The "War President" and his Self-Perpetuating Wars

President George W. Bush, an ex-military man himself only in the most macabre sense, has called himself a "war president" and he makes decisions with "war on his mind". Of course, all his wars to date have been unnecessary, illegal wars of aggression that violate norms of the civilized world. If George W. Bush had been appointed a Major League Baseball Manager instead of President of the U.S., it would be like having a former drop out from the minor leagues leading the New York Yankees and then trying to field 20 man teams in the World Series played in violation of the rules of baseball in order to assure Yankee dominance for the rest of history.

So, now George W. Bush is sending U.S. forces into operations in Samara, Iraq in order to root out "insurgents". Rooting out insurgents with brutal military attacks from jet aircraft and helicopter borne missile fire and artillery is like trying to clear a termite infestation of an occupied human residence using dynamite. You can expect some "collateral damage" for sure, but cannot reasonable expect to end the infestation!

As "War President", working with a gang of "chickenhawks" who have put their mark on the U.S. military, the travesty of self-perpetuating war has occurred on an ongoing basis. The chickenhawks are leading the U.S. military towards long-term disaster, because of their hubris combined with inexperience, thrown together with heavy doses of dogmatism and salted with the poor judgement of a few compliant career military officers who became "yes men" to the leadership while superior thinkers within the military have been shunted off to retirement. This is a formula for disaster, and disaster is staring the U.S. in the face, though the current administration cannot see the forthcoming results because of heavy blinders securely fixed in place. Raiding Najaf and Samara and Fallujah and Sadr City does not create a net elimination of insurgents. It creates insurgents faster than it destroys them. It motivates resistance. It fortifies fears of former supporters of U.S. hegemony. It turns friends into enemies, and pacifists into activists.

It turns academics into fighters and Iraqi moms into cheerleaders for the insurgency.

The only ones winning the war in Iraq right now are the undertakers and the gravediggers.

President George W. Bush wants to be the war president. He has no other role and his chosen role is a national disaster. No one in America seems to recall Bush running in 2000 on the "War President" ticket, yet we now know that war-making was his hidden agenda all along. Wars of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq were planned long before 9/11 and are in reality resource wars and not anti-terrorism actions. If anything, one can look at the Israeli/Palestinian situation and see that, even from the Israeli perspective, one does not stop "terrorist" attacks by counter attacking. Israel could have learned from the Europeans that stopping the Red Brigades and other "terrorist" groups is accomplished far more effectively by police-style operations than by brutal, indiscriminate military assaults on innocents and families of "terrorists". Of course, the Israelis, like the Americans, are in favor of self-perpetuating war because Israeli wars against "terrorism" are also resource wars, land grabs, and brutal subjugation of a people in order to steal their land and to exterminate that people (the Palestinians) if possible.

History is neither on the side of the American Empire nor its Israeli counterpart. These militaristic, hyper-violent peoples have caused much suffering, but in the end, their self-perpetuating wars will not be sustainable. George W. Bush will go down in history as an evil, delusional, pathetic figure. When the full truth is known, George W. Bush may actually be reviled as a traitor to America, and more than one American military figure or other public figure has already made such an analysis. Many Iraqis quickly understood that George W. Bush is not and was not their friend and his removal of Saddam Hussein was not a net favor for them, because it was never a benevolent gesture, but a part of parcel of a scheme that was and is sinister and contrary to the best interests of Iraqis.

The War President is a Warmonger with a background in personal evasion of military service. His Vice-President deferred his own military service during wartime in his youth, and should have deferred any war-making during his adulthood in high government positions.

America sorely needs a peacemaker in office and a truth speaker in charge.