The New Surge for Real Independence

After more than half a century of strategic withdrawal of the West in the name of decolonization, Muslims everywhere are disillusioned with the experimentation of political democracy and market economics. However, reawakening is underway. Today many Muslims equate democracy with crime and disorder, and the market economy with corruption, systematic exploitation and perpetual poverty.  

Who do they blame for that? The kings, the generals and so-called democratic presidents, of course, and their supporters in the West who left behind systems and structures that ensure their perpetuation in power. Distrust of the West skyrocketed in the post 9/11 period in which Bush and Blair administrations lied through their teeth to portray their bloody adventures as operations for freedom and democracy. 

As a result, public opinion is slowly returning to pre-decolonization attitudes. A 
visceral perception of the West as an alien and hostile force -” that remained in place due to continuation of colonization with other, more effective means -” has now further consolidated. It is being stoked continuously by the Western leaders’ tall claims to the supremacy of their  “way of life” and by the constant criticism that the problem lies with Muslims, their faith, their way of life, their corruption, lack of education and overall under-development. 

As a result, a broke but reawakened Muslim world seems to be turning ever more inward, discouraged by leaders who deliberately exploit totalitarian and xenophobic sentiments of the West for their own advantage. They promote the fear of Islam and the concept of living by Islam to promote themselves as defenders of secularism and the status quo.

The West is waging the war in the Muslim world not only as a military but also as a political campaign. Its declared goal is to destroy all the terrorists and extremists who refuse to live by the way of life imposed from outside. But this can never be achieved by the indiscriminate use of force, installing new puppet regimes and supporting the old autocrats; that strategy leads to a disproportionately high number of civilian casualties and virtually a total loss on the front for winning hearts and minds. 

That’s fine for now. War strategists in London and Washington realize, however, that enthusiasm for Bush and Blair and the war could evaporate only if the military operation in Iraq fails to produce a decisive victory or the official body count of occupation forces grows too high.  

To avert this threat, the neo-colonialists are trying to undermine and silence its political opponents, and manipulate “mainstream media” under the control of corporate world which has a huge interest in continued direct and indirect occupations in the Muslim world. Instead of leaving Muslims alone to live their life as they like, the proposed new measures in Britain, for example, are solely focused on silencing critics of the policies of war and domination.  

The US and its allies are willing to put democracy, human rights and civil liberties on hold and put relations with their own masses at risk to remain completely unrestrained domestically, to use any amount of force in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world, and to rig elections or discredit opponents.  

Moreover, some of Bush and Blair’s strategists have apparently advised them to take the initiative and respond to criticism with extremely tough rhetoric of their own. They seem to agree with this tactic; witness Blair’s harsh performance after 7/7 and even Pope’s lecturing the Muslim world. As long as puppets like Musharraf and others remain relatively committed to selling something of interest to the West -” such as meeting Israeli counter-parts publicly, addressing Jewish National Congress about the “moderate” mantra, paving the way for recognizing Israel, etc. -” war strategists believe, a showdown with the beleaguered Muslim world is not only desirable but also affordable. This misperception is reinforced by the traditional Christian Zionists and neo-cons belief in the supremacy and nobility of Western civilization.

As a result an expanding political coalition supports re-decolonization for real independence of the Muslim world. A growing number of people now realize that Muslim actually never got the right to self-determination in the wake of so-presented decolonization.  

The emerging movement for re-decolonization, real-independence or a single Islamic State, whatever one may call it, is an unlikely combination of politicians who feel themselves hostage to the foreign imposed heads of state and policies; disappointed religious leaders who thought they can make progress towards establishing a just socio-politico order while working through the so-called democratic system; a growing number of military leaders who worked with CIA, and the youth who are more aware of the double standards of the US and its allies due to their accessibility to all kinds of information from history to current affairs. All of them share a common interest in liberating the Muslim world from the West’s annoying and intrusive influence.

The Anglo-American response to such developments is quite predictable: scapegoating Islam. They are asking puppet regimes to crack down on religion. To fool their own public, they would say that the problem is due to “poisonous mis-interpretation of Islam.”  The puppet Muslim leaders and analysts with a slave mentality constantly try to convince the masses that genuine independence and living by Islam is not only impossible, it would also cost Muslims dearly. They paint a picture in which Islam is presented as anti-liberty, anti-freedom, anti-human rights and particularly anti-women.

Is emergence of a single Islamic entity inevitable? That may seem unclear; but it is 
on the rise, there still is no overwhelming anti-Western consensus that could overcome the zeal of those Muslims who are still after the glittering dollars, power, prestige, name or freedom to satisfy baser instinct of human nature. In fact, a substantial segment of the public is still poles asunder from understanding the true spirit of Islam and the desire to live by it. Most of them are so hopeless of any positive change that it has made them oblivious to the need and the will to struggle for making a difference. Locked in the struggle for survival, they would support any policy that would ensure bread and butter immediately. They are least bothered with values and the higher objective in life.  

Many members of the elite surrounding the puppets understand quite well that true independence and living by Islam would bring an end to their present life-style and their local level exploitation. However, it is not certain that they are strong enough to fend off the surge for real independence. An increasing number of people realize that if they don’t stand up to their local dictators today, they would have to pay an even bigger price, like Iraqis, tomorrow when the selling out spree of their puppet leaders would leave them with nothing more to sell and a direct occupation by the US and its allies would become inevitable.    

Even if Muslims don’t realize the reality, there is little doubt that sooner or later 
the US and its allies would have to admit once again that war and violence solve nothing. But by then it may be too late to restore themselves as viable and competitive nations. The US in particular would be replaced as the world Ruling State by Israel, defending whose crimes against humanity has become the top most priority of the US.  

The surge for Muslim independence and self-determination would nevertheless continue and the final show down might occur with the upcoming Ruling State than with the present one.