The War on Islam


The devastating, September 11, 2001 attack on America’s military and financial centers shocked and horrified the world, and came as a surprise to most Americans. “Why do they hate us?” asked President Bush.

America wasn’t attacked just because “they hate us.” Only a few among major news media dared to tell the truth. The World Trade Center and the Pentagon symbolized what many in the world view, not always correctly, as a major source of their deprivation and misery.

That Americans were surprised is evidence of the failure of major news media to communicate to Americans the reality of the world in which we live. Years of biased reporting and half-truths have left Americans poorly informed of the enemies we have created.

While Americans are usually welcomed around the world, America is often “hated.” The War on Islam answers “why?” Informed Americans, demanding the best from our leaders and news media, and justice for all, may be our best hope for peace in this century.

We pray for the victims of the attack on America, for their families, and friends, and we commend President Bush’s measured response, and his efforts to assure that Muslims, Arabs, and foreigners do not become victims of ignorance and xenophobia. But we have concerns for the future.

Hawks in the U.S. establishment are urging a wider war. This will only escalate the conflict, and diminish the security we’ve enjoyed in America. The path to greater security for all lies in eliminating the causes of terrorism: injustice and greed.

This is the direction in which we urge President Bush to lead America. The president that does this will secure our future, build goodwill around the world, and leave an enduring legacy.

Mr. Enver Masud is an engineering management consultant, author of “The War on Islam,” and founder of The Wisdom Fund –

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