The US is Fast Approaching the Collapse Point

The United States is the most bizarre of all the empires of the past. Despite its enormous powers and unimaginable resources, it has allowed to be prostituted by a tiny Israel and a few opportunist dictators.

Together they form the weakest base on which the United States stands today. Its time is fast approaching to die by freedom and democracy -” the gun with which the US has taken lives of hundreds of thousands of people and occupied sovereign states.

The United States will collapse the moment Israel pulls the plug on the bubble of US economy. However, the collapse of the US is already in progress. It will accelerate with the fall of the dictators it is supporting with billions of dollars and thousands of lives. And it will be totally done with the Israel’s replacing the US as the Ruling State, just as the US replaced the UK after the World War 1.

The more we are subjected to the claims of promoting democracy, the more we witness the American totalitarians’ continued reliance on oppressive dictators whose inevitable doom is fast approaching.

Besides Mubarak’s desperate attempts at staying in power, General Musharraf is running out of options to keep his people in fool’s paradise for far too long. The signs of decay are obvious those those who want to study Pakistan as an example.

As the public rallies gain momentum in Pakistan and the protests get louder, demanding ouster of “American agents from power,” we see strange reactions in the US.

Seeing his buddy in trouble, Bush resorts to changing a long standing US position on the sale of F-16 fighter planes to Pakistan and agrees to provide the military regime dozens of F-16s.

On the media front, unlike the euphoria over the opposition rallies against pro-Moscow candidate in Ukraine, the pro-totalitarians-press in Washington reacts cautiously to the anti-dictator demonstrations in Pakistan. The Washington Post concludes its April 02 editorial with a cautious note: “the Bush administration needs a policy for Pakistan that is designed to outlast Pervez Musharraf.”

This, for sure, is not a realisation in favour of democracy. It is an expression of fear in the face of seeing the writing on the wall. The extremists and their friends in the “mainstream” media have realised the ephemeral glory and public acceptance of these autocrats which the US could manage for them with a) intimidation, economic incentives and c) promotion of pseudo-democracy against the will of the people.

a) Intimidation could scare the dictator but not the masses. With bending backwards to the demands from Washington, the dictator in Islamabad could save his rule but not the public from the fall out of the so-called war on terrorism. The “war on terror” rages equally across the Durand Line. Homes of the innocent Pakistanis have been destroyed. They are being harassed, tortured, sent off to the US concentration camps and killed just like the people under Karzai in Afghanistan. The only difference is that the dictator on the Pakistan side of the Durand Line has to use his own troops to do all this dirty work.

b) The economic incentives for Pakistan is an illusive bubble which could keep the people silent for this long but beside pushing an increased number of them below the poverty line, Pakistan has amassed $9.832 billion in potential liabilities. This does not include other liabilities, such as recently issued Islamic bonds and payment of instalments to Boeing for the procurement of 777s.

Pakistan, thus, does not have the foreign-exchange reserves that would be needed should sanctions be imposed on the country – always a possibility should the US suddenly decide to pull the rug under Pakistan’s feet. The pretext could be anything for Paul Wolfwitz at the World Bank from Pakistan’s refusal to hand over nuclear weapons to its unwillingness to provide assistance in attacking Iran.

c) Freedom and democracy: The most vulnerable of all is the bubble of democratic charade. Since September 2001, Bush had Musharraf as a guest several times, apparently without ever mentioning the administration’s democracy program. This all makes a mockery of Bush’s inaugural speech and the continued deadly campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan in the name of liberation.

This is a prime example of the sort of dictator-coddling that, in the past has always come back to haunt the US. This time around the situation would be more serious. It would not be limited to the past trends alone because with masses bringing their real representatives to power, the US would not be in a position to invade, occupy and install Karzais and Allawis everywhere it sees a pro-people government coming to power.

Imagine a world in which Musharraf, Mubarak, the kings of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and the sheikhs of Kuwait and other Gulf States gone, and real representative of the people taking the reigns in their hand. Did anyone ever think what the masses have been yearning for and what kind of governance mechanism would come to fore?

One can easily guess the answer keeping the extent of the seeds of hostility the US has sown on a mass scale with its policies of protecting the most favoured dictators.

None of the extremists in power in the US has ever thought what they are doing to the feelings and sensibilities of the suffering masses under these tyrannical regimes with their policy of promoting “strongmen.” Actually, The US lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the suffering Muslim long before its “intellectual” war lords could advise about it.

Muslim populations under the US supported dictatorial regimes have already realised through practical experience that the US and its extremist allies are not interested in what they claim to be promoting: democracy, freedom and human rights. Above all, there is no reference whatsoever to their right to self-determination and genuine independence from the centuries old colonial interference.

The protests in Ukraine were a local issue that at the most translated into toppling a government at home. But the protests in Pakistan and Egypt are a global issue that will directly undermine the totalitarians in Washington and Tel Aviv.

A domino effect will definitely follow in all occupied and semi-occupied lands, and the US will hardly be able to afford so many fallen dominos and contain the rise of the most feared “spectre”: the real democracy of Islam.

The Islamophobes propagated the non-existent threat of Islam to the extent that defeating Islam became the top most priority in the last 15 years. It is easy for the 9/11 Commission to recommend in its report that “If Musharraf stands for enlightened moderation … the US should be willing to make hard choices too.” It is also easy for the war lords in the media to promote a few dozen opportunist “moderate” Muslims, following a woman in Friday prayers. However, repercussions of such recommendations and undue support to anti-Islam elements are far severe and wider in the Muslim word than anyone could imagine.

It is easy to deceive public at home but making reinvention of Islam acceptable to 1.5 billion Muslims in the name of “enlightened moderation,” phony democracy and pseudo liberation is really the most impossible adventure ever undertaken in human history. That’s how the “war president,” his extremist administration and the war lords in media planted the seeds of self-destruction. That’s how they are fast approaching their hour. Those who opted to live by dictators are destined to die by dictators.

After the fall of twin towers, we were bombarded with the phrase, “the world has changed,” by the “mainstream media” which is allied with the extremists in power. In fact, the collapse of twin towers didn’t change the world as much as the fall of a few dictators like Musharraf would. In their fall lies the fall of the United States of America as we know it.

The US must be the most bizarre empire of human history in terms of being used as a tool in the hands of Israel and its reliance on the tyranny of Muslim dictators. However, in getting ditched by the same two, it is so obviously following the same course to ruins as the other empires i.e., getting the death blows from where they expect it the least.