“The Whole World Is In Danger of Armageddon”

Meria Heller’s Column

It is almost one full year now since the horrors of September 11th brought terrorism home to America. After almost one year, we are no closer to resolving what happened and why. No one has been arrested, no true investigation pursued and no one indicted. Even with all the whistle blowing from the FBI, facts uncovered about the lack of “usual and typical” response of NORAD, nothing. I ask “how is this possible?”.

What has happened since September 11th is as disturbing as the acts of September 11th themselves. Our government has become one of total secrecy and propaganda. Their number one propaganda machine? The media. Most Americans have gone back to their own private lives, without care or concern about knowing what happened on that dreadful day. Being “good citizens” by not asking (or demanding) answers. By taking the heed of Ashcroft and the President to “watch their tongues” or be counted an enemy of the state. To go back into the television coma and believing that all is well. We only need to go bomb another country and everything will be alright. With the overnight passage of the USA Patriot Act, our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms were erased. Americans sit in prison without charges, lawyers, or even the dignity of having their names revealed to the public. With the new “fast track” for the President, we have opened America to the One World Order in a single sweep, over-riding laws of our own that have been in place for the protection of the people for centuries. We have over-bombed Afghanistan and turned a blind eye to Saudi Arabia. We are now preparing to go into Iraq and finish the holocaust we began under George Bush Sr., and no amount of reason seems to be working to prevent this. We have supplied Israel with $10 million a month to continue an equal holocaust using American weapons on the Palestinians. We have watched our economy collapse. We sat by as the CEO’s of the Corporate World stripped hard working people of their life savings and retirement plans. We continue to sit back as 34,000 children a day under the age of five worldwide DIE from poverty. We watch the white collar criminals being taken away in handcuffs, knowing fully well they will not pay any severe punishment or incarceration. Yet, we sit back as people are rounded up, arrested and imprisoned for life sentences for minor infractions that caused less harm than the ruling elite has done to the working class of America. We are teetering on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. One human error, one computer error, and it’s all over folks.

I continue to hear stories of people leaving the country fearing a total military takeover in our streets as FEMA’s powers continue to grow. We have an administration in place that stole the office of the Presidency and is above the law. A Vice President that has shown he is above the law, by threatening a process server with arrest when he appeared at the White House to serve a summons on his duplicitous dealings as captain of Halliburton. We have a regime in place that is connected deeply and directly with the Oil/Military/Drug Cartel ruling the planet with the goal of one world government, one world order, one world religion, one world of slavery for the masses.

Government programs for the environment have been slashed 50% by the Bush regime. We are choking in our own pollution. Prozac gets mailed to entire towns for free as part of the numbing down of the masses. Iodine pills are being handed out around nuclear facilities to prevent thyroid disease in case of nuclear meltdown. Old people can’t get medication necessary to keep their lives going. Young people have no programs to keep them healthy and happy. The poor get continuously repressed by the Bush regime. All this and most of America is silent.

Silence is acquiescence. Silence is agreeing. Silence is deafening, and also murder. Yes, murder. To say nothing, to do nothing, to protest nothing is as if you are pulling the trigger on Armageddon yourself.

The basic tenets of any religion are truth, justice and peace. America claims to be a Christian-Judeo nation. Where is the Christ in it? Where are the Moses? No more prophets, only profits? No more love unless it’s for sale?

I had the extreme honor of interviewing Dr. Helen Caldicott author of “The New Nuclear Danger, George W.Bush’s Military Industrial Complex” on my show this month. You will soon see her on Donahue and other talk shows. Will they give her the uninterrupted hour to explain what she knows, the dangers we face, the names behind the massive military businesses that now dictate the foreign policy of America? It’s the media, stupid as one might say. On September 11th we came very close to nuclear war. It wasn’t the first time. We now have enough bombs to kill every living being on this planet, three times over. Russia never took their bombs off targets in the U.S. regardless of their “phony” treaty. Every city in America with population over 10,000 has at least one nuclear weapon pointed at it. We too have many targeted worldwide. The final say may turn out to be like a bad scene in “2001 A Space Odyssey” where a computer ends up blowing the world to pieces.

Out of disgust with our political system, a man in Florida decided to run his DOG for Congress to make a political statement. Peaceful protest. Others have seen fit to leave America and carry on their cause to save America from the outside.

