The real Liberation of Iraq has commenced – It is also time to initiate the Liberation of the US

True liberation emanates from within a nation rather then from a marauding invading force with a diametrically opposing alien culture. If the ordinary Iraqi masses really desired liberation in this manner they would have certainly showed signs of mass revolt and open cooperation in supporting the early phase of the US led military campaign. Which would have naturally grown with the passing of time. The lack of support was evident even after the demise of the Bathist regime. When the US marines and Chalabi’s rent a mob symbolically toppled Saddam’s statue, the Baghdad Square was not even filled. This is in a city that has a population of five million. To the contrary the Iraqi resistance has been growing consistently ever since the war has began. The coalition casualties are increasing, as is the hate and contempt towards these arrogant mercenaries in Iraq. Most certainly, the Iraqi resistance mo! vement could not operate without support from the ordinary masses. Since the resistance is growing, we can safely assume, so is the actual support base. This was also confirmed by the recent CIA report. The recent attack on the Black Hawk helicopters in Mosul has silenced the mass media obsession with the so-called Sunni triangle. Which perhaps has become the octagon by now, as the resistance has clearly become widespread.

The Iraqis, as predicted, are engaged in a heroic struggle along with the aid of their fellow Arab/Muslim brothers to liberate their country. It is perhaps also appropriate to consider the case to initiate the liberation of the US from the clutches of its own “axis of evil”. Which are comprised of the neo-cons, Christian fundamentalists and the big businesses. The neo-cons are a group of powerful and influential Jews that “advises” the US State Department to further the interest of Israel as well as for their own personal gains. The word was perhaps invented to bypass the wrath and hysteria of “Anti-Semitism”. As the real architects of the war, like many of the “chicken-hawks” of the Pentagon and the US State department, the neo-cons and their children have conveniently avoided all the war drafts. You wont find them in the forefront of “operation anything”. As for the big businesses, which inclu! des the huge arms industry. America is the largest producer and exporter of arms, for them any war is a good profitable business. Then comes along the large reconstruction firms e.g. Halliburton, Bechtel with their intimate connection to the US State Department. They receive the lucrative contracts on a plate as kickbacks for their party “donations”. These big businesses want the lucrative oil of Iraq so much that they were content to inflict much suffering and pain upon the defenceless Iraqis and other Arab/Muslim nations. Hence, by the universal principal of retribution, the Iraqi resistance movement should let them have it for free of charge; – by dousing their soldiers and the civilian commercial contractors with it and then setting them alight. Which should be a just retribution for the depleted uranium, cluster bombs, burning napalm, JDAMS and cruse missiles. If possible, similar treatment but on a far greater magnitude should be dispensed towards the shady shylock ! neo-cons. In any case, all this would be good for America as it would curb their aggression, greed and make them less obese, but most importantly it would contribute towards handing back America to the real ordinary Americans.

The final group in the “axis of evil” are the fundamentalist Christians; they are littered within the US State department and the Pentagon. They have no problem using religion as a basis to justify their pro-war policy as was demonstrated by the recent comments of an obscure US General, but yet simultaneously they are lecturing the Islamic world not to bring Islam into politics! What ever happened to the often-repeated Christian slogan “loving your enemies” and “turning the other cheek”? Unprovoked slaps more like! In any case, many of them have been simply brainwashed into believing that the subjugation of the Palestinians and Arabs is part of the fulfilment of Biblical prophecy. The Arabs if necessary need to be expelled, the temple of Solomon needs to rebuilt upon the current Mosque of Al-Aqsa, which would precipitate the second coming of the “Messiah”. All this means provide whatever support! is necessary to Israel — not for its survival — but for it to carry out its divine mission.

At present the Arab/Islamic world, as a combined force could not engage in a military confrontation to eradicate power base of the US “axis of evil”. Hence the liberation of US must be pursued through the intellectual front. Educating and dialoguing with the ordinary Americans has brought about a lot of good results and has the potential to do a lot more. So, many Americans after simply visiting the Arab countries or even the European countries have altered their views on Palestine, Iraq and the US foreign policy, in many cases even converting to Islam. This illustrates the gross ignorance of the American society, drugged by its superficial and permissive culture along with the deliberate media manipulation to keep its masses in the dark. As a result many exhibit behaviours that can only be described as being brain washed, unable to distinguish fact from fiction. Perhaps in due course of time we! will see Saddam Bin Laden as the real threat. The American mass media in particular lacks objectivity and critical examination of the facts. Just look at Fox TV, which has become a joke in the eyes of the rest of the world.