The U.S. Anti-Terror campaign may ultimately target Americans

Make no mistake about it — the corporate elite, which controls American government, will ultimately be at overt odds with the average American. One day, when the general public understands how the wealthy elite have skimmed the economy, accumulated vast wealth, ruined the environment, depleted earth’s natural resources, fomented international competitions and wars, and screwed everyone in sight — the public will not be happy. The groundwork is being laid now for a police state within the U.S. that will check the future angry masses.  

Already, greens are being targeted as potential terrorists, being placed on no-fly lists and being surveyed by government operatives. Dissidents and intellectuals will be monitored; their whereabouts, their communications, their contacts entered into secret databases.  

The day will come when access to the internet will be as carefully controlled by the government as access to international air flights. Activists and dissidents will be prohibited from communicating by email or using the resources of the internet, and the given reason will be "national security".  

The time will come when all workers, employers, immigrants, and especially criminals will have vital personal information held by government "security" forces. Eye scans will be used to monitor who enters buildings, starting with corporate headquarters, government facilities, and then luxury (secure) residential impoundments. DNA of every citizen will be held by the government for future identification of remains or traces of presence for detection purposes.  

We are headed for a police state. Constitutional rights will be easily and regularly discarded. Criminal trials will be held in secret, with no right to attorneys and no right to appeal. Death penalties will be routine, even for first infractions. Spies will be recruited, and are now being recruited to provide "evidence" at these secret trials.  

Immense pressure will be brought to bear on the public to eliminate conscience, apathy, ambition, sense of justice, sense of freedom, and willingness to organize.  

The wealthy elite will not be willing to share their power or their wealth, and will not be willing to compromise their safety and security. The military will be used against the American citizenry, in addition to foreign "threats".  

There is no escaping the fact that modern society is physically unsustainable on this planet. The consuming masses will, within the first half of this century, reach thresholds of consumption that will put all human life on the planet at risk. The possibility of a general human die-off is very real. The goal of the wealthy, corporate elite at that time will be to make sure that the dying is done by the poor and the suppressed, the "little guys". The wealthy will use their assets to preserve themselves and their lives and their properties through the mass die-off, hoping to emerge in a future earth with life, property, and power.  

Anyone with vision can see this coming. The masses have been dumbed down, controlled, manipulated, and put under pressure so that they will not be able to see until the traps are sprung and it may be too late to manipulate favorable change.  

Interestingly, though, the Bush administration has created some problems for itself. By setting bad precedents, the coming conflicts with the outside world may negate some of the current advantages held by the U.S. corporate elite. While the U.S. is a superpower, it cannot simultaneously fight the entire world. And many nations have powerful weapons which can ultimately bring down the U.S., including the corporate elite.  

A bad precedent was the declaration of the principal of defensive, pre-emptive war. Bush declared that any threat to U.S. security could be dealt with preemptively. This precedent means that, in the future, when the U.S. has totally alienated the entire world, including current allies, any nation with cruise missiles, submarines, or intercontinental ballistic missiles will be able to claim the right to pre-emptive attack on the U.S. If Wall Street or the Super Bowl stadium or any commercial or governmental facility is targeted, the aggressors can claim self-defense. Another bad precedent was the targeting of heads of state and even their families, which we have seen in Iraq and Libya and elsewhere. If Saddam Hussein can be targeted, there is no reason a Chinese or an Indian submarine cannot target the U.S. Capitol or the White House with a surprise attack. The result will be catastrophic for the American people, but a precedent has been set and other nations may very well seek to take advantage of it when their perceive their own well-being and even survival is at risk.  

Many nations have intelligence services and spies. Can the Russians determine where Dick Cheney sleeps at night, and bomb his residence in a pre-emptive attack? Heaven forbid this were to occur! But if other nations see us as the threat, they will be able to use the Bush arguments of pre-emptive, defensive war, including political assassinations for their own purposes.  

Perhaps such a war will reach America’s corporate elite before the corporate elite is able to war against the American public. In any event, there is little doubt that tragedy lies ahead. Americans are not willing to adjust their lifestyles and their philosophies and their consumption to fit global needs. Something will have to give. A lot of human life will be lost. A lot of suffering will occur.  

The corporate elite will ultimately seek to save themselves and will war on Americans or foreigners to preserve their fortunes and their power. The details of how it all plays out will be fascinating, and frightening to watch, and to experience.