The strategy of the US oil and finance elite controls the White House, and the Palestinians must take their independent state

The US administration has been subjected to a media blitz for a while now. As a result of this, the percentage of Americans supporting President Bush has gone down significantly. Naturally, observers explain this as a reaction to the war Bush waged against Iraq, but it is not that simple.

The media blitz did not coincide with the attack on Iraq, but came a long time after the attack started. The reasons for this media blitz go back to President Bush’s lack of commitment to the pledges he made to the elite groups in the US –” the oil, financial and military industry groups.

As an example, I will mention what British newspapers published last week regarding a phone call between Bush and Blair on the eve of the war against Iraq. According to those published documents Bush told the British Prime Minister, his main ally in Europe, “Iraq first, and Saudi Arabia second”.

This indicates that Bush’s intention is to change the situation in Saudi Arabia as a follow up step to the invasion of Iraq. Bush told Blair during that phone call that Iran and North Korea were candidates for possible targets later on. The elite, however, decided to overlook Saudi Arabic because it agreed to carry out a series of internal measures characterized by openness and a form of democracy, as well as wider participation of Saudis in position of authority and government (as part of the US-Saudi agreement to deal with oil crises).

Iran became the difficult target and the dangerous mission. Iran is a major source for oil (especially for China, Japan, and some European countries), and it has close ties with Russia, China, India, Syria and Islamic fighter groups such as Hezbollah in Lebanon and Islamic Jihad in Palestine.

Iran is developing its nuclear program with help from Russia and China.

The US administration chose this issue, the nuclear program, as a pretext to escalate the conflict with Tehran, while it is clear to observers that the aim is to control Iran’s oil after gaining control of Iraq’s oil, and controlling Saudi Arabia’s oil. This is what the elite oil group in the US wanted from Bush, for having him elected for a second term.

The US administration researched the possibility of carrying out an air strike against Iran’s nuclear institutions through joint Israeli-American committees.

Indeed necessary plans were made and the type of weaponry, aircraft and ammunition to carry out the mission was selected, and was supplied to Israel not that long ago. Among the ammunition the US handed over to Israel, is powerful bombs that can penetrate underground bunkers that are ten floors deep. The Israeli government (Sharon) used this mission to get most of what it wanted from the US administration, and it is still using it to get what it wants in the region. Israel’s list included many items:

  • Disarming Hezbollah in Lebanon.
  • Disarming Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Palestine.
  • Besieging Syria.
  • Allowing Israel to infiltrate Iraq in terms of intelligence as well as militarily, in a covert and confidential manner.
  • Normalization of ties between Israel and the Arab states.

The US did indeed launch a large scale campaign to besiege Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, and persuade the world to consider their terrorist organizations, and free the accounts of non-government societies that fund, or help to fund, these organizations. The US escalated the matter through the Security Council, and by pressuring Syria and the Lebanese government to disarm Hezbollah. It also pressured the Palestinian Authority to disarm Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

All this took place within the framework of the Israeli conditions to carry out an air strike against the Iranian nuclear institutions. Israeli fears that the initial Iranian response will come through Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad, either through shelling or through special military operations inside Israel.

With increased pressure from the US oil elite on the White House to carry out the missions, President Bush was elected to carry out in his second term. The US administration intensified its campaign against Syria because that enables it to hit more than one bird with the same stone. No Middle East affairs analyst, or observer can fail to place the assassination of President Yasser Arafat, and Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri within this framework –” the framework of preparing to achieve the goals of disarming Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas, and Islamic Jihad in Palestine, in order to enable the US administration to move forward in the elite’s agenda and to carry out the missions it listed for the US administration.

The US-Israeli understanding regarding this move will undoubtedly involve Israel paying the bill for “normalization”, disarming the factions, crushing the Iranian nuclear threat, taming Syria, keeping Jerusalem and parts of the West Bank and its settlements, and the construction of the annexation wall.

Israel has indeed begun to reluctantly pay the bill through the incomplete withdrawal from the Gaza Strip, and to keep the people of Gaza prisoners in the big prison that is the Gaza Strip. Israel will continue to gradually pay the first item of the bill (Gaza) under various headlines, such as opening the crossing points, opening the airport, building the port, and opening a safe passage between the Gaza Strip, and the West Bank, using time to pressure the Palestinian Authority to disarm Hamas and Islamic Jihad (and naturally the Al-Aqsa Brigades).

Indeed, on the land of Palestine we see the heated battle to eliminate the armed factions through pressure from Palestinian security services, and their actions against the activity of armed factions (the ministry of Interior announcing thwarting a planned military attack, and including Al-Aqsa Brigades in the security services), and through Israeli military attacks against these factions in the Gaza Strip, and West Bank, the latest being the air raids against the Gaza Strip, and the assassination of the commander of Saraya Al-Quds in the West Bank Luai Al-Sa’di.

