The United States needs a Clean Break from Israel

Having escaped another fiasco by the skin of our teeth, this time in Lebanon, it is time for the people of the world to decide just how many more wars and crises we are willing to undertake, and suffer for the sake of Israel and Zionism? So much has been written lately about the sins of the Middle East governments. Yet, very little has been written to suggest that just as the Arab governments are in desperate need of reform, so is Israel. The US, and the rest of the civilized world needs to reassess its relationship with Israel, just as we have sought to reassess our relationships with the dictatorial Arab regimes, and for the same, and some different reasons. It might be time for the US to change the nature of our relationship with Israel, until Israel can come to grips with the reality of its size, location, and significance to the rest of the world. Israel should be forced to decide to be a good neighbor rather than a continuous threat to world peace and stability if it hopes to continue to enjoy world acceptance, support and cooperation.

The recent confrontation with Syria over Syrian troops that were stationed in Lebanon to ease a civil war, should be reason enough for a careful US reassessment, and perhaps realignment. Israel’s occupation of Lebanon lasted many years, and was illegal. Syria occupied Lebanon as a result of an agreement between two sovereign nations. The very fact that our Senior US diplomats could not distinguish between the roles that Syria played, and that Israel played in Lebanon, and take sides appropriately, should cause us all some distress. How do you compare a nation that stationed its military in a foreign country to end a civil war, with one that illegally entered a country, and militarily occupied that country by force, violating international law? How do you compare Syria’s efforts and contribution to the end of that civil war, to Israel’s causing war? Israel secretly, and independently relocated its own troops, and left more than 200 US Marines, to be attacked and killed while sleeping in their barracks. How do we then take the side of Israel against Syria in respect to Lebanon? Israel, according to the verdict of its own court, caused massacres of civilian refugees in Sabre and Shatilla, destroyed South Lebanon, and later pulled out of Lebanon, without signing a peace agreement and after violating numerous UN resolutions, and international laws. Israel also continues to thumb its nose at international law by bombing south Lebanon at will, invading Lebanese airspace and dropping bombs, which is an international crime. Where is the international outcry, or the justice, or the reparations?

The same is true for the issue of Iran and its nuclear program. A US cable news journalist said, "I don’t feel uncomfortable with Israel’s nuclear program, but I am uncomfortable with the idea that Iran has a nuclear program." Too bad there was no one to ask "why"? Iran had one war in the 20th century against Iraq. It had a revolution that overthrew an Israeli puppet that was oppressing the Iranian people to appease Israel. It has never invaded a neighboring country. Iran has never bombed anyone that did not bomb Iran first. It has sought to be transparent in the development of its nuclear energy program, while Israel continues to play games that prevent anyone from being able to inspect its program. Iran has signed a non-proliferation agreement and other treaties. Israel will not sign a non-proliferation agreement, and it’s too late for that anyway, since they already have sold the secrets to everyone who could afford to purchase them. Why no mention of these facts by the US media, or the Arab media for that matter? Why is it that Israel is the only nation in the Muslim world, other than Pakistan to have a nuclear program? Why doesn’t the world demand a nuclear free Middle East, and that all Middle East countries, including Israel must disarm?

