The Murder of Democracy – November 22, 1963

Here it is the eve of the end of our democracy by a corrupt non-government agency, the CIA. The CIA blackmailed the head of the FBI in order to pull off the biggest murder case in our history- the assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

What kind of America do we have now? The latest reports out of Miami on the protesters at the FTAA (selling out of our constitution in favor of the American Union slated for January 2005) show police brutality out of control for people exercising their rights under the first amendment.

Rubber bullets, plastic bullets, chemical laden bullets, hoses, batons, head injuries, blockades, reporters being arrested…..all by the AMERICAN police. Other American citizens doing the work of the one world order globalists – "following orders".

How much courage does it take to pull a trigger on someones mother, father or child? How much courage does it take to fire on a fellow citizen? For what? A paycheck? What will they do when their paychecks are taken from them in a bankrupt country? What will they do when they need to face up to their crimes against freedom? Will they have the courage of those protesters? I doubt it. Will they have the courage of the young woman I saw running down the street with blood pouring from her head from one of their rubber bullets?

I doubt it.

When people blindly follow orders it’s called fascism and mind-control. It doesn’t take courage. It takes a certain breed of ignorance, arrogance and insanity.

"ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country, and our country for the world".

What are those "following orders" doing for their country? Aiding and abetting the same international banksters that have robbed our treasury, our rights and our very freedoms? For what? A paycheck? Some testesterone rush? Some mental problem or lack in their childhood needs?

The money will run out. Our dollar falls as every bullet is fired. Every war is fought.
Our good-will amongst other nations is gone. We have become a nation of hateful, hated war-mongers. How long before the last remnant of what once was called "America" is gone?

Our vote has been negated. Our entire voting system is a joke. It’s all a fix like the old Friday Night At The Fights. Our choices have been two sides of the same coin forever. Do you think there will even be a faux election in 2004? After 2005, they won’t even have to bother with that entire sham.

I forget which President said "I fear for my country". When I see the photos of the protesters being beaten by an overzealous, misguided S.S. of our own, I fear for my country. When I see the invisible (and not so invisible) hands of the globalists washing over our constitution and bill of rights, I fear for my country.

But, remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn. A new dawn is coming in America. It comes on the backs and hearts of protesters, authors, journalists, grandmas, grandpas, teens and little kids. It is called "Righteous Indignation". The righteous have risen. They are coming out of the matrix and standing tall. For every protester that gets knocked down, ten will take their place. As more and more people worldwide recognize that there are more of us than there are of them, more will stand.

The globalists won’t succeed because of the poor people. They created them, but didn’t anticipate that those with nothing to lose, have everything to gain. They are gaining. In strength, in numbers and in education.

The corporate whores and their compliant media know their day is coming. The day of reckoning. It won’t be put off much longer. Daylight is about to shine. Every evil deed will be exposed. Every false promise exposed. Every false "hero" exposed. There will be no hiding place deep or hidden enough for them to escape. Their destiny is arriving to meet them for a pre-arranged date they didn’t plan on.

That date is "freedom now". Freedom for all living things all over the planet. Freedom from rules, governments, religions, hatreds, doctrines, debt and the rest. Once the mind gets free, the rest is easy.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself. Fear nothing. "they can kill the body, but never the soul". Those without souls have ruled long enough. Free your mind, expand, get active, spread the word and STAND.

Whatever you do, support those who support the truth and stop supporting those who don’t.

My mother used to say "the bigger they are, the harder they fall". I say "fall they will".

Pray for those who are suffering worldwide. Pray for those brave enough to be on the front lines. Pray to free your mind and your soul will follow. These "systems" of control have had their day and it’s time they are put to pasture once and for all. Reject their doctrines, think for yourself.

This Earth is a beautiful place with enough bounty for all of us worldwide to have all our needs met. We need to realize that "we the people" must create the new world we seek. Start local, think global.

Freedom cannot exist anywhere in the world, unless it exists everywhere in the world.

"Freedom Day" has arrived – will you be there?

I will. Until my last gasp.