has passed away. At the beginning of second term, Americans are already sensing an inevitable civil war and anarchy. There is very slim chance to see the US in today’s shape and form in four years from now. However, if by any chance civil war and anarchy get delayed, Bush’s third term in office under some unprecedented, martial law type, circumstances will definitely bring it about.

We must not forget that by the time the soul leaves this monster, that America has become, it would have trampled many countries and many millions would be living a wretched life -” a life worse than death. The problem is that with each passing day, this seemingly horrible hypothesis is turning into reality for the simple reason that there is no undo button in the history books as will as the doctrine of totalitarian ideologues in Washington.


[1]. See a 2002 article which shows how the US has petted itself against the laws of nature: