The Thoughtful Revolution

It was strange to hear an adult woman, the supposed leader of one of Europe’s leading countries, stand before an audience of US diplomats and statesmen at the White House and suggest that Iran is an enemy to the West because its leader distrusts the Holocaust culture that has attempted to drench the world in guilt over what is said to have happened to Jewish people in Germany during World War II, and also because he voiced openly his doubts or disbelief in respect to the historic facts surrounding the holocaust. You might have imagined that she would be more upset by the fact that a man in Italy is denying the existence of Jesus, and that he is going to court to prove that Jesus did not exist as an historical figure.

So much anger over so small a thing as doubt and questioning should cause us all to wonder what significance is the holocaust in comparison to a World War where people of all faiths, and many races died heinous deaths for reasons that cannot be explained in a way that is sensible to anyone now living, even perhaps Germans. I wonder if Iran’s president had questioned the reported numbers of White Anglo Saxons, or other white Europeans that were killed in that war, or the number of Gypsies, or homosexuals, or Jehovah’s witnesses, or American GIs, or others, if Iran would be in as much trouble as it seems to be in right now. Were any of the lives lost during that, or any other war any less valuable to us, and was there any method of killing innocent people that would be anymore acceptable to us than another? If not, then why are we risking the possibility of a third world war over someone’s sentiments about the holocaust?

Another puzzling question raised by recent attempts to instigate a war against one of Israel’s many supposed foes, is why Iran is considered any greater a threat to Israel, than Israel is to Iran, considering that for years Israel has called for various horrible things to happen to Iran, while Iran has only began to say the things that many people are thinking about Israel. Will the world cleave itself, East and West, and go to war because Israel and Iran are at odds? That will be more difficult to explain to future generations than our lack of equal emotional attachment to the lives of the millions who could be killed in a future war, fought to satisfy Israel’s lust for more Muslim and Arab blood, and its desire to reign supreme over the Muslim world. What will be even more difficult to explain is how anyone believes it could ever happen?

Israel has played a clever game of multiple identities that obscures its special interests, the unique role it plays in the Muslim world, its reason for existence, and why the West will go to war for Israel. Our children will see this rotten game as lunacy, a lunacy born of guilt that has savaged the souls of a modern people who cannot let go of the past, and the evils of their past generations, and so they want to share it and pass it along, impose it upon others, and not because they seek atonement, but rather because they are self destructive, and vain. If they should be destroyed for their sins, they want the entire world to be destroyed along with them, and so they created Israel as their new god who will lead us all into repentance and subjugation to Jewish Supremacy, as payment for the crimes of white supremacism in Europe. They have forgotten, and have no use for Jesus, or for his teachings, or God’s love and mercy that is available to all of mankind. We should ask ourselves who is really the so-called “anti-Christ” and whether it is God or man that will bring about an Armageddon? Of what use would such a tragedy be to God, the same God who said “Thou Shall not Kill?” Justice in the hands of the unjust and the criminally insane godless people is the greatest injustice to all people, and a crime in and of itself, since God said that the righteous will inherit this earth, yet they try to convince us that they have the power to destroy both the inheritors, and the inheritance. Who will we believe?