As for Hezbollah, the battle being waged there is different in terms of form and weapons. Targeting Syria is the path the US administration has chosen to defuse and paralyze Hezbollah. The beginning was the assassination of Rafiq Al-Hariri and then pointing the finger at Damascus.

Who assassinated Rafiq Al-Hariri? Who has an interest in his assassination? I find that only the oil group as having an interest in this.

The international resolutions that followed forcing Syria to withdraw its troops and its intelligence services from Lebanon indicate the international role in affairs in Lebanon, and the pressure on Syria. Israel’s services undoubtedly played a major role in these events as it has the strongest intelligence service in Lebanon. For its intelligence service, Israel mostly uses native residents and not only Israelis as it did when it founded the South Lebanon Army.

Thus; the US administration puts the Middle East back into the ancient game the veteran CIA man Miles Copeland called “The Game of Nations”. These episodes in the series of the game could have other related episodes that have not surfaced yet. One of these episodes could be the Shia in Saudi Arabia, especially in the eastern area.

The US administration used the Shia in Iraq to seize its wealth, and it could use four million Shia members in Saudi Arabia to gain complete control over the oil there. It could be on its way to change the regime in Iran so that it controls the oil of that country through a major Shia alliance that includes Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. What is clear now is that the plan that Israel tried to market at the White House during the Clinton administration, and which Netanyahu failed to convince Clinton to adopt, is the (modified) plan that Bush adopted through his Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld and Dick Cheney. This plan was engineered by then Deputy Secretary of Defense Wolfowitz, and other Zionists who have settled in the Defense and Foreign ministries. They are the ones who inherited the old Jabotinski strategy based on quelling the Arab national movement and the concept of Arab unity, and on stirring tribalism to divide the region to make it easier to control, take advantage of its wealth, and prevent its geographic and political unity. In such a situation, Israel would be safe and would be able to jump over the normalization hurdle to a position of control in the area under an international umbrella.

They killed Yasser Arafat to transform the Palestinian issue from the just cause of a people to a card in “the Game of Nations”. They killed Al-Hariri to transform Lebanon into a card in the Game of Nations. The goal in both cases was one –” to control the oil sources and markets in a world, in which the empires of Europe are falling and growing at a rate that terrifies the Western economic empire. The acceleration we see and hear of to besiege Syria and pressure it is a conclusive indication that the time to strike at Iranian nuclear institutions is near.

The Israeli military escalation against the Palestinian people and Palestinian factions is happening at an unreasonably fast rate, and one that does not go with what is taking place in Palestine. This also indicates that the pressure on the Palestinian Authority to disarm the factions has reached its highest level since the Bush-Abbas summit in Washington.

Now we ask the question; Was Bush’s statement on the possibility of not establishing a Palestinian state during his term in office unprompted as Abu Mazen said, or was is a slip of the tongue through which the truth was spoken?

Why did Bush withdraw this statement? Was it a slip of the tongue or an attempt to hide the truth?

They want to use the just cause of the people of Palestine as a car in the Game of Nations –” fine, but those holding that card now must play it well.

The Israeli government, which has been in the gave since Sharon took office, does not want, and does not approve of, the establishment of an independent sovereign viable Palestinian state with geographic continuity.

It is obvious to every Palestinian child that Sharon’s government wants to keep the West Bank, and wants a Palestinian state in Gaza Strip only. Those holding the Palestinian card must know this as every child does, and must work to turn the card into the just cause of a people.

Decision-makers in Palestine are the ones capable of doing this from within the framework of the Game of Nations if they act with wisdom and intelligence because this whole issue shows us that the US administration desperately needs an achievement in the Middle East, and if Israel is asking for a high price to help the US administration accomplish an achievement asked for by the US oil group, then the Palestinian Authority can use this urgent need and have the price be the establishment of a sovereign independent Palestinian state on the lands occupied by Israel in 1967.

After so many years in the White House, President Bush has undoubtedly learnt that the key to all solutions in the Middle East is ending the Israeli occupation, not supporting it or strengthening it. He also knows that it is the only case of occupation of Palestinian, or Western lands that is a colonial occupation in which lands are confiscated, and settlements are built on them as was the case in the occupations at the beginning of the last century. The US occupation of Iraq is; however, a non-colonial invasion.

Therefore; the best interest of President Bush, the US administration, the Us and the oil group in it, lies in ending all forms of Israeli occupation in Palestine, and enabling Palestinian people to establish their sovereign independent state on all lands occupied in 1967.