The OIC should Wake Up

While the belligerent Israel is planning a full-scale assault on Lebanon, any moment–”the conscious of the representative set-up of the Muslim world–”phrased as – Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), finally stands wake-up–”with the convening of a Summit on Thursday next–”August, the 3rd.

Though relatively late–”in this delayed move of calling the summit session–”would, prima face discuss the burning issue of the Middle East with focus on unabated Israeli aggression against Lebanon.

Malaysia, the current Chairman of the OIC–”has summoned the moot in a few days from now–”on August-3 but it is not yet clear whether it is going to be a full-fledged summit or meeting of its executive committee.

Israeli attack on Lebanon has entered into third week–”with no indications of any halt to violence sans any appropriate and solid raison d’être.

In fact, emboldened by the attitude of the world at large in general and the Muslim countries in particular–”the Jewish State is declaring to continue with the one-sided war that is causing widespread devastation and destruction on the soils of Lebanon.

Almost over five hundred people–”most of them the innocent civilians–”have perished besides loss of infrastructure and economic assets worth billions of dollars.

Amid this backdrop–”public opinion in the Muslim world is awfully upset over the plight of their brethren in faith–”and, of-course vis-à-vis the apathy of their leadership.

The lack of ability on the part of the OIC to play a meaningful role–”in defusing the situation–”is sending depressing signals to the Ummah as well as other pertinent quarters in the world.

Hence, convening of the Malaysia summit would be viewed as a positive development. However, it is yet to be seen–”whether or not the moot comes out with some tangible strategy to get the aggression halted–”for ever.

We believe that in case, the OIC leaders would only or simply meet, debate the issue and disperse without evolving a strategy for bringing such a dreadful scenario to an eternal end–”then it would prove to be a futile venture–”nothing else and would virtually be a counter-productive exercise .

As a matter of fact–”the OIC must send a suitably worded signal to Tel Aviv and its patron –” the United States of America reflecting deep anger and anguish of the Ummah.

After all this the organization represents 57 affluent and sovereign nations–”constituting one-fifth of the humanity–”and is, by all means blessed with great potential to influence things in different regions.

We feel optimistic that the OIC shall realize its inherent strength, position and decisive role in regional and global affairs–”and try to come out with a vibrant, strong and solid solution.

The OIC leaders should express complete solidarity with Lebanon–”without any reservations–”and would beam a stern warning to the aggressor that they will not allow any harm to the territorial integrity or solidarity of any country, neighbouring Israel and should stop onslaught on Lebanon–”forthwith.

With a ray of hope for–”permanent peace around the globe in general and the Middle East and South Asia in specific–”people in the Muslim world are looking towards the OIC assemblage in Malaysian capital–”with great expectations.

Should we hope that the Islamic leadership would not disappoint the Ummah–”explicitly to all those who have lost every-thing, even to the altitude of their precious and lovely lives, kin–”including kids and women–”and have been and still are being made target by Israel–”through toxic shots by its vindictive troops, tanks and jets?