The myth of Israel’s right to the land

Myth is a very powerful tool of propaganda. In days bygone there was the myth of European white superiority. White Europeans, in their self made myth of arrogant domination and chauvinism, classified colonized peoples including our own American Indian or black African descendants in America, or Africans under South African apartheid, or the Australian aborigine and Tasmanians , and generally all Asian, African and American natives as dangerous and uncivilized, worthy of destruction and/or ruthless demoralizing enslavery, by way of official policy of what should be called  state terrorism.  If they fought back they were heathen terrorists worthy of elimination and brutal subjugation. Just picture our own Hollywood cowboy and Indian movie history to glimpse a part of the myth and an example of its perverted propagation. 

On this basis terrible forms of oppression and persecution were morally justified and rights and dignity were denied.  In South Africa the Afrikaners used the biblical story of “black” Ham not covering the shame of his father Noah’s nakedness to justify that he should always remain a slave to his “white” brothers Shem and Japheth (ref. Genesis 9:23).

The most dangerous myth today � which can cause a war of world wide consequences considering its economic and political dimensions– is the myth that Israel is a chosen nation and has the “right ” to the land of Jerusalem and Palestine, which is called “Israel”.  According to this mythological mentality Israel is even larger than it is today and has the “right” to settle and colonize and expand at the expense of the “natives’ (i.e. Arabs) since well– its’ all in the bible that they were given the land by God Almighty as an “everlasting covenant”.  Even if they, the Israelites, were cursed by their own prophets and twice removed from the land by God’s anger as punishment for their own disobedience to God and worshipping of false images and idols, this perverted mentality declares that the everlasting covenant remains no matter what blasphemy, profanity and sins they do.  

This perverted mentality disregards the historical destruction of Solomon’s temple by King Nevuchadnezzer of Babylon (as predicted by the prophets), and then again the destruction of the second temple by the Romans in 70 AD (as predicted by Jesus – peace be upon him – when he said “There will not be one stone left upon another” (Matt. 24:2). 

This perverted mentality goes on to declare that today’s Christians should totally support modern day Zionism since the secular Zionist state of Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophecy.  If there is murder and unjust warfare and destruction of homes and stealing of land then� well� so what, let it be� since  -the perverted mentality continues to rationalize–that’s all part of the plan of God. 

WAKE UP CHRISTIANS! Are you so gullible to just lap up what the media feeds you, to continue to cough up zillions of tax dollars, and to bow down to the dogmatics and bogus interpretation of prophecy by certain self serving administrations and ministries, disregarding another interpretation of current events and your own bible and your own better interests!  This alternative interpretation is reasonable and on the side of universal truth and correct prophecy and demands universal justice- avowed Christian principles.  It looks at ground realities, studies religious texts with meticulous scrutiny, and reads historical backgrounds with impartial integrity.  It notices that Abraham’s covenant was also given to the lineage of Ishmael � and the obvious question is � will they be uncivilized heathens worthy of ruthless state “terrorism” or those who believe in God Almighty and worship Him sincerely with righteousness and do not take false images and idols for worship?  

What about God’s own punishments to Israel in particular and all sinners in general for sin and disbelief in Him Almighty and Exalted?  

The myth and it’s perverted mentality takes many forms the world over; in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kashmir and India, the Balkans, Indonesia and in the Southern Philippines, Muslims are bleeding— they are being murdered, oppressed and persecuted by tyrannical regimes and popular pogroms which  by any human standards of justice and truth, are truly an outrage.


The myth �the myth, the power and propaganda of the myth (with Hindu or Buddhist etc variations) and the state policies it ! produces! If they defend themselves and stand up to save their own skins, let alone their human rights and dignity, then the myth calls them terrorists, and links them to 9-11-01.  

The myth, for political benefits, mixes real terrorists with freedom fighters. And freedom from oppression is the foremost avowed American principle.  

Yes indeed— the situation is analogous to that of the oppressed peoples mentioned above, and like these peoples above (many of whom are still fighting by the way) it seems that they will have to fight a myth that kills and steals along with the ground realities. 

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