The Savage Heartlessness of Condi Rice

Condi Rice does not want a cease-fire in Lebanon. That would bring us back to the status quo, which is totally unacceptable. Rather, Condi Rice wants the destruction of Lebanon and its infrastructure and the killing of hundreds of innocent lives — that seems better to Condi Rice than the status quo of infrequent missile attacks on Israel by Hezbollah.

Condi Rice seems to have failed completely to learn from recent history. She says that the status quo of Hezbollah attacking Israel with missiles at times and places of Hezbollah’s choosing are unacceptable and thus a cease-fire is also unacceptable. Did Condi notice that even with the Israelis pummeling Lebanon’s innocent civilians and infrastructure into the dust, that Hezbollah continues to launch missiles at Israel at times and places of Hezbollah’s choosing? Did Condi Rice happen to notice that 150,000 or so of America’s potent military forces and air bases, drone airplanes and tens of thousands of armed Iraqi soldiers have failed to prevent insurgent attacks within Iraq at times and places of the insurgents’ choosing?

Does Condi Rice think there is a military solution to these problems?

Or is Condi Rice just a heartless foe of Arabs and Muslims, happy to see the suffering of tens and hundreds of thousands of displaced Arabs as a form of revenge against the Arab peoples in retaliation for the "terrorism" of a relative few? If Condi Rice had had a slave forefather who stole the master’s horse, would she think it appropriate that the entire slave community be beaten?

The status quo is not acceptable to Condi Rice, because Condi thinks like Israel’s government –” if one Israeli suffers, then one thousand Arabs must suffer ten times as much.

Thus, Condi will not feel good about a cease-fire in Lebanon while the punishment continues to be meted out for those unfortunate enough to be breathing and speaking Arabic. It really does not matter to Condi and Ehud whether breathing Lebanese or Palestinian Arabs are guilty of crimes against citizens of Arab. Breathing Arabs are to be punished for the sins of their kin, no matter how personally uninvolved they may happen to be in fact.

This savage heartlessness of Condi Rice does not escape the notice of Arabs everywhere, as well as people of conscience around the world. Condi is trying to make the status quo worse, not better, and it makes one wonder why anyone would call her a "diplomat". Hate-monger is a more appropriate term for this heartless female.