The siege is suffocating and the crisis is worsening – "Que Faire"?

A state of grave concern prevails in the Palestinian scene, and the citizens are wondering what will happen, and what can be done.

The Palestinian voter voted in the legislative elections, under democratic and fair conditions, in favor of Hamas, which led to the forming of a single party government.

The other factions have so far rejected Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh’s call to participate in a national coalition government because of Hamas’ refusal to consider the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and its political agenda a reference point for the Palestinian government. Hamas is not represented in the PLO and this creates a contradiction between it winning a clear majority in the Palestinian Legislative Council and it not being represented in the Palestinian National Council.

It is no secret to anyone that that all opposing parties insist on calling the Palestinian government the “Hamas government”. Based on this these parties are conducting a wide-scale campaign to besiege the Palestinian government and cut off aid from it, which means cutting off aid from the Palestinian people. The government is an implementation tool in the service of the people, and financial aid is aid for the Palestinian people –” the government is only a tool to regulate how this aid is spent and invested to serve the Palestinian people in various fields.

Despite the success of the government’s diplomatic campaign in securing funds from Arab countries and Iran, there is still concern regarding the future in light of the halt in aid pledged by donor countries for the Palestinian people.

It should be noted that all the Arab counties that decided to continue providing aid to the Palestinian people asked the Palestinian government to accept what was approved by the Arab summit in Beirut, specifically the initiative of Prince Abdulla bin Abdel Aziz, who is now king.

We can understand from this that what the Arab countries are offering for this month may not be paid out if the Palestinian government does not listen to Arab advice. This adds to the concerns of the Palestinian citizen.

We believe that the Palestinian government has to formulate a political statement aimed at the international community that is based in essence on the idea of accepting a two-state solution; that is, that the government seeks to establish a sovereign independent Palestinian state on all lands occupied by Israel in 1967 with East Jerusalem as its capital, and to have all international legitimacy resolutions implemented without modifications, which means that all settlements in the West Bank need to be removed because they are in violation of international law, the Geneva treaty and UN resolutions. A state with the June 4th boundaries as its borders, with full control over its land, sea and air borders. Such a statement would constitute a basis for a wide-scale diplomatic campaign to explain the Palestinian position.

Late President Yasser Arafat used to insist on this, and at Camp David he rejected all pressures to offer concessions after the Palestinian National Council approved a historic concession by accepting the two-state solution.

We also believe that Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh possesses an open mind and is not close-minded to thinking about the need to modify the government or increase the number of government members to include the other factions and more independent figures known to all for their political wisdom, integrity and struggle for freedom.

Such a step would thwart all the campaigns that insist on calling the government of the Palestinian people “the Hamas government”, and would open new horizons.

There is no doubt that those who follow world political movements know that time is short, perhaps too short.

The escalation in the crisis with Iran would mean shining the spotlight on that area very shortly, and putting out the international lights in the Middle East region, particularly in Palestine.

This would give the occupation free reign to carry out abuse and to implement Olmert’s expansionist plan in the West Bank.

Everyone must stand together based on the goal of establishing an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip so we can cause the occupiers to lose the opportunity to carry out their goals.