It should no longer be possible for Israel to hide its bloodied hands in US pockets. For some strange reason, Israel is never held accountable for the millions of lives that have been lost as a result of its efforts to expand throughout the Muslim world. It has never been asked to pay reparations for the property it has destroyed in Lebanon and Palestine, it has never paid any price for its aggressions, and violations of international law. The American people seldom mention the hurt we feel over the US loss of credibility, and goodwill squandered, and the hatred of our country that has spread across the globe. All of these things have resulted from Israel’s determination to dominate, and subjugate the Muslim world. They also result from criminal tactics Israel has employed to do so. Too often Israel commits these crimes in our name, implying that the US either called for, or sanctioned its controversial or illegal actions, even when it is not true. Today the Washington Times is reporting a new policy aimed at wiping out so-called "foreign spies" before they can get important info out of places like Iraq, and other sensitive areas. Is it a coincidence that this announcement is made just after an Italian journalist is injured, and the Italian intelligence officer that saved her from kidnappers in Iraq is killed leaving Iraq, and supposedly by American soldiers? Before offering too many apologies, and aiming anymore international hatred towards US troops, someone had better make sure that it was US troops that fired upon the car that was hit, resulting in the above mentioned injury and death. Israel employed this same technique against journalists and humanitarian aid workers in Palestine who would interview resistance operatives and write reports that were favorable to the Palestinian resistance, or who would help Palestinians to get to doctors, and hospitals, or block bulldozers from destroying their homes. They rolled over Rachel Corrie with a bulldozer, and killed her, and there are others, some who were journalist, who were also killed by Israeli missiles fired in civilian areas, and on crowded streets, and the world was silent because they feared Israel, and US bullying for Israel. Add to US woes resulting from our unconditional support for Israel, the fact that the deficit we are suffering is due to a large extent to our government’s attempts to sustain Israel. Israel is actually, by definition of international economists, a failed state with no economy of its own, and just a huge military arsenal assembled for killing rock throwers, and unarmed civilians. How much US taxpayer money makes its way into Israel’s hands without taxpayer knowledge, or agreements for accountability and principled limitations to moral and humane use of our money? Just days ago, a US Congressman appeared on cable news to criticize another US Congressman for using the word "Hitler." When asked why we can’t use the word Hitler, the Congressman replied that it angered Abe Foxman, of the ADL, and hurt the feeling of Jews who feel that the Holocaust was the worst atrocity of all time. The Congressman completely ignored the fact that Jewish pundits regularly criticize African Americans, talk about slavery, and criticize African Americans for what they have called "a lack of social progress." They regularly attack African American personalities like Michael Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and others, and no one takes any offense, or says a word, since we love free speech, and are willing to take insults, and sometimes hurt feelings to protect the rights of the many, threatened by an ignorant few. They have also criticized in the meanest ways, Latino Americans, publishing an article in one neo-con magazine called "Jose can you see," criticizing Latino immigration to the US, claiming that it undermines US culture. Where were the US Congressmen and cable news shows to ask, "is this free speech, or hate speech?" There were none. This controversy regarding use of the word "Hitler" followed within days, a statement that circulated among US Muslims. The statement suggested that if we, US Muslims, want our suffering in the US to end, we must agree to never compare the Jewish holocaust with the Palestinian holocaust, and that we must stop insisting that the war on terror is against Islam. The insanity that has caused the US huge losses in friends and credibility internationally, and that weakens our economy, also threatens basic civil rights, and our US Constitution, right here in the US. Sadly, the supporters of this erosion of rights are to be found, even in our own US Congress.

It is time for the US to make a Clean Break from Israel, and to end the historic, and unfortunate passionate attachment that has weakened the US, internally and externally, while artificially bolstering Israel’s influence in the world. If we truly want a 21st century of peace and prosperity, we must free the US from this ball and chain, and recommit to US independence, and our own interests. We are a people who believe that all people are created equally, and endowed by our Creator with equal rights. Among those rights, are the right to be free from international Israeli tyranny, bullying, threats, murder, mischief making, fiscal irresponsibility, undermining the US Constitution, corruption of our national and international institutions, spying, and waists of US taxpayer money, lying and warmongering. It will be impossible for the US to play the role that it hopes to play internationally so long as it is incapable of demonstrating the moral authority, and good judgement that we have a right to expect of any nation that bids to lead the world. President George Washington perhaps foresaw the days when the US would be poised between these two possibilities. One: to be a world leader, the other: to go down the tubes because we could not recognize our own interests, and fell, weakened by own destructive and guilt ridden passions, when he cautioned us to avoid such obviously destructive attachments.

Many of the now weakening Arab regimes that played important roles in emboldening Israel’s insane dream of a "Greater Israel" on Muslim lands, are also beginning to pay the price for their role in this deadly drama. Their people now realize that had these governments refused to play along, turning Arab against Arab, and Muslim against Muslim for the sake of false Zionist promises, like Hashemite Jordanian control of Palestine and Iraq, things might be different. The US is not the only culprit. If we had ever had honorable men over the Muslim nations, Israel would have been contained. Welcomed, yet contained. Most of the wars, and the carnage and crises that have cost so many lives, would have been avoided if anyone had just said, "no." If we had honorable men guarding the Muslim nations, we would have peace in the region, since there would have been no one to aid and abet Israel, in a region that is un-accepting of its East European style of brutal, and racist aggression. People have loved Israel and disliked its evils, and injustices, and it is time to help Israel, by ending its cruelty and injustices, oblivious to consequences and the harm being suffered by other human beings. Just as the Arab regimes will lose prestige and power as a result of their historic collaborations in Israel’s fantasies, so will the US. If we haven’t seen already, in our own country, that the cost of the so-called obligation to Israel is too high, or if we haven’t seen it in Iraq, Palestine, and Lebanon, when will we realize how much we are paying, and conclude that the price is too high?