The United States can destroy the World, but not rule it

The U.S. has long dominated the world, but things are changing. For one thing, the U.S. is no longer the world’s leading creditor nation, but the largest debtor nation in the history of the world. Blackmail by the U.S. is keeping the U.S. economy temporarily afloat under the U.S. position that if other nations do not prop up the U.S. economy all will sink together.

This will ultimately change. Nations are forming international alliances and trading partnerships that will ultimately squeeze the U.S. economy out of its dominant role. After all, if the U.S. produces little of uniqueness or of value to the rest of the world, and if U.S. consumers are do drowned in their own debt that they cannot indefinitely continue to purchase goods produced by others by borrowing yet more from their creditors, then the U.S. will sink to the bottom of the world economy and stay sunk for a long, long time.

Likewise, militarily the U.S. can bomb and even nuke other nations, but can no longer dominate them as in the past. Other nations have learned that resistance to American hegemony can succeed. The American military is short-handed and top-heavy. Powerful weapons can destroy buildings and kill people rapidly, but cannot destroy the human spirit. The Palestinians have showed the world that the powerful Israeli military, which is modeled after the American military, cannot break their resistance, and the Iraqi people are doing the same.

America can theoretically bomb Iran or North Korea or Syria or anyone else, even with nuclear weapons. And then what? America cannot occupy all those nations. America cannot persuade the people of those nations that America wants what is best for them, because it is clear to all that America’s government wants only what is best for the ruling elite and those with lots of money. Even the American public, long the victim of the ruling class, is beginning to see that their interests are largely disregarded by their government.

The American government and military are only powerful as a wrecking ball, which the entire world is learning to avoid. We wrecked Iraq and Afghanistan, and do not have the wherewithal to rebuild them. Across America, schools and roads and infrastructure are decaying and falling apart, and we spend so much money on the military that we cannot afford to repair our national infrastructure.

America is growing weaker by the day. Economic weakness ultimately translates into military and political weakness. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has climbed only because the retirement accounts of the masses have been plundered. The class war by the haves against the have-nots in America is such that corporate executives pay themselves hundreds of millions of dollars in pay and retirement benefits will deny jobs and retirements to huge numbers of workers. Outsourcing of jobs to foreigners harms the U.S. economy because out-of-work Americans struggle to afford consumer goods even at lower prices.

America is clearly headed towards collapse, and it may be that the ruling elite has determined that if America must collapse, then the whole world must go down with it. Is America planning to sink the economies of the entire world by military action?

One thing we know for sure is that America can destroy the world, but cannot dominate and control the world any more. Our strength is shallow and temporary and our enemies are numerous and committed to undoing our hegemony.

For some reason, this is something one never hears discussed on Fox News or even on CNN.