Mind you, this is not just about America. This concerns the entire planet. I have on good sources that most of the world is TERRIFIED of the United States right now. Terrified to disagree with it, as a rogue nation that can and will do whatever it wants, whenever and wherever it wants. Most of the world is against the United States going into Iraq again. This will upset the entire region, and bring hellfire down on America I fear. The world is a circle, my friends. None of us can escape the action of any one of the rest of us. Like pollution, nuclear war will domino it’s effects all over the planet. Our families, food, water, and air will not be fit for anyone to consume, let alone control.

Yet, the super rich, corporate whores, right wing fanatics think they will be safe and snug in their underground bunkers. A duplicate government planned to rule in the event this one is attacked. Who and what will be left to rule?

Humans come up with all sorts of excuses and answers for the ongoing genocide of humanity worldwide. “They” are bad. “They” are evil. “They” are pagan. “They” hate us and so on. Where do we get these ideas? Norman Solomon, another columnist here who appeared on my show can tell you é It’s the MEDIA stupid. Norman and I discussed the eventful and responsible role the media is playing into Armageddon. Helen Caldicott basically holds the media responsible for not informing the public. Are you STILL buying what the media is selling? If so, you are part of the problem, not the solution. Are you still sitting back waiting for someone else to “fix it”? Then you are part of the problem, not the solution.

I spend countless hours a day, seven days a week to get the information to bring the world on my five day a week web cast. I dig, I read, I investigate, I share. I don’t want it said of me that I was part of the problem, not the solution. The solution is easy folks. Stop supporting the corporate machines that are running and ruining the planet for all living things. Turn the television off. Boycott their sponsors. Don’t buy their newspapers. Demand global news. Demand workers news. Demand what is yours under international law. The rule of law. Write your local papers. Write your representatives in Washington. Make SURE you get out and vote in November. Get this ugly regime OUT of office, so we can then pressure their replacements to get back to TRUTH, JUSTICE and PEACE. Congressman Dennis Kucinich of Ohio wants to create a Dept. of Peace within the U.S. government. Think of that? A department of PEACE.

Peace can be achieved only through addressing the social needs of every living being on this planet. Starving people are desperate. Desperate people do desperate things. Governments justify their war-mongering due to “terrorists”. Why not listen to what the terrorists give as their reason for such “desperate” acts? It is simple é they are HUNGRY. Their children are dying. Their homes are non-existent. A simple slogan from years ago was “Feed the World”. How hard is that? We have enough, more than enough for everyone. Gandhi said we have “enough for all we need , but not for greed”. Greed has been behind the foreign policy of America for several decades now. It has been entirely self-serving and one sided. The sad part? It is NOT the average American who benefited, but the corporate whores who slashed wages, hours, health care, incentives and finally stole the money and ran.

So, it’s been one year since September 11th. Is anyone in America doing better than they were a year ago? Do you feel any safer than you did a year ago? Do you have any more information now than you did a year ago? Are your “elected” officials truly hearing you and serving your needs? WAKE UP! Another September 11th is upon us. Another war is being planned at our expense and the risk is all ours. Will we have another Wag the Dog scenario just in time for elections? Or perhaps to negate any elections due to “National Security”, another catch all phrase to cover up the elimination of our freedoms? This war on terrorism is really a war on freedom. Not only in the United States, but world-wide. Many countries are following the lead of the U.S. by stomping out dissent, protests and human rights in the new “war” on terror. Every time they name something a “war” you can bet it’s another thing they have no intention of ever winning. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Think of it. The “war” on cancer. That’s been going on since I was a kid and they are no closer to finding a cure than they were in the 50’s. The “war” on drugs? What a joke when the biggest drug importers in the country are the C.I.A. Think about the “war” on terrorism. Who declared war? It wasn’t the Congress. It was the tight lipped military industrial complex known to be running the United States through their puppet in the White House. These are the same international banksters that have been controlling the fate of the planet’s resources for years. The same “devildoers” that have created all the dissention and hatred among people using patriotism, nationalism, religion and fear to keep us separate.

It is time to move as fast as you can from being a human to being a humane being. Say “no more”. Say “not in our name”. Say “not with my hard earned dollars”. Say “why do they hate us? Why do we hate them? Why hate at all?”

In the words of an old sixties song (banned in the sixties):

Speak out for peace. Pray for peace. Bring peace into your life, your family, your community, your state, your country, your world. That’s how it happens. With small movements you can lead the world in a dance for peace, love and justice for all people.

“Peace, you can have it if you want it” é  Jon Lennon

Meria Heller is MMN‘s columnist and one of the most popular webcaster on the Internet. She hosts an international webcast heard in over sixty countries, and has for over two years now. She believes in truth, justice and humanitarianism for all living things.