The warning shot for America

In yesterday’s column, [1] I mentioned: “When this desperation grows, they [Americans] will react just the way other nations are reacting. This reaction is inevitable. And then, they will get the same labels “home-grown terrorists,” “nihilists,” “enemies of freedom,” those who “love death and despise life.” and “insurgents” against “decent government” in America.”

Hardly 24 hours have been passed and the news from New York is: "Man commits suicide at Ground Zero to ‘protest’ Bush win,” (The New York Daily News, November 08, 2004).

Also note the following:

1). Andrew Veal was just 25.

2). He was a university research worker who was engaged to be married.

3). He was neither jobless, nor a delusional figure, brainwashed by imams.

4). He was not looking to 72 virgins from Allah.

5). Mr. Veal’s supervisor at the University of Georgia, Mary Anne Mauney, says, “I’m absolutely sure it’s a protest," and “here he did it was symbolic."

Also keep in mind that Americans have not yet tasted a fraction of the tyranny that America and its bulldog in the Middle East, Israel, have unleashed against other people. This is just a beginning of imposing on Americans what the totalitarian ideologues have been imposing on other people abroad for way too long by now.

Also remember the desperation in the US has not even reached the threshold levels. When it does, these suicide bombings would not be limited to killing oneself alone. The reaction would be similar to what is happening in Iraq: attacking both the tyrants and their collaborators.

The suicide at Ground Zero must be first lesson for Thomas Friedman and company, whose specialty is to misinterpret the phenomenon of suicide by those who suffer under one or another form of tyranny. Newsweek went to the extent of making fun of the Qur’an and holding Qur’anic verses responsible for the motives behind the oppressed victims´ committing themselves to death? (Newsweek, July 28, 2003).

Friedman of the New York Times believes that the US could not find “any W.M.D. in Iraq,” but in the process it “found there a disturbing number of P.M.D.’s -” people of mass destruction.”

The suicide at Ground Zero is a chilling warning for such warlords to understand that suicidal temptation is not the result of unemployment of delusional messages from Imams. With each passing minute, as tyranny grows deeper at home, many such P.M.D. appear to make the brain dead intellectuals that they were wrong in their conclusions.

Let Bush serve for a couple of more years and Friedman will the answer to his questions: “Where are all these suicide bombers coming from? How do you just get these people off the shelf?” These analysts would hardly have guts to ask: “We don’t know who these people are?”

By now the tyrants and their collaborators in American cheated Americans with 9/11, fake inquiry and fake videos. They have been robed of the power of their vote. Their freedoms have been curtained in the name of fighting Osama bin Ladin, who might have become dust with dust.

Deceptions work, but not for far too long. Lies deceive people, but not on mass scale for years in and years out. Desperation in the US is evident in the form of hundreds, if not thousands of web sites, giving public the alternative news and point of view. Desperation in the US was in check because everyone thought they could make a difference with their vote. But not so anymore.

When people react to tyranny, they either kill themselves or kill others, or kill both themselves as well as others. The warlords who have been deceiving Americans would hardly have time to explain that the violence within America is the result of “local charities provide them [suicide bombers] with money.” [2]

Even if the war lords in American get the opportunity to explain, they would hardly be able to tell them that suddenly “a large number of people” are “ready to commit suicide” just because they hate “open societies.” They would already be product of the “open society,” struggling to shatter the myth of openness.

Frum and Perle call for creation of a “domestic intelligence agency” to keep watch on people in America. [3] At the time the CIA was created in the late 1940s, the agency was specifically prohibited from engaging in domestic surveillance because the example of the Gestapo was fresh in people’s mind. Now, half a century later, we are supposed to pretend that the government only goes after Muslim terrorists -” seems like a Nazi Germany all over again.

Americas would reach the threshold of desperation when they realize their historical mistake of taking the advocates of tyranny for the champions of freedom simply because they are using the most humane labels possible for defining themselves.

There was some hope that someone else’s election to White House will make a little difference. Now that hope has also gone, apparently forever because those who can lie once cane lie again and again; those who can steal elections today, can do the same in future elections through other means. Finding no solution to the problem leads to desperation.

The signs of desperation are all around Americans. One person wrote in response to yesterday’s column: “I thank you for your post. I think you truly understand what it is we face here. ‘Land of the Free’ has no meaning to me anymore. The more I think of the state of affairs, the more I long for a quick end to this miserable existence.”

Today’s suicide at Ground Zero is a warning shot for America and those Americans who still believe the rest of the world is their enemy.


[1] See:

[2] Thomas Friedman, “War of Ideas,” The New York Times, January 8, 2004.

[3] David Frum and Richard Perle, “The End of Evil: How to Win the War on Terror,” December 2003. In this book, the terrorist threat is largely equated with the Muslim threat. Protecting Americans from terrorists requires toppling numerous Arab and Muslim regimes and compelling the reformation of much of Islam: “We must discredit and defeat the extremist Islamic ideology that justifies and sustains terrorism.”