In one instance, we are told that Israel is the Promised Land for the descendants of ancient Jews who fled the region and settled in Eastern Europe, yet, due to Europe’s savage treatment, they have quit Europe, and returned to reclaim and resettle their promised land, and with a vengeance. It is a myth that can be proven to be a fabrication that is aimed at creating a false entitlement to Palestinian land, supposedly owned by European Zionists. This is Israel’s fake indigenous ancient Hebrew identity. Then there is the Israel that is the military power, the great warrior nation of settlers that has been armed by Europe and the US with advanced military weaponry, nuclear submarines, and even allowed to have a nuclear weapons program and to stockpile nuclear weapons, attack, kill and maim Palestinians, and to destroy Palestine, and lead the world to war in Iraq. Their military advisors travel the world and train other militaries, and Para militaries in Israel’s art of torture, excessive force, and violence against innocent civilians, yet they want us to believe that they are terrified of Palestinian rocks, and primitive weaponry, and so much so that they must be exempted from all accountability, and international law, and allowed to exploit every possible way and means to eliminate the Palestinians and subjugate the Muslim world, and all, of course, for security reasons. This is the “poor Israel” identity. Last but not least, there is the European Israel. This is the racist colony, the last vestige of White, European, Western, and Christian modeled colonialism, and apartheid in the Muslim world, and the world of brown and black peoples. It is the crusades, the clash of civilizations, and the ill fated, and satanic bargain struck between Theodore Hertzl and the British. This is the Israel that has promised to wipe out the Muslim world, and destroy Islam, and to bring the Arabs to their knees, and who hopes to deliver to Europe and the US, the control of the world’s oil in exchange for their economic and military support, and their abandonment of Jesus and all morality. This is the Israel that the West will go to war for, and the worldly heaven, or Zion, where it has stored its treasures. This, the European Israel, is the Israel that Europe and the US cries for, rips its heart out about, and to which they are so passionately attached that they will lead our children to death in a third world war, to atone for their racist crimes, carried out in past wars, slavery, and genocides. Pity that the lesson they have learned from wars is not that man should not seek to settle differences, or gain power through war, rather they learned that we can only atone for crimes against humanity by allowing the professed victims of such crimes to destroy all of humanity, but only if they are Zionists. All of the others who have been enslaved, and ravaged by European racism and greed should give up their claim for reparations, and justice, while the European Zionist should not only be given reparations, we must all die for them, and also sacrifice our children upon their altars to their war god. The Holy scriptures teach us that the soul is self reproaching, and that it will guide its own flesh to ruin, and self inflicted punishment and destruction in this life, for fear of eternal damnation and hellfire in the next. The people who write the scripts must live by their beliefs and their writings, they cannot escape the writ.

Unfortunately for Europe and the United States, the majorities of the people of the world are not European. We don’t feel the pain of their sins, and their need for atonement, and flagellation inflicted by Zionists. We don’t understand why it’s wrong to question supposedly historic facts, and why it is worth going to war to destroy people because they question the holocaust, while you profess to be Christian, and you could care less about what is happening to the history of Jesus, and his teachings. The majority of the world’s people had no hand in the mistreatment of European Jews, and should refuse to be enslaved to Jewish Supremacism to atone for Europe’s sins, and we do believe in and follow Jesus, and Muhammad, and Buddha, and other prophets, and will continue to do so. God may be considered dead in Europe, but is alive in the hearts of a majority of people in this world.

The world has been poisoned and rendered insane by an evil elixir called guilt, and we are swooning and grappling for consciousness, but we cannot find it because it is hidden in truth, yet to seek the truth is now a crime. Speaking and facing the truth is the atonement that the world is seeking, but we cannot speak it if we cannot seek it. We need forgiveness for the past and not only for the crimes committed during the holocaust, but also for slavery, and genocides and massacres carried out against other peoples, and for the economic schemes and greed that have left most of the world impoverished at the expense of a few who by force of arms have held off justice. Why does no one ever speak of the many Russians slaughtered by Stalin, or the millions killed by the Communist in China, or by Pol Pot in Asia? Are only the crimes of people who believe in God, crimes? Who is the Anti-Christ? Who can explain to us why the warmongering Israel should be allowed to have a nuclear weapons program and not Iran? Why are the Arab and Muslim countries denied the protection and security of the mutual destruction deterrent that kept the US and the Soviets from mutual annihilation?

Its obvious to some people that the world has reached a point of madness that should no longer be tolerated. The last battle is not an Armageddon of man against man, with military armaments, and a rapture as some would like for us all to believe. It is a battle of heart and soul against the dark vacuums and empty pits of evil, the smokeless fires that disguise themselves as human beings, and who are ravaging earth because we have forgotten and turned against God, and because we worship powerless idols, mere shadows, and false images of god, in God’s place. The power of mankind is the power of God, and faith in God, and if this truth is lost, the war will be lost to this generation. Our power is fund in submission and worship of the One God, obedience to His laws, the teachings of His prophets, and obedience to the righteous authority over us. The President of Iran may have spoken inappropriately, but he did an act of courage that we should all respect and admire, even if he is not our President, he is our brother. He asked a question, and called us all to think about justice, about our futures, about our future generations, about our pasts, about God, and our relationship as a species with our Creator. If we think about any of these questions long enough, we will come up with the answers to the question, “Why Iran, and why now?” And the truth will set us free.